What if at the end of Homestuck, each character gets closure and Hussie can make one of those interactive flash pages like the one in the upd8, but with the mspareader choosing whichever ship they’d like for it to end with. For example, you could choose whatever ship you’d want, and it’d be canon. Each one with a different ending, and everyone congratulating the lucky couple. It would actually make sense, because remember when Hussie said that he declared all ships canon? This would actually confirm that. And when it ends, everyone would be happy. Just imagine it.

Collection of gamjane AUs

So I have this habit of thinking up AUs all the time and it especially happens with GamJane. I might write some of these later but if anyone wants to write something be my guest.

Renaissance Fair AU: Jane works at a Renaissance fair demonstrating bread baking in an outdoor oven. Gamzee is a new guy working the fair as a jester/bard. Jane watches him juggle and totally doesn’t blush when he comes up and serenades her while playing the mandolin.

High School AU: Jane always walks home from school because it’s pretty close to her house and she likes the time alone to think. This changes after an kidnapping attempt (she’s still an heiress) that comes way too close for comfort. Now she can’t walk home alone and since her dad can’t skip out of work early and she doesn’t have a job she mostly waits for rides from friend. But Roxy and Dirk are in tech club and Jake has wrestling so she normally sits on the steps of the school for at least an hour. Gamzee who is in one of her classes sees her one day when it’s freezing outside and offers to walk with her because he has nothing to do and “seems like it just ain’t right to leave a sweet sis in the cold.” She’s hesitant but agrees and finds herself kind of relaxed when walking with him. He’s large and a little scary looking but his easy going manner makes him unthreatening to her. He offers again the next day and from then on he always walks her home. (One day she gets up the nerve and kisses him. He smiles and says, “well ain’t that a miracle.”

Tattoo Parlor AU: Gamzee and his brother Kurloz run a tattoo parlor together. One day just-turned-nineteen Jane Crocker comes in to get the tattoo she’s been wanting to get for a while but has been too chicken to get until she decided to hell with it, she can handle a needle. She goes in with her design picked out and only a little bit terrified. The boys can tell and Gamzee offers to let her squeeze his hand while Kurloz does the tattoo. Jane gets through it like a trooper although Gamzee’s hand might be sore for a while. He doesn’t really mind, especially after she says yes to his offer of hanging out sometime soon.

Neighbors AU: Gamzee lives in the apartment next to Jane and is always borrowing ingredients. First its an egg, then a week later a cup of flour, even a muffin tray. He’s over at least once a week asking if he can borrow something or other and after a while Jane gets fed up. One day she just decides to drag him to the store so he can get some darn groceries and stop stealing hers. It’s an interesting experience at the store. Jane discovers that Gamzee is awful about shopping and always forgets to buy essentials or things he actually needs. Despite that the trip isn’t that bad and she has fun and likes learning about her neighbor. When they’re done he offers to cook her dinner as a thank you. Dinner is one of the most amazing things Jane has ever eaten.