Anonymous asked you: What are your favourite blogs?

Tough questions. I chose 3. But really there are a lot more. Some blogs I follow quite closely without reblogging or “liking” their posts so they wouldn’t appear on my tumblr crushes. I’ve had the pleasure to meet 2 of the three bloggers I’m about to mention.

1- adecentfellow: Great person to talk to. Send him any asks you may have. The music on his blog is perfect. He got me to start my own blog, so naturally I favour his. And may I add, a more then ‘decent fellow’.

2- gaminperdu/nskl: He has one of the most esthetically (with much consistancy) pleasing blogs I follow. His blog has a great sense of unity which I love. He also posts his own photographs and is a wonderful human being. I think he should get more “asks” because he always answers them with such an innocent honesty that is touching. This is an example of a blog I don’t reblogg much from, but I really like.

3. Sadean: I like the art on her blog as well as the blogger. Nothing conventional about her. She doesn’t try to please people, she is who she is and will express it through a variety of posts with her thoughts on random subjects- She’ll video blog at times and not necessarily about anything in particular which I can relate to as I do the same.