Gaming hour with Siren

Yes I know its been like a week or two since the last time I did this, I was busy.
>Was actually just procrastinating..

Anywho! This time is Far Cry 3.
Words cant really express how beautiful I thought this game was.
This game was..Uhnnf ;)
Sexy game I’ll admit.

Throughout the game you go through challenges in saving your friends, helping them get off the island, getting the tatau, helping the people of the island, and getting revenge and bathing in the blood of your enemies.

Im kidding.
But how oddly amazingly evil would that be.

Only thing I hated about this great game is one little fleck of dirt that wouldn’t leave me the hell alone as I played as Jason. A.k.a Snow White.

That little fleck of dirt was Citra.
I hated her with a passion and I wished that she didnt enter the picture.

But you can bet that I fucking loved killing her.
It was the best moment in the game and the my most glorious kill.

Alright. Im done. Kitty face.

Fuck it. Have a real kitty face.