Gaming hour with Siren

Ada Wong.

How the fuck do I even start.

Ada wong, on a whole is by far the most relatable for me. On a personal level and for my own reasons, but the way she simply carries herself not giving a single fuck is a reason I’ve fallen in love with her.

Just look at her.

Danm thats a fine ass 2-D character.

You’ve done well Capcom.
I tip my hat to you.

Not on character development, but thats different story.

Since the beginning she has always been the lone wolf character, sneaking away in the worst of times and giving Leon an awkward lonely boner afterwards.

I’ll admit that I can understand her mysterious ways on a personal level.

And I’ll also admit I was a bit disappointed that the relationship between Ada and Leon didn’t progress in the latest game.

Yes, I ship them.

Feel free to tell me its bullshit because I wont give a fuck kiddos :3

P.s. Yes, I am well aware that this really isnt an actual normal gaming hour situation. Its more of a,

“Look at this character.
Ya see her?

Good, now let me go on and praise her for no fucking reason. “

Alright,  thats it for the very awkward Ada talk.

Good talk everbody.

Lets do better next time because all this up there ^^ is just a fucking disaster.
I’ll come back and do her again later in the future.

That sounded wrong.



Gaming hour with Siren

Yes I know its been like a week or two since the last time I did this, I was busy.
>Was actually just procrastinating..

Anywho! This time is Far Cry 3.
Words cant really express how beautiful I thought this game was.
This game was..Uhnnf ;)
Sexy game I’ll admit.

Throughout the game you go through challenges in saving your friends, helping them get off the island, getting the tatau, helping the people of the island, and getting revenge and bathing in the blood of your enemies.

Im kidding.
But how oddly amazingly evil would that be.

Only thing I hated about this great game is one little fleck of dirt that wouldn’t leave me the hell alone as I played as Jason. A.k.a Snow White.

That little fleck of dirt was Citra.
I hated her with a passion and I wished that she didnt enter the picture.

But you can bet that I fucking loved killing her.
It was the best moment in the game and the my most glorious kill.

Alright. Im done. Kitty face.

Fuck it. Have a real kitty face.


Gaming hour with Siren

My nephew had asked for my permission to play The Walking Dead on my Xbox.

I immediately said no. And for two very important reasons.

1. I will never let anyone use my xbox without my supervision, therefore I will not let my nephew use it.
Stop that.
Only the most trusted may obtain it and that is after completing tasks of life and death then defeating the Archdemon and saving Fereldon.

2. Im not mentally or emotionally ready to go down the feels lane of the walking dead.

Wounds like these take time to heal. And mine are still very much fresh.

I miss Lee ;-;

Gaming hour with Siren

So theres so much to say about Leon S. Kennedy. To start it off he was my first 2-D game character crush. Just look at him.
Thats no boy.
Thats a man.

I began playing his part first in Resident Evil 6, and while I wasnt to happy that he had gotten a partner, I grinned and bared it.
This game is actually well thought out if you really commit to it and wrap your head around the web and mindfucks all over. I’ll admit that I raged quit a couple times and tossed my controller aside. Besides the constant life threatening situations that come with Leon, you really get to see character development and get attached to him in a way. At least I did. All in all it was a fantastic game.

Still pretty upset that Leon and Ada didnt make out at least tho.

Gaming hour with Siren

Its Dead Island, bitch. *que Britney Spears music*

Alright setting that aside, today is dead island. Now, I had bought this game awhile back and I never really played it till much later.  It took shelter in my game case right after I took it out of the GameStop bag.

Bam. Friend zoned.

It wasnt till in my unnerving boredom got to me did I actually think to open the game up and see whats poppin’ underneath those sexual looking zombies.

I felt the tension in my chest begin, my hands get sweaty, my grip on my controller become tighter and the common curse words started to shoot out of my mouth like speeding bullets.
These are effects of a thrilling zombie game.
Such as Dead island.

You awake in a hotel hungover as fuck because, you spent the night before drinking your shit down like any other fucking adult ever.
At about 10 minutes in you can already tell shits about to go down.

And it does. Like its jumping out at your face saying, “Surprise Mother fucker!” Because thats EXACTLY WHAT IT DOES.


Anyway, after all that, you’re greeted with even more bullshit and scavange around the zombie infested island. Making weapons, driving cars, drinking and trying to live.

All that makes Dead Island.

And no I wont go and check to see if I spelled anything wrong. Because fuck you, im lazy.

Keep biting lads.


Gaming hour with Siren

Okay its time for a feels trip.
You ready for this shit?
Im not.
Check it.

So the Walking Dead game series is based around our great friend Lee Everett and adorable Clementine, the cutest little girl on the fucked up planet.

So ive always loved zombies and was immediately drawn to this game the day it came out. Bought it the second I saw it.
Throughout the games chapters, you’re hit with bullshit after bullshit, and I often just asked myself,
“What the fuck just happened..”
I grew very attached to clementine and lee, they have a very close father-daughter relationship,  despite not being related. I wont spoil the ending for those who havent played it (if you havent then what the fuck are you waiting for. Seriously. Get on that.)
Anyways, even through all the bullshit and mindfucking decisons, I still love the shit out of this game.
Made me cry like a bitch.
So many feels.