“I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream” is a 1995 Point and Click game released on DOS. The game is based off of the short story of the same name that was originally published back in 1967. Although the game is based off of source material, those who have read the Hugo Award winning book will not have an upper hand at the game. The game is an entirely new story written up by the original author of the short story, Harlan Ellison.

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Evil Dead - Let’s Play: Episode 6

In this episode Acharky does a little tomb raiding after passing through the most disgusting exit possible.

To celebrate the love from its fans, Telltale has seen fit to announce the release of the Game of the Year Edition of The Walking Dead: Season 1. This edition will include all five episodes of the first season, along with additional DLC episode, 400 Days. Other extras, like the game’s soundtrack and an exclusive behind-the-scenes video, will also be included. It will, as of the time of writing, drop on November 19th at the price of $29.99. Given that Season 2 is expected to come out in the near future, this is exceptionally well timed for newcomers looking to take the plunge.

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A new free-to-play shooter by Crytek, the developers of the Crysis franchise, has been recently released. Titled “WarFace” [yes you read that right], it’s a pretty standard FPS running on Cryengine 3 with a few wrinkles like co-op style moves [pulling up allies from ledges and such].

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With the next installment to the Amazing Spider-Man film series hitting theaters May 2014, the video game based off of that movie will be released sometime that spring. With Beenox (the studio responsible for “Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions”, “Spider-Man: The Edge of Time”, and the first “The Amazing Spider-Man” video game) behind the helm this will hopefully be one of the movie video games that turns a few heads.

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Evil Dead - Let’s Play: Episode 2

Our very own Acharky plays Evil Dead!

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