Context and Video Games

The following writing is going to include a lot of generalizations, primarily about gender

Sorry if that bothers you, but considering the overall point of the post is about demographic trends and audiences there really isn’t a way to avoid it. As well, considering that companies are notoriously grinchy about giving up demographic breakdowns of their player base, some of my statements will be based on anecdotes, or just broad trends and as such may be inaccurate.

Something that inevitably comes up when you discuss demographics in video games is how games can broaden their appeal to other groups outside their core demographic (ideally, without alienating said core demographic, because then you usually lose money.) Inevitably, discussions will occur about whether certain groups like certain gameplay mechanics; ie. do women really like shooters, do men like puzzle games, is there differences down racial lines, etc.

I think this is largely a folly of a discussion. Video games are, at their core, digital toys we interact with. And as a general rule, most people find the same sort of interactions with a device satisfying (nobody can resist clicking a pen, give someone an empty soda can and they’ll probably fidget with it, people bounce balls, etc etc). Yes, games have music and visuals and narratives and some don’t even have gameplay anymore, but as a GENERAL RULE, they are devices, and as a general rule the majority of people find the same interactions with a toy or device satisfying.

My argument is that the contextualization of a genre matters far more.

Let’s take a closer look at the ‘girl’s don’t like shooters’ chestnut, shall we.

On the surface, it seems true; Call of Duty and Battlefield have heavily, heavily dude skewed audiences (only 20% female, in fact.) And while a lot of people (mainly game journalists who like whining at people) try to blame the community of these games, that doesn’t really hold up under scrutiny for a lot of reasons, most prominently the fact that single player shooters don’t fare better, either.

Like this;

Only 14% of the players of Mass Effect 3 were women.

I really want you to let that sink in.

Fewer women played Mass Effect 3 than yearly play Call of Duty. (20% vs. 14%)

Fewer women played Mass Effect 3 than play MGS games. (22% vs. 14%)

Fewer women played Mass Effect 3 than played GTAV (15% vs 14%)

You read that right. Grand Theft Auto 5, the game that if we were to believe journalists was the most hostile to women, dudebro-iest dudebro game on the market.

Had more female players.


Mass Effect 3, the game that took extensive means to attract and cater to female players. That made it a point to include FemShep in box art and promotional materials. That was lauded as doing everything right to appeal to people other than 'dudebros’.

Total, complete failure with female audiences. (And yes, that’s lower than things like Assassin’s Creed, Batman, Skyrim, as well.)

So; why?

Maybe girls just don’t like shooters, single player shooters especially? (Since Battlefield and CoD did better with women.)

Well, maybe, but I have another idea; that women don’t respond well to contextualization these games have. What does that mean? In all of these games, you’re an army man (or woman) shooting people. Even in Mass Effect, Shepard is an Army Man. They’re 'Commander’ Shepard. They have their own ship. They’re part of the military and everything is framed in a very militaristic way; with you giving reports to admirals and such, organizing troops in some segments, wearing branded armor and carrying military hardware, resource management, the whole nine.

Consider the following;

Dragon Age, most likely, has a significantly higher female playerbase than Mass Effect does. I say 'most likely’ because there aren’t hard numbers. But what we do know is that 18% of Shepards were female, and 32% of Inquisitors were. Considering that the number of Femsheps is MORE OR LESS in the same ballpark as female players (14% and 18%) I feel relatively confident in assuming that it’s a similar ballpark here. Meaning Dragon Age Inquisition MOST LIKELY had a female player base of 25-30%. Significantly higher than Mass Effect’s.

Also, it’s fucking obvious women don’t inherently dislike shooters, considering Overwatch’s success. And not just Overwatch, but Splatoon as well. And don’t give me any shit about Splatoon being 'different’, it’s still a shooter, even if it’s a very unique one. You point the crosshairs and shoot. And while hard numbers for these playerbases don’t exist, considering how many women I know who play both (while not playing ME or CoD or anything) and the presence of women in the fandoms of both (which doesn’t guarantee they play the game, but c'mon now) makes it fairly obvious they are more popular with women than Mass Effect is, at the very least.

So stop with this 'Group X doesn’t like Gameplay X!’ shit, the stuff surrounding the gameplay likely matters a lot more. Try evaluating if the tone, setting, narrative, aesthetic, characters, and concept might be the key to your demographic woes.

Cause chances are, that’s the case.


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