Standards too high?

Can’t I just be a person who doesn’t need to live up to the worlds way of life? All I want is too be a happy relaxed person who plays games, draws silly pictures, and make the occasional craft things to sell. I don’t want to have to live up to the worlds standards of getting a job and working for the big guy. I hate being everyone’s bitch doing customer based jobs and getting into anything else is like jumping through hoops too small to even fit in.

theinvisiblesimmer asked:

Thank you so much for the lovely items you create and share -its all really appreciated <3 Your pictures and game look so beautiful!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A thousand times thank you! You made my day more than happy! That all this happiness back to you! Thank you with all my heart for taking a moment to write these wonderful words! ♥



$ Dan better have my money $


Sony Pictures’ Sonic The Hedgehog (2018) to be Voiced by Arin Hanson of Game Grumps

  • Arin “Holds the Wiimote in between his toes” Hanson.
  • The same Arin who was dumped by Jennifer (by the way, she called him last night, he thinks they can make it work.)
  • “Is there any challenge that life can throw at me that I can’t conquer with style and ease?” — Arin Hanson, 2016

Would you have anyone else voice Sonic? Sign this petition today and make it happen! 



C̝̘̫̲̥AL͙̳̭͖L̩̣͈͞ͅ ͇̬̩͕F͏̮O̷̻͎̖̹͇̬R̸̭̻͚̺̠ ̷̩̤̼H̟̪͟E̮͕̞̜̟͖͍L̶̞̙̞̳̘̱P.

I͜ ͓̱͓̹̝̜̬D̛A̖͙͇̺̩̼R҉̯È̱ ̢̠̗͉Y͍̮̮̞̤̫̺͠O̴̞͙͍U̵̮̖͙͚͚.

B U T  N O B O D Y  C A M E.

He was really fun to draw tbh. Sorry for the shitty bad drawing heart.