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What’s your favourite song(s) to sing/hum?

Anything that pops into my mind. Lately it’s been Taemin- Move, EXO-The Eve and Sunmi-Gashina.

What are your favourite flower/tee/plant (all 3 or whatever you have an answer to)

I bought my mum Japanese Peace Lilies not long ago so I’ll say those.

Favourite colour(s)?

Purples, blue, black and grey

What do you always doodle (if you ever do)?

I can’t draw well at all, I used to ‘attempt’ to draw game characters based of pictures.

How do you take your coffee/tea? If you don’t like those what’s your fav warm drink?

I hate both tea and coffee. I do like hot chocolate (despite not liking chocolate itself) so that needs to have a lot of milk and whipped cream.

Favourite candle scent?

You can never go wrong with lavender or rose

Sunrise or sunset?


What perfume do you wear if any?

Funny story, I can only wear very expensive perfume (I tried cheap avon brand ones and got a rash- there’s some chemical in them that’s not in expensive ones that I’m allergic to) but I mostly use Jean Paul Gaultier Classique or YSL Opium

What’s your go to dance move when you’re alone?

Unless I’m doing a kpop dance I just sway side to side. I’m not a dancer.

Favourite quote?

“ There is no need to try so hard to satisfy everyone “ -Kyungsoo’s neck in Room No. 7 :’)

Favourite self care thing(s) or routine(s)?

I use an exfoliating face scrub every other day and like once a month use a Korean sheet mask.

Fuzzy socks or house slippers?


What colour are your eyes?


What’s your favourite eye colour on others?

All colours are lovely :)

Favourite season? Why?

Autumn, it’s not too hot, not too cold, it’s almost winter and the colours of the leaves are nice.

Cheek, neck or nose kisses?

Cheek kisses

What does your happy place look like?

Anywhere outdoors where I’m alone with a nice view

Favourite breed of dog?

German Shepard

Do you ever want to be married? If so what colours would you pick for your wedding theme?

I do want to be married one day. Indians usually have red as their colour theme so probably that (I wouldn’t suit a white dress). But Kyungsoo can help decide :’)

Silk or lace?


Favourite weather?

Snow (which we never get in the UK anymore) or extremely heavy rainfall where there’s no point in using an umbrella.

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easy living wallpaper set

four different versions of the grungy striped wallpaper that came with city living.
there’s the basic wallpaper that has a white baseboard, another with the baseboard but also with a floral trim, a version with bricks, and last but not least some wainscoting from parenthood in both the ea white and navy (not pictured).

  • §4
  • base game compatible
  • 21 various eversims swatches


credit: eversims palettes and remisims: photoshop actions


Yoshiyuki Takani / 高荷 義之 - Part 3: 2004-2007 + misc

Part 1 + bio + sources:
Part 2:

Games pictured above:
1) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater / メタルギアソリッド3 スネーク・イーター (PS2 - 2004)
2) Metal Slug Complete / メタルスラッグコンプリート (PS2, PSP, Wii - 2007)

3-5) Nausicaa
6) Evangelion
7) Appleseed
8-9) Sentō Mecha Xabungle
10) Mars 1938 (a sequel to HG Wells’ The war of the worlds)


solid splendor wallpaper set

four different wallpapers, made with the grungy texture from city living AND without it (as shown in the second image from the top). there’s the basic wallpaper that has a white baseboard, another with the baseboard but also with a floral trim, a version with bricks, and last but not least some wainscoting from parenthood in both the ea white and navy (not pictured).

  • §4
  • base game compatible
  • 21 various eversims swatches


credit: eversims palettes and remisims: photoshop actions


*excited noises* NEW HOODIES ARE UP ON MY SHOP!!! Since I forgot one of the hoodies from the original game yesterday for the pictures (but my photographer will come bakc today thank you so much!) let’s start with a batch of AUs!

Outertale!Sans is up! I got the ok from AU author, so I’m very glad to put this on my shop! It features some nice fake wool (it’s super light, I love it!) and galaxy printed lining! If you’re interested follow the link:

Underswap!Napstablook is here to give you good beats! This one is really made for cosplay, but I like the design a lot. The elastic parts came out nicely! I’ll probably make the next ones with slimmer robotic arms too. Here’s the link:

And finally, the most expected… Underswap!Sans, the Magnificient! Mwahaha! It’s really a cute model. :) If you want it grab it here:

Thanks to my awesome photographer Bahamut Night Photography, and to my friend Sophie who really wanted to help her sempai, even on this rainy day. XD I’ll show the Undertale models tonight, but they’re also up on my shop if you’re too curious! ;)


I cosplayed Clementine’s first appearance in Season 3 at Dutch Comic Con 2017! Not only was it a lot of fun to make most of the cosplay happen in one week, but Telltale Games actually reposted my picture on their Instagram!

The 4th picture was taken by the girl that also cosplayed S3 Clementine (9th picture)! You can see more of her work in the future on her Instagram!

1-A Dorm Headcanons
  • Midoriya has an All Might alarm clock that says something along the lines of “Wake up! Why…because I am here!” and he accidentally set it really loud so it wakes everyone up on the first morning.
  • The next day they have a special early hero lesson and of course All Might bursts in with the same line only to be met with everyone yelling at Midoriya and going back to sleep.
  • Shouji cooking massive breakfasts every weekend in about 15 minutes because he can do 8 different things at once
  • “Yaoyorozu I forgot to pack this can you make one?”
  • There are not enough plug sockets in the lounge area so Kaminari gets plugged in and has to sit in the middle with chargers in his mouth.
  • Sometimes people shove extra chargers and wires in his mouth just to shut him up.
  • Tokoyami and Jirou blasting screamo/heavy metal at 3am
  • At least one or two people fall asleep on the sofas everyday and it’s an unwritten rule that you tuck them in and don’t disturb them.
  • One morning everyone finds Kirishima and Bakugou snuggled up together, fast asleep and everyone takes pictures. The dorm nearly gets destroyed after Kaminari’s snickering wakes Bakugou up.
  • Hagakure gets dared to hide in the suit of armour in Aoyama’s room and move around a lot.
  • Items get stolen from everyone’s rooms and hidden in Bakugou’s although nobody tells him. Take them back if you dare.
  • Todoroki falls asleep literally everywhere but still gets blankets and cushions thrown over him even if he’s somehow standing up
  • They take lots of cute candid photos and hang them on the walls and put them on their individual fridges. However this also results in a lot of terrible photos
  • This turns into a game where embarrassing pictures are hidden in random places all over the school.
  • Compulsory friday night get together and sleepover in the living room and I mean compulsory. But everyone loves it even Bakugou…secretly though of course.

your relationship being exposed during an interview


Xiumin would have made a minor slip up while talking on the phone during an interview to a lucky fan by accidentally calling your name instead of the fans which would leave him a mumbling mess, trying to fix the mess he had made.

“…Yes up course I can y/n. Wait no im sorry, its just- I was- it uhmm,  your name, sounded really similar to someone I know, I apologize.”

“wait who’s y/n????”

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Suho would have been seen the day before with you getting out of a restaurant whilst holding hands, and in the interview they were quick to call him out asking who the mysterious girl truly was, making him throw out a quick reply followed by a grin.

“she’s my girlfriend actually”

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One of the questions asked in the interview was which one of the members stayed up latest at night, and all the members quickly pointed to lay, making the interviewer ask him what he did so late in the middle of the night.

“I sometimes video chat my girlfriend abroad actually”

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There had been a post swarming around of an image of at a party, which demonstrated in the background a couple kissing, you and Baekhyun to be exact. Despite trying to push the questions away, the interviewer kept insisting. 

“She’s actually my girlfriend, however I’d appreciate if no one asked about her, or tried figuring out who she is, since we don’t want her or our relationship in the limelight.”

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There had been rumors going around saying Chen was dating, when suddenly in an interview, all the members where playing an image guessing game, using pictures sent in by fans, when a picture of you asleep came up and everyone turned to look at Chen who began giggling. 

“Ahh my jagi, she’s a keeper isn’t she?”

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Chanyeol had been doing an interview, when the young female interviewer started throwing advances at him, and openly flirting. He was quick to shut her down, and at the same time let everyone know he was off the market.

“Actually, I don’t think my girlfriend would like this very much.”

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In a recent interview, the members had been asked if any of them were seeing someone, when everyone immediately turned to look at Kyungsoo, making him flush bright red.

“Wait no, this isn’t fair. Whys everyone looking at me? Y/N wont appreciate this.”

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When asked the question everyone always looked forward to in any interview, kai quickly admitted to dating someone as he didn’t want it to be kept a secret anymore 

“Yeah I am seeing someone actually. She’s just great.”

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In a backstage interview, when asked who bullied the members the most, Junmyeon admitted to being ganged up on by you and Sehun, saying you two were a deadly duo, and letting the part where you were Sehuns girlfriend slip, making the maknae burst out laughing.

“Actually, Sehun and his girlfriend Y/N always bully us. They’re really evil together its almost like an otherworldly force.”


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aaaaaaaaa okay i absolutely ADORE these and im so excited to share them!! i’ve always wanted them for my game and now that thought has finally come into fruition :P

there are 3 deco meshes, one laying flat, one standing, and one thats on a slight angle (to look like it’s leaning), and each version has the 10 swatches pictures above. these are not cas items (though that may come in the future)

i’ve worked SO hard on these and so if you attempt to steal them or claim them as your own i will hunt you down >:( if you wanna recolor them, just follow my tou! let me know if you have any issues with the meshes. i don’t bite! and i never get asks so when i do get them i get really excited and reply super quick lol

enjoy them in your game!! post pictures and tag me!! i love seeing my content in people’s games :))))



So Much More

Synopsis: You are a new and upcoming superstar and during an interview, you get asked questions about the one and only Harry Styles. 

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Hi babes! This is my master list, but every time I upload I will add the fanfiction on here so everything is easy to find! Enjoy!


Connor Murphy X Reader:

Stop It

I’m A Freak

I’m F*cking Sorry, (Y/N)

Good For You

Why The Hood?

Late Night


The Quiet Game/A Pretty Picture

Sketch (prologue to The Quiet Game/A Pretty Picture)

Fake ID (smut)

Step-bros (BMC Crossover)

Jared Kleinman X Reader:

Not So Bad

Perfect Night



Evan Hansen X Reader:

Never Again



Bad Combo


Existential Crisis


Check Yes


Will Roland X Reader:

Never Have I Ever

With You

Ben Platt X Reader:

Dead Boy Walking (steamy af woa)

Freeze Your Brain


Jeremy Heere X Reader:

Mt. Dew Red

Michael Mell X Reader:

Stuffed Cat


Imagine Cuddling Jared Kleinman..

Imagine Cuddling Connor Murphy..

Imagine Ben Platt Taking Care Of You While You’re Sick..

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