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Aren't they "out" as a couple? Jared said so. Why then the need to still play games? Why not a picture together? What's the big deal? Celeb couples take pictures together all the time. I don't understand it, do you?

No, I don’t understand it.  In the world I live in, if you’re together you take a picture together, unless of course you have something to hide like you’re already married or it’s your first cousin or something.  However, I don’t think the players in this scenario live in the same world as you and I do.  I mean can you really picture one or both of them saying “come on 30%” when taking off the sticker on the Kohls sale flyer or reading the Costco coupon book and being excited because the Dyson vacuum cleaner you really want finally has a rebate. I can’t.  For me, this has become a source of entertainment.  I mean, good grief! How many one eyed pictures can a person take?  It boggles my mind and kind of creeps me out at the same time.  But, it keeps me tuned in and may be that is the goal after all…..

#stopwiththeoneeyedpictures  #Illuminatinotconfirmed

I love those ‘character’s instagram’ posts, because they’re always so pretty and artsy, but when it comes to OMGCP characters you know Chowder’s would just be blurry pictures of Sharks games or just pictures of normal sharks with facts, Nursey’s would be “look at this cool leaf I found”, Dex and Jack wouldn’t have one, Ransom and Holster’s would just be pictures of each other/their teammates asses with detailed analyses. Like these boys are fucking messes.


I cosplayed Clementine’s first appearance in Season 3 at Dutch Comic Con 2017! Not only was it a lot of fun to make most of the cosplay happen in one week, but Telltale Games actually reposted my picture on their Instagram!

The 4th picture was taken by the girl that also cosplayed S3 Clementine (9th picture)! You can see more of her work in the future on her Instagram!


[PR_SS] Circa Collection 570 followers 
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Hello! Yesterday i make this collection of pillows, rugs and bed covers!!! I gonna be making more CC for house and some clothes recolors so prepare your mods folder!!!

I love making this is so fun and helps me not to stress to much 
\(^▽^)/ So i hope everyone like it! 
Thanks for all the downloads in my last things! Thanks everyone! 

If the link don’t work click Open link in new Tab! If you want me to recolor somethings send me a message!


  • Pillows mesh (Orange Coussin) by @msteaqueen (52 colors) I love the pugs one is so adorable!
  • Bed covers mesh by Pilar (51 colors)
  • Rugs base game (54 colors)
  • Pictures by society6 (the best site ever)
  • Custom thumbnails (every recolor have it)
  • If you don’t find the recolors try type [PR_SS] Circa in buy mode
  • (^▽^)


CC i used from:

@leo-sims @mio-sims@mxims and paintings by me! Thanks you all for the lovely CC!

Thanks for downloading and Have fun!! WCIF friendly so ask me anything!

If something wrong with the links or other things, please send me a message :D If you use my cc tag me #PR_Supernovasims, mysims4screenshots or @mysims4screenshots (<— i prefer this one) and i will like it and reblog the pictures!!!!

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Re: guardians of the galaxy/dnd parallels: Even the sci-fi setting? I'm only marginally familiar with dnd and as far as I know it's all high fantasy stuff?

(With reference to this post here.)

It’s a common misconception that “Dungeons & Dragons” refers to a particular fictional setting. This isn’t actually the case; Dungeons & Dragons is a set of tabletop roleplaying rules for a particular style of play, which can be employed in a variety of settings, both officially published and fan-made.

With respect to the former, officially published D&D settings include:

  • A post-apocalyptic wasteland drained of life by vile sorcerer-kings, variously inhabited by tribes of cannibal hobbits, claustrophobic parrot-men, and giant psychic praying mantises, all of which are playable races (even the last one!)
  • A spacefaring setting in which enchanted galleons sail the luminferous aether protected by magical force fields; though most crews are human, one might also expect to encounter gunslinging hippopotami, brain-sucking tentacle monsters, or gadgeteering gnomes whose vessels are powered by giant hamsters running on wheels (yes, really)
  • An industrialised quasi-Victorian city constructed around the inner side of a giant ring hovering at the top of an infinitely tall spire at the centre of the universe, the streets of which are ruled by factions of bickering philosophers who can literally think you to death (and also everyone inexplicably speaks Cockney)
  • A dystopian confederation of Gothic city-states ruled by expies of baddies from classic horror films, including Dracula, the Wolfman, the Mummy, Victor Frankenstein, Dr. Moreau, plus an evil version of Pinocchio, because why the hell not?

I could keep going, but I suspect you get the picture!

Killua and Gon at the start of their relationship, enjoying a lazy summer evening in Gon’s room smooching as compared to finishing their video game.

The pictures on the wall are from their childhood together. The one with in the oval frame is Gon and Killua at around 6-7 years old and the picture was taken by Mito. She took them down to a creek to play and they ended up catching a frog, which they named Kon (just their names smashed together, how cute.) The second picture in the rectangular frame is at the same creek, but the boys are around 12 or so. At this point, Mito trusts them to go alone to the creek. So they usually grab some swim trunks and a picnic basket loaded with Mito’s baked goods and spend the day catching frogs, newts, and anything else they can discover. In this picture, Killua snatched Gon’s camera for a rather messy selfie.

Picture close-ups under the cut:

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