Kuroko no Basuke Last Game Limited Edition Pamphlet Scans Part 3- Staff Illustrations (Part ½)

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@clubakashi (I’m sure you’ll enjoy pic 2)


Whether by knife or by gun, losing your life can sometimes be fun 🔪


B. F. Skinner and Howard Marks

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How do you edit your in-game/gameplay pictures? Thank you!

hmm, this is kinda difficult to answer. for sims i don’t post a lot of actual gameplay pictures, not only because i have a hard time staying focused on a single story/sim, but also because i am never consistent with my edits. i use photoshop though, and for every picture i use the texture smoothing portion of this, usually followed by some psds or actions (early-grape has amazing ones, check these out), and finally i use the selective color feature to adjust everything and add some vibrancy! i realize this wasn’t a very specific answer, and for that i apologize - i have been thinking about doing videos of my edits, (if anyone’s interested), but i’m still debating it! ;-;

  riko (5′5″) moriyama and jean (i am ready for the sweet embrace of Death™) moreau

the foxes (boys)

the foxes (girls)


4+ hours of gameplay and im this deep 

the last comic is actually true if you try to hack wrench lmao