gaming with your parents

it’s sad I had to make this

@the guy that made that jerk off/orgasm to Marina thing: Don’t be what you technically didn’t draw

@the people who are thinking about posting anything explicit in any way: If you don’t care about children’s “innocence” because they’re gonna see/already know about swears and sex, care about the fact that they may have strict parents that could take Splatoon 2 away because of something you post. You wouldn’t have wanted your parents to take a game away from you when you were a kid, don’t be the reason why a kid now would go through that.

@everyone else: If you see any explicit posts in Splatoon 2, report them so no mommy blogger gives the game the wrong kind of publicity. Unfortunately I don’t know of any way to report usernames. I’ve seen someone with the name HIV+Semen and a friend said they saw someone with their name being the n word. Those usernames use alternate characters that look like the letters to spell those words so they can get away with it.

We’re all (young) adults on here, let’s act like it.

EDIT: @circulargoat made a good post showing how to report people’s usernames. It requires the official Switch app, but is otherwise pretty simple. Check it out!

Let’s play, “was I abused” game! Reblog and bold the things your parents have done to you! Italicize if you’re not sure. (copy paste it all and then bold)

Physical abuse

  • parent slapped me to prove their point/teach me a lesson
  • parent spanked me as a “punishment” saying it was for my own good
  • parent pulled on my hair to force me to move
  • parent threw things at me while angry, things heavy enough to hurt me
  • parent trapped me into a room/corner so I couldn’t escape them
  • parent hit me when I wouldn’t obey them/tried to confront them
  • parent used a twig/stick/belt to lash at my body
  • parent grabbed me to force me to pay attention to them
  • parent pinned me down and physically prevented me from escaping
  • parent brought me into situations where I feared for my life
  • parent made it painfully obvious for me that I’ll obey them or suffer injuries
  • parent threatened to beat me if I wouldn’t do as they say
  • parent forcefully fed me something I refused to eat 
  • parent made an attempt at strangling/drowning/burning me
  • parent banged my head/body into the wall/furniture
  • parent forced me into sexual activities

Emotional abuse

  • parent called me derogatory names and slurs more than once
  • parent said my name mostly with hatred and scorn in their voice
  • parent degraded and humiliated me in front of others for fun
  • parent insulted and devalued something really important to me
  • parent deprived me of something that meant the world to me
  • parent yelled and swore at me in anger more than once
  • parent blamed me for things that were out of my control/not my fault
  • parent shamed me for my physical appearance
  • parent guilt-tripped me for not pleasing them well enough
  • parent regarded me as a burden, and shamed me for needing them at all
  • parent insisted I couldn’t take a joke after I got hurt from their insults
  • parent never comforted me/got angry if I reached for comfort
  • parent punished me for crying/showing fear/showing trauma symptoms
  • parent humiliated me for showing excitement and happiness
  • parent subtly let me know that my feelings and my problems don’t matter
  • parent got angry at me for feeling depressed/angry/tired/suicidal
  • parent blamed me for feeling depressed/angry/tired/suicidal
  • parent compared me to cousins/other children to prove how I’m the worst
  • parent decided for me how I feel when it was convenient for them
  • parent told me that I was crazy/delusional/need to be locked away
  • parent threatened me with kicking me out/sending away if I don’t change
  • parent refused to accept my sexuality/tried to force it to change
  • parent required for me to act normal to protect family’s reputation
  • parent isolated me from family activities they all enjoy
  • parent assured me that nobody will ever want me 
  • parent insisted that I was lucky and that I could have had it much worse
  • parent made me responsible for their well being and made me the caretaker
  • parent insisted that their harmful acts were all made “out of love”
  • parent demanded me to be available for their requests at any time
  • parent punished me for trying to establish boundaries
  • parent destroyed my belongings as a revenge
  • parent made inappropriate sex jokes and comments in my presence
  • parent denied doing any of this and insists that all the blame is on me

Psychological Abuse

  • parent kept pointing out my flaws as proofs that I wont achieve anything
  • parent called me stupid, incompetent, ignorant, while withholding information that I needed to know in order to complete tasks
  • parent would change their side of the agreement in crucial moment and then pretend it was obvious from the start
  • parent stalked me/distrusted me without any reason/invaded my privacy
  • parent attacked my insecurities and vulnerabilities in any argument
  • parent forced me into degrading actions while they watched me do it 
  • parent threatened to leave me
  • parent accused me regularly of behaving the way they did
  • parent never acknowledged, praised or approved of my actions
  • parent always demanded they are right without any proof/explanation
  • parent insisted that they’re a great parent using financial support as proof
  • parent insisted that I should be grateful for how good they are to me
  • parent gaslighted me and tried to make me believe my memories weren’t real if I confronted them with what they did


  • parent didn’t notice I haven’t been eating properly
  • parent didn’t notice I was sick/didn’t care for me while I was sick
  • parent didn’t notice I was injured
  • parent didn’t notice I didn’t have clothes/shoes I needed for school
  • parent didn’t notice I suffered from trauma 
  • parent didn’t notice I was anxious and stressed
  • parent didn’t notice I was depressed
  • parent didn’t notice I was cutting myself
  • parent didn’t notice I was suicidal
  • parent didn’t notice I was being sexually abused
  • parent didn’t notice I was being bullied
  • parent failed to get me medical attention when it was needed
  • parent failed to teach me the very basics of self care
  • parent didn’t seem to notice any of my needs and feelings except the absolute minimum I required to survive
  • when I notified them of these things, they denied it, accused me of lying, decided it wasn’t happening and/or blamed me for it

Financial Abuse

  • parent made me feel ashamed for needing money
  • parent made me feel like I’m a financial burden to them
  • parent only gave me minimal money to survive 
  • parent made sure I never have a decent amount of money on me
  • parent took the money I earned from me
  • parent used the money to blackmail me (if you continue this way let’s see who will pay for your bus ticket!)
  • parent insisted since they “pay for my stuff” they have the right to control my behaviour and actions
  • parent had enough money for luxury but kept me without anything
  • parent refused to get my medicine/get me medical attention because it’s too expensive while they got everything for themselves
  • parent would keep me anxious over if they would pay my expenses or not
  • parent would make me do as much work for them as possible before they would pay for a necessity
  • parent kept me in the dark over family finances even when I was of age
  • parent would make sure I never have enough money to escape them

If you bold more than 5 things, you have been through abuse. For some particular ones, even one true thing on this list means you’ve been badly harmed by your parents. Also this list is not complete, there are many more abusive behaviours not listed here, feel free to add!

Fun Video Game Asks for you and your cool friends

1. First game you played obsessively?
2. A game that has influenced you creatively? Writing, drawing, etc.
3. Who did you play with as a kid?
4. Who do you play with now?
5. Ever use cheat codes?
6. Ever buy strategy guides?
7. Any games you have multiple copies of?
8. Rarest/Most expensive game in your collection?
9. Most regrettable purchase?
10. Ever go to a midnight game release or stand in line for hours?
11. Have you ever made new friends from playing video games?
12. Ever get picked on for liking games?
13. A game you’ve never played that everyone else has?
14. Favorite game music?
15. If it was a requirement to get a game related tattoo, what would you pick?
16. Favorite game to play with your friends IRL?
17. Ever lose a friend over a game?
18. Would you date someone that hates gaming?
19. Favorite handheld console?
20. Game that you know like the back of your hand?
21. Game that you didn’t like or understand as a kid but love now?
22. Do you wear game related clothing/accessories?
23. The game that you’ve logged the most hours into?
24. First Pokemon game?
25. Were you ever an arcade game player?
26. Ever form any gaming rivalries?
27. Game that makes you rage?
28. Ever play in a tournament?
29. What is your gaming set up?
30. How many consoles do you own?
31. Does the 3DS and/or Virtual Boy hurt your eyes or give you headaches?
32. Did you ever play a game based on your favorite show/cartoon/movie/comic?
33. Did you ever have any bootleg games or plug-n-play games?
34. Do either of your parents play video games?
35. Ever work in a game store? Or do you have a favorite game shop?
36. Have you ever shed actual blood, sweat or tears over a game?
37. Have you played E.T. for the Atari 2600? Do you think that’s the worst game ever, or do you have another nomination?
38. A game you’re ashamed to admit that you like?
39. A sequel that you would die for them to make?
40. What to you think of virtual reality headsets or motion controls?
41. A genre that you just can’t get into?
42. Maybe it wasn’t your first game, but what was the game that started you on your path to nerdiness?
43. Ever play games when you really should have been concentrating on something else?
44. Arcade machine that has consumed the most of your quarters?
45. How are you at Mario Kart?
46. Do you like relaxing games like Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon?
47. Do you like competitive games?
48. How long does it take your to customize your player character?
49. In games where you can pick your class, do you always tend to go for the same type of character?
50. If you were a game designer, what masterpiece would you create?
51. Have you ever played a game for so long that you forgot to eat or sleep?
52. A game that you begged your parents for as a kid?
53. What’s your opinion on DLC these days?
54. Do you give in to Steam sales?
55. Did you ever make someone you hated in the Sims and did mean stuff to them?
56. Did you ever play Roller Coaster Tycoon and kill off your guests?
57. Did you ever play a game to 100% or get all of the achievements?
58. If you can only play 3 games for the rest of your life, which ones do you pick?
59. Do you play any cell phone games?
60. Do you know the Konami Code?
61. Do you trade in your games or keep them forever?
62. Ever buy a console specifically to play one game?
63. Ever go to a gaming convention or tournament?
64. Ever make a TV or monitor purchase based on what would be best for gaming?
65. Ever have a Game Genie, Game Shark or Action Replay? Did it ever mess up your game’s save file?
66. Did you ever have have an old Nokia with Snake on it?
67. Do you have a happy gaming-related childhood memory you want to share?
68. Ever save up a ton of tickets in an arcade to get something cool?
69. In your opinion, best game ever made?
70. Very first game you ever beat?

imagine your otp as parents...
  • setting their kid(s) on a homemade treasure hunt but a buried the treasure in the wrong place so b distracted them by retelling the “treasure’s legend” a and b had made up while a fixed the problem
  • taking sick time up and cancelling all engagements for a few days to snuggle their kid(s) up and watching their favorite movies because the whole family’s sick with the flu
  • playing rock-paper-scissors (or an equivalent) on who changes their baby’s diaper
  • co-making an embarrassing speech and their kid’s wedding reception
  • slow-dancing with their kid(s) holding onto their ankles
  • baking a cake for their baby’s first birthday (but maybe ending up with store-bought cupcakes because of a disastrous accident in the kitchen)
  • wrecking their home playing superheros (b’s the villain)
  • building a tree-house in the back yard
  • taking their kid(s) out for ice cream/frozen yogurt
  • pretending to be calm and telling themselves their lives are not flashing before their eyes on their kid’s first date

xiueof  asked:

Lmao 44 with yoongi

send me number + an idol’s name an i’ll write a drabble for you!

“I lost our baby,” Yoongi panted as he rushed into the bathroom. “She was playing with Holly, so I went to make her lunch, and I come back to see the dog!” he exclaimed, making you peek your head around the shower curtain. “Maybe Holly ate her,” you teased before giggling at how his face turned to shock. “Don’t say that!” he fretted, running his fingers through his hair.

You pushed the shower curtain open, revealing your four year old splashing happily under the head of the shower. “She wandered in here when you left,” you smiled, watching the black haired little girl spin. “It’s like she wants to give me a heart-attack,” he sighed, his body slumping against the door. “She’s four, and we live in a two bedroom apartment. She can’t go far.”

Rain (Stiles Stilinski)

Summary: a best friends to lovers fic based off the prompts, “we always share blankets on the couch, I’m sure sharing the bed for the night is fine too,” and, “your lips are getting really close to mine.”

Warnings: there’s a touch of swearing here and there!

Word count: 3.2k

A/N: clichés are a personal favourite. I hope you like this! :)

Originally posted by deathcabjenny

When you’d left to visit a newly opened diner with your best friend, Stiles, it wasn’t raining. In fact, the sky was such a clear amber colour that you were convinced you’d be able to see the stars when evening broke. By the time you were leaving the diner, however, you were shown to have made a grave assumption.

“It’s pouring, Stiles,” you said dryly, peering out the diner windows. Stiles was beside you, zipping up the front of his hoodie. 

“Well done for stating the obvious, Y/N,” Stiles teased, causing you to groan in frustration. You hadn’t had the sense to bring a hoodie; instead you were wearing a thin shirt and a pair of jeans. One look outside at the sheets of rain cascading from the sky was enough to make you regret your decision completely.

“We’ll need to run,” you murmured, wishing one of you had had the sense to bring a car.

Stiles snorted, shaking his head. “I’d rather not. The rain is fun, Y/N! Loosen up a little,” you gave him an unimpressed look, reaching out to push his shoulder playfully.

“That’s easy for you to say - you have a hood!” Stiles grinned at this, nodding gleefully as he flicked the hood over his head.

“We should leave, I think the waiter’s getting impatient,” Stiles said, gesturing to where your waiter was lingering beside a couple who were clearly after your booth.

Humming in agreement, you followed Stiles towards the bar where you’d been instructed to pay. “How much was it?” You queried, not remembering the sum printed on the receipt.

Stiles waved his hand, digging in his jeans for his wallet. He pulled it out a moment later, nimble fingers pulling out a few notes with a flourish. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll pay.” 

“Stiles-” you tried to interject, only to be on the receiving end from one of his infamous glares.

“Y/N, this was my idea! Let me pay for you. Please,” one glance at the earnest expression on your best friend’s face and you gave in, knowing his stubborn nature to be a force to be reckoned with.

“Fine,” you grumbled, waiting beside him as Stiles settled the tab.

Once the money was exchanged, Stiles linked your arms together and pulled you towards the door. You groaned, the icy rain outside looking the opposite of inviting. Stiles spoke up, giving your arm a squeeze, “we’ve got to face it eventually, may as well do it now. Besides, my house is only a five minute walk away.”

“Let’s do it,” you agreed, figuring it made more sense to get it over with.

To say the rain was heavy was an understatement: the moment you stepped outside, raindrops were splashing all over your body, coating you from head to toe. You shrieked, speeding up considerably. Still attached to Stiles, the both of you began to speed walk in the direction of his house, the rain making the journey slightly difficult.

By the time you stumbled into Stiles’ porch, you were completely soaked through.

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Boyfriend Tag - Jeff Atkins

Request: Reader is a youtuber who is doing the boyfriend tag with her boyfriend, Jeff, when he decides to pop the question 

A/N: The reader is in BOLD || Jeff is in Italics || They were friends for 2 years and have been dating for the last 5, just for clarification.

“Hey guys, it’s (y/n) and today I’m doing the boyfriend tag with my boyfriend, Jeff!”

“I’m very nervous for this.” Jeff said, letting out a chuckle.

“You shouldn’t be, the questions are fairly simple. Okay, so I have a list of the questions on my phone. There’s 30 questions but we aren’t doing all of them. We’re only doing 17, since we’ve known each other since we were 17.”

“Alright, so you’re going to read a few and then I’ll read a few?”

“Yep! Besides some of them are for me and some of them are for you.”

“What’s the first question?”

“First question is…when and where did we meet?”

“Oh, that’s easy. We met the beginning freshman year in high school in biology class.” You smiled at the fact that he remembered. The last 7 years with him had been magical and scary, but you had never been happier with anyone else.

“Wow, I’m impressed you remembered the class. Nicely done.” Jeff smiled, looking down at his hands. You were lucky. “Okay, next one. When and where was our first kiss?”

“We had our first kiss after we won the championship game for baseball. I think it was the end of junior year.”

“I remember that day like it was yesterday. You hit the home run that made you guys win. You and two other guys scored.” You tell him, kissing him quickly. “Question three: When did you meet my parents?”

“I met your parents right after we started dating junior year. Your mom loved me and your dad talked to me about baseball.”

“I met your parents at the championship game actually. That’s when you told them we were dating.” You looked up into his crystal blue eyes, grinning at him. You considered yourself lucky that he survived his accident during his senior year, you never took anything for granted ever, but you really made sure to be grateful everyday. “Question number four: what is the first thing I do in the morning?”

“You roll away from the window and pull all the blankets with you.” You laugh, slapping his arm playfully. “But if we’re being serious, she usually gets out of bed and makes coffee.”

“When the alarm goes off, you groan and roll over. Once you actually get up, you make breakfast while I pour you coffee.”

“I don’t want to sound cocky, but I do make pretty good waffles.”

“That’s so true. They could be chocolate chip, banana, blueberry, and they all taste amazing!”

“Time for question number five. Who is my BFF?”  You couldn’t help to burst out into laughter. “What’s so funny?”

“You sounded like a girl.” Explaining it to him made you laugh even more.

“Okay, let me rephrase the question. Who is my best friend that isn’t you?”

“Probably Clay. He tutored you in high school, he helped you get me. I think you guys have a lot of history together. What about me?”

“I think Hannah. She was there for you the entire time I was in the hospital after my accident. She was there when I couldn’t be. I think that that’s an important quality in a friend.”

“Aw, Jeff you’re not supposed to make me cry.” He looked down at you as you looked up at him. His arm wrapped around you tightly, pulling you into his side before he gently kisses the top of your head. The questions continued for several minutes and consisted of very different questions like your favorite animal or his favorite food. Eventually you reached the 16th question. “Okay, question number sixteen. Complete this sentence: My girlfriend is __________”

“My girlfriend is…my everything.” You grab his hand and intertwine his fingers with yours.

“My boyfriend is…the one person who completely understands me.” Jeff looks down at your hand and squeezes it lightly.

“I’m making up the last question. I promise it’ll be a good one.”

“Go ahead, Atkins. I trust you.”

“Okay,” He stood up before getting on one knee, pulling the ring from his back pocket of his jeans. “My question is…will you marry me?”

Being Best Friends with Finn Wolfhard Headcanons

Request: omgomg can you pretty pls do a bestfriend Finn/Richie headcanon where the reader is older? ♡
A/N: nothing much. older!reader and actor!reader. Enjoy @rivjudephnx 💓

• You had just finished that movie you worked so hard on
• even though you were only sixteen you were invited to many talk shows
• And somehow you met the Stranger Things Crew
• And god did you adore them
• You guys became good friends , because you were the only children at the after party…
• And you weren’t allowed to drink
• you go to Finn’s hotel room
• And you all play stupid games and sing karaoke
• after everyone leaves, you stayed
• Because your parents didn’t come to the gala because they were busy and far away
• and you were still the oldest one
• You and Finn talked and talked
• he was a very interesting person
• he talked about what did he want from life
• He even sang to you
• and when he started eating his secret cookies under his bed you knew he was going to be your best friend
• and so it started
• You guys were always hanging out
• Sharing clothes because you love his style and everything you wear is a bit big on you
• supporting each other’s movies and tv shows
• going together at a lot of talk shows
• memes. Just memes
• you two are always up for some bogus shit
• Even god doesn’t know
• “ what do you mean you never were in a relationship?”
• “ Finn please. You’re like 14 what do you know about relationships?”
• “ still”
• you didn’t see him for a few months ( you guys texted all the time )
• And after you get to see him you’re in shock
• He’s taller than you now, and his cheekbones are prominent, and his hair is so curly and soft
• He’s still your little best friend
• he would swear all the time
• you teasing him about everything
• “ ew people ship us”
• “ ew. it happened to me with Millie and Jack, so get used to it”
• “ Finn.. there’s a lot of tumblr blogs with your face as profile picture”
• “ what’s Tumblr?”
• “ you’re too innocent for this world”
• you going to every concert and rehearsal of his
• and him teaching you guitar
• you still can’t play it
• just being two child actors best friends
• Both trying not to care what people say about you
• But it’s hard because sometimes on your social media all you can see is the negative comments
• So he would comfort you, and of course you would do the same
• because Hollywood and all this drama may be tiring,
• but it sure won’t break your friendship

I Dare You (M)

word count: 4.5k

genre: smut; college AU + part time model!hyungwon

pairing: reader/hyungwon


summary: it was a simple party and everything was going fine until minhyuk decided it’s time to spice it up. his idea? it ends up making you and your ex-crush hyungwon get a lot closer than you could’ve ever imagined. 

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13 rw jocks as your neighbors

warning: nothing, maybe one curse word

a/n: this is pretty random but i thought it would be fun! and let’s just pretend episode 10 didn’t happen

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Ever After Legacy

Made by the wonderful and beautiful Wolfy And @emmasimming

(If it says you move into an apartment and you don’t have city living move to a small house)

Generation One – You Love Him, You Love Him Not– You just moved out of your parents home and now it’s your time to shine! But what will you do when two guys make you fall in love?


Must marry someone and have at least 2 kids with them

Each child must have a bad trait

Divorce your first husband after 2 kids or more

Must have 2 husbands

Generation Two – Love Is A Game – You grew up in a broken family you only ever had one love in high school you could never get over him/her after they went off to college. After that you couldn’t get over it. They were your first love, Until you met..


Must have high school sweetheart then he/she move

Complete the postcard collection

Master Charisma Skill

Generation Three – Lone Wolf – After your parents kicked you out you had no other choice but to move into a small apartment, all you ever wanted to do in life is paint, but everyone tells you to give up on your dreams, maybe…. Just maybe for once you don’t care what people say….. DO IT ANYWAY!


Must be in the painter career

Must have creative as a trait

Must have a different sense of style

Generation Four – Beyond People – Your Parents have always embarrassed you all throughout your life because of their political views sense of style and because they enrolled you in some hippy school and just have always been well different than everyone else’s family’s.. You’ve alway just wanted to be alone and just get away from them so that’s what you did


Runaway as a teen

Have one kid

Must Become politician

As an adult begin to talk to your parents again

Must master the politician career

Generation Five – Different – You’ve always known you were different then the rest of your family, Things have always been different throughout highschool and your school years you never dated a person throughout school but you always thought that you would be perfect because of your mom being a politician and all but that never happened you grew up to figure out that you were lesbian/gay and became a journalist it turned out to be a pretty good life


Must be In love with the someone who’s of the same gender as your character

Must be in the in the writer career then join the journalist branch

Must never date anyone is high school

Must adopt at least one child

Person you adopt must be male and become the heir

Generation Six – Asteroid – Your parents were lesbian/gay you were made fun of those dumb bullies that didn’t support gay/lesbian marriage. But you didn’t let it get to you because you knew you were unique. One day you were at home playing Xbox games and your parents called you upstairs to tell you something. You were 16 and a half. Your parents needed to tell you something important.. “You’re adopted“ Is what came out of their mouth at the same time.


The heir but be of the male gender

Master video gaming skill

Meet an alien

Generation Seven – Friends – You’ve always had this one friend ever since you were in diapers. You learned how to walk together you learned how to talk together, They even introduced you to your first love which lasted. You guys seem like you’ll be friends till your grey and old!


Must have one friend all throughout your life

Must have that friend introduce you to your first love

Must cause drama in between life

Generation Eight –  Internet Lovers – You grew up in love with this one guy/girl that you had never met you were instant friends when you met online. One day he/she texted and said he was coming to Oasis Springs. A few days later the day he/she came you guys met and they kissed you. You guys have been inseparable ever since


Must meet someone and only talk to them on the phone once your half way done being a young adult meet them

Must live in Oasis Springs

Have 1 Child together

Go on dates every weekend

Generation Nine – Raining Dates – You Seemed to love everyone, Every guy you met you seemed to date for at least a week you never knew why or how but it happened


Must have Serial Romantic aspiration

Must date at least 6 people

Have 2 kids

Generation Ten – Hold Them Tight – You Always had a normal life and sibling(s) your mom/dad being really annoying and dating so many people throughout your childhood you woke up in your friends, house and there was someone next to you. You were very confused nothing happened it was just your distance friends creepy brother but you being weird as well laughed you guys have been close ever since you guys ended up getting married but one day your partner got really sick..


Must have lover get sick and move out for as long as you want

Must be dectective

Must complete the mysims collection

Must complete whatever aspiration you choose


Originally posted by jugheadjones94

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Word Count: 1661

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, the usual…

Anon Requested

A/N: I’ve been listening to a lot of Twenty Pilots lately… Don’t know why that was important but… Anyway, I hope y'all like this one! I will really try to post a lot more. Love you guys!


To be blunt, having a twin sucked ass. Well, with your experience it did. At least you were the older one, which had to count for something. Ok so there was a two minute difference between the two of you, but you used the leverage when you could. 

 Reggie was always a little asshole, even when the both of you were kids. He always stole your toys out of your hands claiming they were his. And he was the perfect golden boy in your parents eyes. His arrogance only sky rocketed with their parental encouragements. 

He was always very popular in school. Had the coolest friends, was part of all the sports teams, and when he came of age, dated the prettiest girls. You on the other hand were always different. 

You preferred reading and staying indoors rather than playing with everyone else. Of course your parents still forced you to try out for sports, (you soon enough became partial towards softball.) 

 Your stupid brother and his rather loud reputation never meant well for you. Everyone knew he had twin, but never bothered to really get to know you, always assuming you were like your brother. 

Nonetheless, writing was your specialty. You always had a way with words. You knew from an early age you wanted to major in some sort of English profession, whether it be teaching it or writing it. In fact, that’s how you ended up meeting your current boyfriend Jughead Jones. 

At first he was skeptical of you, but once the both of you clicked, it was one of the best things to happen to both of you. Thinking back on the whole start of it all always brought a smile to your face. 

“Ok girls, I’ll see you guys next practice.” You had hollered over to your teammates before swinging your backpack over your shoulder as they all shouted their own farewells. You left the school grounds and decided to go to Pop’s. One, because their food was amazing and two, you were hoping you could get some work done in the usually peaceful setting. 

 You made the effort to walk over there even though your sore limbs protested greatly. Once you got in to the beloved Diner, you went up to the counter and ordered your usual before going to find a seat. 

 As you walked through the small building, your eyes locked with stormy blue ones for a few short seconds. And in that short amount of time you were intrigued. He watched you with a weary stance, as if he were mapping out your every move before you executed it. 

You’d seen him before. Jughead Jones, he was in your English class. But you never talked, just silently drifted off into the lesson given that day. With a split second thought you decided to approach him as you waited for your food. 

“Hi.” You said hesitantly, immediately beating yourself up on the inside for making a fool out of your self for coming over. Hi? Really, that’s all you could come up with? You reprimanded as you stayed silent and watched him. 

 Of course all that had happened in a moments thought and he actually replied quickly. “Hi.” He said with an unsure look. You looked around and noticed he had a laptop out that he was typing in, taking up your interest you decided to try and make conversation out of it. “What are you doing?” You asked as you nodded over at his device. 

He looked to see what you were referring with a quickly glance and replied with a short worded answer. “Writing.” You grinned, you had a passion for the subject. Deciding to trust your gut, you sit yourself in front of him and smile brightly. “What are you writing about?” You asked. He still looked unsure of you, although, these types of looks weren’t unusual when you met new people. Mostly because Reggie and his erratic behavior met them first. 

 "Why do you want to know?“ He asked with an eyebrow raised. “Oh, I love writing. I hope to have a career to do with the subject one day.” You answered as you messed with your fingers over the table. 

 "Hm.“ He said in thought. “What?” You asked. He shrugged. “I don’t know, I guess I just figured that the twin sister of the oh so famous Reggie Mantle would be more.. well, Reggie-like.” “Well, I play softball if that’s what you mean. But otherwise I’ve always been the more soft spoken one I guess. My brother is just a real pain in my ass all the time.” You huffed as you crossed your arms. 

 "Interesting.“ He looked at you for a few seconds, considering whether he could trust you. He smiled when he saw the genuine curiosity in your eyes. "Well if you must know, I’m writing a novel.” “That’s awesome! About what?” You asked. “Riverdale.” “Well that was descriptive.” You retorted as he cracked a grin. 

 Your food finally came out at that time, your fries looked exceptionally delicious. “Wanna share?” To which he grinned. 

 That encounter alone sparked on many more encounters after that. After meeting up 5 more times after that first one, he asked you out. You obviously hid it from your brother, neither of you could even imagine the torment that would come. 

 The both of you had been together for a little over 6 months now. A whole summer had passed and the two of you were still going strong. When sophomore year started, softball started again too. 

 He always went to your games and was the cute supportive boyfriend. Whenever you made a home run he was always right there for you. And it wasn’t like your brother ever went to your games so you never had to worry. 

When you had started dating Jughead, his three other friends adopted you in their group and they were all for your secret relationship, never bringing it up when Reggie was around. Archie came close a couple times to spilling the beans but Betty and Veronica usually kept him in check. 

 It was a particularly sunny day when another softball game had taken place. It was the final game of the season, which meant your parents were obligated to come too. However, this meant they were forcing Reggie to be “supportive” of his sister. Of course Jughead had come to watch. 

You were the best pitcher on the team so that was the position assigned on the field for you. Before you ran out with your teammates, you gave Jughead a quick kiss, promising to see him afterwards. You didn’t realize your brother had come to your game until your eyes had met when you made it to the pitchers mound. 

He smirked but applauded with everyone else, cheering you on. The first batter on the other team made it to the plate and hit the bat against the ground a couple of times before getting into position. You smirked and readied your arm before pitching. 

 The game lasted a couple of hours, your team winning by a home run (that you had made). Your entire team was hollering as was the crowd. Your parents told you they were proud of you and that’s when you noticed Reggie was missing. 

 "Hey, where Reg?“ You asked your parents. Your mom wasn’t paying attention to you as she typed away on her phone. "He went to talk to someone I think.” Your dad said before leading his wife away to the car. 

 You shrugged before going to find your boyfriend. When you found him, you realized he wasn’t alone, Reggie was with him. “Oh god.” You muttered under your breath as you approached them. 

“Oh, hey sis. Good job on your game.” He said before continuing his malicious staring at Jughead. “Reggie, what are you doing?” You asked. He turned to you again. “Just finding my answers from this little freak here.” He turned back to Jughead who only looked at him with a pissed stare. 

 "So, are you gonna answer my question? It was you who killed Blossom huh?“ "I didn’t.” Jug spat. “What’s it to you anyway Reggie? Just leave him alone.” You said as your eyes met Jughead’s a couple times. “Because my coach has been non-stop breathing down my neck thinking it was me! I figured I can try to catch the person who did it so he’d leave me alone. And I bet it was him.” Reggie stayed as he looked at Jughead.

 "Reggie stop. Leave Jughead alone, he didn’t do anything.“ You said as you tried to shove Reggie away from him. "Oh, so you’re friends and with the little freak. Wouldn’t put it past you, you’ve always been weird. You know, I wonder if it was you that killed him.” He said. Your jaw dropped. 

“What the hell Reggie. Are you really accusing me of murder!? Murder Reggie, that’s insane. And besides, you know I was at an early softball practice on July 4th. And Jughead and I met up right after to hang out so why don’t you take your stupid accusations somewhere else.” You snapped at your brother. 

 "Why are you protecting him? This little geek is just a stupid nobody that nobody likes.“ He growled. "I like him! Reggie, he’s sweet, and funny, and caring… and all the things you aren’t!” He stopped and stared at you analyzing your words carefully. 

 "Wait… are you two… oh no way.“ His eyes widened as he looked back and forth between the two of you. "Back off Reggie.” You spat as he his shoulders slumped and he walked off giving you one last glare before disappearing around the corner. 

 You grinned as you looked over to Jughead who was in shock. “Well, so much for not telling him.” He commented with a sly smirk before wrapping you in his arms and congratulating you on your win.


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Sex in cartoons, then and now


The Simpsons: “Hey, maybe your parents are still having sex!”

King of the Hill: “Hey, maybe your parents are still having sex, but you shouldn’t ask them about it because that’s rude.”

Family Guy: “Hey, maybe your parents are still having sex while wearing tight leather and pretending they’re characters from movies, cartoons, and games!”

South Park: “Hey, maybe your parents are still having sex even though they should stop because they’re old and gross and do weird experimental things because they’re bored of each other!”


The Amazing World of Gumball: “Your parents were pregnant before they were married and keep their bedroom door closed for a reason.”

Star vs the Forces of Evil: “Your parents have seen each other naked more than you’ve seen yourself naked.”

The Loud House: “Your parents got thrown out of a hotel because they got caught playing grab-ass in the pool.”

Steven Universe: “Your parents are definitely still having sex. It’s a beautiful, wonderful bonding experience, it feels good on so many levels, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’ll understand sooner than you think. Now sit back, relax, and let me scare you half to death with some out of left field body-horror and themes of war, murder, and betrayal.”

Good Enough- Jeff Atkins

Warning: Mentions of sexual harassment and rape, please read with caution

Song suggestion: Couldn’t Say No by Young L3x


You were best friends with both Jeff and Clay. Clay being your younger brother by a year. He was your other half and was there for you through anything. Clay had your back through everything, even though he was the more quiet type as you were the more outgoing one.

Jeff Atkins had been your best friend since he was in your grade. Y'all met on the first day of freshman year, accidentally bumping into one another and knocking all your books down. He was the first one on the ground to swiftly pick up your things and send you that gorgeous smile. Ever since then, your friendship had been an envied one throughout the whole school. Girls wanted to be you because one, you were always so kind to everybody. There wasn’t one mean bone in your body and you were always there for everyone. Two, because you were beautiful with an amazing smile. There was never a day you were unhappy. And last but not least, Jeff Atkins would stare at you with so much love and awe. It was a look every girl would kill to have.

Secrets were never your thing in friendships, you told Jeff everything. Even the time you snuck out at three in the morning to go skinny dipping in a nearby lake. So when you told Clay something you never told anyone, guilt washed over you. It wasn’t a bad secret just one that was meant to be kept from him; you had feelings for him.

Lately you had been so insecure about yourself and Jeff not liking you back, that when Clay mentioned a party at Jessica Davis’s house, you immediately agreed to go, wanting to drown your sorrows in alcohol.

Dressed in a black skater skirt with a thin grey sweatshirt and see through tights under also paired with black heeled boots, you were ready to go.

“Y/N! You’re here!” Montgomery De La Cruz, another one of your best friends, exclaimed with Jeff standing with him. Both were near the ping pong table, talking about the upcoming scholarships for sports as you walked up to them.

“Hey guys.” you smiled, giving Monty a hug first before moving over to Jeff, who wrapped his arms around your waist and holding you against his chest.

You pulled away instantly missing the warmth of his body. “Wanna go get a drink?” Monty asked, pointing to the kitchen. You nodded, grabbing his hand and pulling him to the house not before sending Jeff a smile and saying ‘be right back.’

Jeff stared at you, having a rushed feeling of disappointment as you and Monty laughed it up. He watched as Monty grabbed onto your waist and whispered into your ear causing you to smile.

“Keep staring that hard and you could bury the poor boy six feet under.” Jeff switched his gaze over to his other best friend.

“I didn’t think you would show.” Jeff smiled, bro hugging Clay. “I mean who else is gonna watch over my sister.” Clay responded, pointing towards you.

Jeff’s gaze turned back to you, watching as Monty had his head buried in your neck as you wrapped your arms around him. Jeff looked up towards the sky, clenching his jaw with a small sarcastic smirk.

“You know she likes you right?” The older boy snapped his head towards his younger friend with wide eyes. “She told me yesterday. She came home upset about something and i asked what’s wrong. She started crying saying she wasn’t good enough for anyone. After that she told me she loved me and went to her room.”

“Son of a bitch.” Jeff’s eyes burned with anger, searching the backyard for the boy.

“What? What’s going on?” Clay asked, confused with his friend’s sudden burst of anger.

“She feels this way because of Bryce. Yesterday, we were all hanging out at his place and we were in the pool house and Y/N went inside to use the restroom. Bryce went too, but he said he was going to get more beer. That son of a bitch probably said or did something to her. When i find him i’m going to kick his ass.”

His eyes stopped when the man himself Bryce, Zach and Justin, stepped out from the kitchen sliding door.

While Jeff stood there angrily staring at the boy, you and Monty were in the kitchen having a great time. “You know Jeff likes you right, princess?” Your heart beating fast as he said those words. “Well he doesn’t seem to act like it. Why would he?” Your attitude was evident as you sipped your cola, deciding it’s better to be sober.

“I have a plan.” Monty smirked, grabbing your waist. “Lets make him jealous.”

“Monty that’s not nice!” You giggled, wrapping your arms around his neck. His mouth went to your ear, whispering, “I’m never nice, pretty girl.”

Jeff stood infront of Bryce, Justin, and Zach with a stone cold face. “Dude, did y'all see Monty and Y/N in the kitchen? Looks like she’s moving on real quick from the last guy.” Bryce snickered as he looked over at Jeff, who clenched his fist.

“Bro, that’s not cool. Y/N ain’t like that.” Zach said as he punched his shoulder. “Yeah man, that ain’t cool. Y/N ain’t that type of girl. You already know she only sticks to Jeff and only him.” Justin agreed with Zach, getting angry at him.

“Well it doesn’t look like it.” Bryce pointed towards the kitchen, with the perfect view of you sitting on top of the counter with Monty in between your legs, kissing the shit out of you.

Jeff’s heart dropped to his stomach as his throat dried up, as you gripped Monty’s hair and his hands slid up your legs. The anger was dropped to a whole other level of heartbreak, but once Bryce opened his mouth, it came back again.

“Jeff, man, you don’t need her, she’s a slut. She isn’t good enough for anybody, just like her best friend, Hannah.”

Both Zach and Justin turned towards the boy in disbelief. That’s when Jeff finally had enough. He punched Bryce in the face, making the boy stumble back. “Bro, what the fuck?” He yelled, wiping the blood from his mouth. “The fuck is wrong with you?”

“You’re the one who told her shit, didn’t you?! You made her cry! You tried to do something to her!” Jeff yelled at the boy, shoving him to the ground. By now, a crowd surrounded the five of them. Both Justin and Zach standing with Clay.

“I told her the goddamn truth. She’s a slut, just like her damn best friend. They both aren’t good enough for anybody. We all know they’re gonna be working on the corner, sucking dick for 5 dollars.” Bryce yelled, making the crowd that surrounded them gasp.

Clay’s eyes widened, realization hit him, “You son of a fucking bitch. You hurt my sister!” He yelled, both of the boys holding him back.

“That’s the fucking problem Bryce! You think that insulting and sexually harassing these girls makes you feel good, that it’s all fun and games when it’s not. You’re just a piece of shit, living off your parents money. You’re a miserable fuck that thinks he can use his money and ‘power’ to hurt these girls. You’re fucking sick man!” Jeff’s anger got the best of him as he repeatedly punched Bryce in the face.

You and Monty finally show up, squeezing your way through the crowd to see Jeff on top of Bryce. After all the commotion y'all heard from inside, you were told that Jeff and your brother and Bryce were fighting, you were quick to rush outside.

“Monty get him off, he’s gonna get into so much trouble!” You cried out to your best friend, who nodded.

Monty rushed to get Jeff off of Bryce, standing in front of him before he could charge at the boy, who was fucked up. “Jeff, bro, calm down. Look he’s already passing out, come on.” Your best friend lead him to the front as you rushed to your brother.

“Are you okay, Clay?” You panicked, as he pulled you into his chest. “It’s okay y/n, i’m fine. Just go check on Jeff for me please, he needs you more than me, right now.” He kissed your forehead, before you walked to the front of the house. Jeff sat at the curb of the house with Monty. Your sniffles made Monty look up at you with a smile, “I’ll leave you two alone.” He walked over to you and gave you a kiss on the cheek before going inside the house.

You sat next to Jeff, staring at the road ahead, sniffling. “Is it true? Did Bryce really tell you that? That you weren’t good enough? Did he do something to you?” He asked, with a worried expression.

You were silent, until tears came to your eyes, “He held me up against the bathroom door and told me no one would want me, that i was a slut. T-then he shoved his hand in my shorts, i told him no, but he told me that i wanted it. I tried to call for you, but he told me that no one would hear. Then he took off my shirt-” You broke down crying, not finishing what had happen.

Jeff grabbed your waist and sat you on his lap, cuddling you to his chest. “Shh, it’s okay baby, i got you.” He whispered into your ear, sliding his hands along your back, soothingly. “He won’t be able to hurt you no more, i’ll make sure of it.”

“I’m sorry i didn’t tell you, i was scared of what would happen.” You whimpered, feeling the comfort of his words and warmth.

“I understand why you didn’t, but Y/N i want you to know that you are good enough for anyone. What he said to you doesn’t mean anything. I love you, Y/N, with all my heart, watching you with Monty tonight hurt like hell, but hearing you say what Bryce did was worse and i want you to know that he won’t and will never be able to touch you ever again. I’m here to protect you, if not as something more then as your friend.” He sniffles, feeling defeated that he wasn’t able to protect you.

You placed your hand on his cheek, caressing it as you wiped his tears, “Thank you, Jeff. For everything you’ve done for me. I love you with all my heart, too. Monty wanted a reaction out of you because you weren’t making a move for his 'otp’ to finally get together.” You giggled softly as did Jeff, who stared at you with nothing but adoration.

You met his eyes and leaned in, closing the gap between y'all. His hands held your face as you kissed him with so much passion and love. After years of waiting for him, finally his lips were on yours. Everything was gonna be okay.

Little Sister

Brett Talbot X Reader

Word Count: 515

Requested: Anon

Request: Could you do A Brett talbot imagine where he meets your 5 year old little sister

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Brett has asked you to come to his Lacrosse game, you wanted to go but then your parents asked you to babysit, Brett said that you could bring you little sister with you. Your parents had met Brett but most of the time your little sister had steered clear of him, it was your parents anniversary so that was why you were babysitting. So now you were chasing her around the house trying to get her ready. “Will you get back here.” You called, there was a knock at your door drawing your attention “It’s open!” You called standing up to take a breath, you’d been chasing your sister around for about an hour now.

“Are you missing something?” Brett asked walking in with your sister on his hip.

“I swear every time that we have places to go,” You mumbled as he sat in front of you, you grabbed the baby wipes and cleaned her face “You are a mess.”

“She’s cute,” Brett argued as he bounced her on his knee making her laugh.

“Mmm, ” You hummed as you put your shoes on. You walked over to the front door and grabbed her coat you turned to see Brett whispering something in her ear you raised an eyebrow as you asked “ready?”

“Totally.” Brett smiled standing up and taking the coat from you and helping her put it on.

“What did he tell you?” You asked.

“It’s a secret.” she whispered.

You were up on the bleachers after (Y/S/N) insisted that you sat down, you made sure that she ha a drink and something to eat while she watched the game, you were fussing over her when a shadow loomed over you, you glanced up and saw Brett “You okay?” You asked.
“Yeah are you okay?” he asked. You nodded and he leant down and kissed your forehead before ruffling your sister’s hair and running off before she could get him back. (Y/S/N) watched the game intently.
“(Y/N) what colour is Brett,” she asked.
“Green.” You smiled she then looked back at the field before talking again.
“What number?” she asked.
“28.” You answered and watched as her eyes searched the field for the number printed on the back of a green jersey. The game ended in a draw and you both waited for Brett to finish changing before you could go home. When he came out (Y/S/N) was leant up against you side falling asleep. Brett smiled before shifting his bag and then picking her up. “Let’s get going beautiful.” Brett smiled sticking his hand out for you to take.

You got home fairly quickly and put her in bed, once that was done you got changed yourself and climbed into bed resting your head on Brett’s shoulder before sighing. “I didn’t think she liked me,” Brett admitted while playing with your hair.
“She likes you.” You mumbled.
“Like you?” he asked.
“No, I love you.” You answered sleepily.
“I love it when you’re tired,” Brett smirked and you groaned before snuggling closer and finally falling asleep.

*Part 2*

Requests and general question!

Jelix playing
  • Felix doing Jack’s intro and flipping the camera off
  • “You spin… you win.“
  • F: “So if you win, I win. If I win, you get no credit.’’ J: “Yeah that sounds like Felix alright.”
  • Jack referencing Felix throughout the entire video
  • F: “Can I fidget your fidger?” J: “You can spin my fidge aaany day.”
  • J: “U want sum fuk? Lemme smash.” F: “Stop.” J: “No.”
  • “Oh I got the number one here. I should become his prison bitch.” 
  • “NOOO you’re going after drama? Fucking pewdiepie, can’t stay away from drama.”
  • Jack referencing Yugioh
  • “We were listening to it in your car!“
  • F: “Watch where you spin that thing bro.” J: “I cant help it. Once you spiiin, you wiiin.”
  • Both of them cursing in Swedish throughout the whole video
  • Felix teaching Jack Swedish
  • “Can’t kill drama… you’ll just make more drama.“
  • F: “I thought I was your prison bitch.” J: “You are, eh… baby doll.”
  • “It’s okay, I’m eating you now basically.“
  • “Ok we’ll fuck him. Double sandwich GO.“
  • J: “White with the blue outline.” F: “You mean ghwite?” j: “GHWITE”
  • “Oh wait. Drama’s on out team! He’s our boi!“
  • Jack doing the lil hand gesture thing
  • “All these fuckers taking my shit? Wtf I killed everyone for you guys this is my shit!”
  • J: “Get back in the game.” F: “I’M TRYING”
  • J: “Dude I bet your parents don’t even spin.” F: “Dude take that back right now.”
  • “Oh hi bro, how’s it going?” *kissing sounds*
  • F: “Better remember, Jack. With great spin…” J: “…comes great win.”
  • “w o w”
  • F: “Hey it’s a beatiful man. It’s not a fucked up nose.” J: “Hey I’d fuck him.”
  • “Oh fuck, I got fucked. I got fucked but I slurp it all up again.”
  • Them making fun of Eurovision
  • “Can we have please your 12 points now please now.”
  • “Yeah, Sweden has always done that, we always vote for Norway. Just kidding we don’t, they vote for us, they’re our bitch.”
  • tHeSe WeEbS with their goddamn Putin-sama
  • “I just realized I have my windows open. It’s so fucking hot.”“
  • J: “HOW COULD THIS HAPOEN TO ME” F: “It didn’t take long for you to meme again.”
  • F: “This guy is trying to fuck me, I don’t like it.” J: “Is it me? ‘Cause I’ve been trying to fuck you for quite a while.”
  • “And all the shippers’ hearts sailed away!”
  • “Ah I got double fucked. Shit I got triple fucked.”
  • Felix singing when Jack’s away
  • “Oh fuck yeah I’m just swallowing balls. Uh-oh I just got ball swallowed.”
  • “God whenever I play with you I just cant help but imitate you.”
  • “I fucking hate you and your whole extended family.”
  • Them pretending to speak Icelandic
  • More Swedish talking
  • “I love how you know all these weird words.”