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It was really interesting to hear about how Mark learned to own Dark and Warfstache and define them, and how that led to him actually enjoying the characters at last. I was surprised that he didn’t like them, because they are so much fun, especially Warfstache.

I loved his definition of Dark, though, because the exact things that he described became instantly apparent in the Dark route of the game. Dark is supposed to be manipulative and rage filled, just barely hiding his furious demeanor in an attempt to get you to trust him, and that was very apparent in the sketch. I loved how it was portrayed, and I’ll tell you my favorite part:

The small facial twitches and limbering stretches while he was waiting for you to make a choice. That was so well done. I really got the sense that he was trying to pretend to be patient, but really didn’t want to wait for you and just wanted to tear you apart or take you over right there. I loved how he kept adjusting his suit while he was talking in an attempt to keep it all together. I love the whole portrayal that his glamour is slowly failing right in front of you because of how restless he is, but he’s trying to keep it together so that you don’t run away. I loved that his true nature and sheer monstrous power was tearing through the glamour in bizarre ways, like the RGB and glitch effects. It felt like a dam of malice was pent up, cracking, and about to unload itself on you at any moment, and you needed to get the hell out of there before you got utterly decimated.

I can’t wait to see more of it. I hope Mark answers questions about Dark and Warf on here so that we can learn more about the characters and he can develop them more while we get to watch it all unfold.

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100. What on FFXV made you cry the most (each time Iggy tripped when he was blind was enough to make me cry)

Besides the final scene, before raging about that kiss scene because come the fuck on, the thing that made me cry most was Ravus. During the game I saw Ravus as being a good older brother. He wanted his sister to be happy, he wanted her to live. He was doing his job as a big brother and doing it damn well. So when I saw how he died and then came back? I literally paused the game and sobbed. No one deserved that, especially not him. 

mickeytmouse replied to your post “I’m trying to not say much about boss baby because you know how I am…”

I’m really looking forward to The Boss Baby despite the potty humor, but I think I 100% know what you mean by it feeling off. I actually finally liked it after a trailer, but it still feels… idk the word for it.

I’ve seen a few of the trailers and I can’t get invested but it’s good that you’re looking forward to it!

I’m getting a similar vibe from the emoji movie but that makes me feel more confused because emojis are all the rage so I’m not sure if a movie will help boost it’s popularity? like.. the birds movie could be a cash grab but it was the biggest mainstream thing they’ve released in a long while (they release games all the time but people like me who weren’t invested back then didn’t have a clue about that)