gaming society

we’re all killers.
we’ve all killed parts of ourselves
to survive.

we’ve all got blood on our hands.
something somewhere had to die
so we could stay alive.
—  if memories could bleed, if dreams could scream | m.a.w

Excellent re-imagined versions of Game of Thrones Characters by artist Mike Wrobel. I seriously can’t express how fantastic and clever I think these are. Take a peek at his online store where you can find these images and many others printed on some pretty affordable merchandise.


Gravity Falls Season 2 (2/2)

Why Aren’t There More Women Magic Players?

Finally posting my article! It’s really long and I don’t want to clutter people’s dashboards with the full thing, so please click Keep Reading to read it. Thank you to everyone who responded to my “interview” questions! It was so helpful, and it certainly gave me a good look at what’s going on in the community. 

Special thank you to @gaytog and @ally-encampment, who are most heavily featured in the piece. Your responses were phenomenal and I’m grateful for your help on this. 

Secondary shout out to @chelsea-beleren-vess and @zoe-of-the-veil, neither of whom I interviewed but who both have been outspoken about this issue and thus who I mention in the article for their public posts.

Again, thank you, and enjoy the article!

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anonymous asked:

seungkwan soulmate!au please. thank you!!

where you can see your soulmate in reflective surfaces if they’re looking at one at the same time

“I thought we were going to watch another movie,” you whined, trying to make out your friends in the dim living room of your shared house. You nudged the closest girl sitting on the floor with your foot, and Eunwoo yelped in surprise before smacking your leg in protest.

“Nayoung said she saw her soulmate a week ago, so we’re going to find ours too,” Kyulkyung whispered conspiratorially, Eunwoo nodding resolutely beside her.

“So you two are just going to stare at mirrors the entire night on the off-chance that your soulmate looks back?” The other two girls pointedly ignored your sarcastic question, and you groaned as you stood up from your position on the sofa. It was nearing 1AM anyway, and your other housemates had decided to sleep after the scheduled weekly house movie marathon. You figured that you might as well retire for the night too, and leave Kyulkyung and Eunwoo to their silly, but admittedly dedicated, plan.

You looked up at your reflection in the bathroom mirror after brushing your teeth, patting your face dry with a small towel. Suddenly, a foggy image of a person appeared, and you could barely make out the “SVT” print on a bright t-shirt. Long fingers clipped back white gold hair which framed what you assumed to be a face…

If a face only had eyes and lips, that is.

You tore your gaze away from the mirror and bolted out of the bathroom, your mind torn between not waking up your sleeping housemates with a scream and panicking because oh my gosh, was that a ghost? Were you going to die?

But wait, what kind of ghost would be in SVT, your college’s very own secret honor society?

Just as your heart was beginning to calm down, rapid knocks on your front door resounded through the first floor, and you rounded the corner to see Eunwoo cautiously peering through the peephole.

“Why is Boo Seungkwan knocking on our door at 1AM?” she hissed at you and Kyulkyung, who only stared back at her wide-eyed and confused. You shrugged your shoulders as she opened the door to reveal the breathless boy from your poetry class, fringe clipped out of the way and in a bright, “SVT” printed t-shirt.

Neither of you said a word until Eunwoo rolled her eyes and cleared her throat rather loudly. “Sorry for scaring you,” Seungkwan managed to stutter out, and you flushed when you realized that he had confirmed your suspicions. “I had a sheet mask on and…this wasn’t the best first impression to make as your soulmate, huh?” he laughed nervously.

You threw an arm around his shoulders mirthfully, bringing him into a loose hug. “Seungkwan, I’m just glad that my soulmate isn’t going to haunt me or something,” you joked. “Since you’ve come all this way, do you want to do sheet masks together?” Your hand subconsciously found his, your fingers intertwining together as you led him towards your room.

Eunwoo and Kyulkyung stared after the pair of you incredulously, returning to the living room and to their vanity mirrors with renewed determination.

How to..."Fake Identity"

There are two kinds of fake identities:
a) The ones you want to keep for many years
b) The ones that are meant for temporary, “single-use”.
Only a) should conform to your “real life” by more than 50%.

1.Be prepared
Being spontaneous is risky. It is a sign that you have lost control and it makes it very likely that you make a noticeable mistake. Also you can’t pretend to be a Syrian refugee, if you don’t know what Aleppo is. Therefore it will be safer you if you do your research and have more than one identity prepared.
2. Apologize
Have a plan B, or a “back-up lie”. For example, if some notices that you are not a orthodox catholic, as you said you were, apologize and explain that you are a Satanist and that you felt the need to lie, because you were scared of prejudice. Turn doubt into pity by being ashamed and sorry.
3. Be plain
Drawing attention will result in envy and doubt. It should not be the main purpose of a fake identity. Therefore it is not necessary to invent “talents”. Don’t say you can speak russian, if you can not.
4. Character traits
Inventing a fake identity should not be dreaming of what one would like to be. If you loose your focus, you might risk “loosing yourself”. “Negative” traits, weaknesses you yourself don’t possess will “keep you grounded”.
5. Geographic differences
Make sure that the people, who know you as someone else won’t be able to meet and recognize you if you are yourself or playing an other “role”. If they do ->2.
6. Concentration
Don’t start putting less effort into your “costume” or forget what “role” you are playing. You need to be aware of your surroundings.
7. Amount
The more false identities, or the more often you use them, the more likely it is that you will become “addicted”, “loose yourself” or that someone will figure you out. Make sure, there is always a difference between the way you see yourself and other’s see you.
8. Names
Don’t use too many. They might confuse you, become annoying and are more often than not a waste of effort.
9. Paranoia
People will assume something is wrong if you act like it. Too many lies will make you fear that you will be figured out, which in turn will lead you to lie more and so one. The usual solution is to be “yourself” for some time.
10. A red line
Don’t change everything. It is not only a waste of effort, but people who play an insecure, poor, or spineless “character” for too long tend to develop self-esteem issues. If you have no character trait, that works as a safety bond, you risk loosing who you were before.

Remember the time before the “game”. You can “reset”, “start over” or go “offline” for a while. Control it yourself.

Having a “fake identity” is useful, necessary for some. However it is a toy, too. And if you spend a day as a homeless, an illegal immigrant, a women or men, a homosexual, etc. you might not only satisfy your curiosity, but “learn” something about society.

Forging Valyrian steel for real

Does a real-life version of Valyrian steel, popularised by the Game of Thrones series, have the potential to revolutionise automotive markets?

By Rebecca Pool

If you ask any Game of Thrones fan about a Valyrian steel sword, their eyes will likely mist over as they describe its exceptional sharpness, strength, lightness and distinct ripple patterns. Ask Professor John Verhoeven, a retired Iowa State University metallurgist, about the real-life equivalent – a Damascus steel sword – and you’ll receive the same, wistful response.

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                                            21st century learners

Probably the most important thing for kids growing up today is the love of embracing change

“How do you get kids that have curiosity and a questioning disposition?”
We’ve called this, in the past, the “Gaming Disposition”. Because if you look at the disposition of hardcore gamers (…) 

They. Want. To. Be. Measured. 

Because they want to see how much they’re improving.
And, in fact, the most common mantra of a real gamer is 

                                  “If I ain’t learning, it ain’t fun.”

- John Seely Brown

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