gaming instinct

I can finally post the drawing I did for Team Instinct’s Pokemon Go Fanzine! Thanks @pokemongozine for organizing the project!

I put this up as a poster print on my Storenvy for anyone interested. Preorder ends February 28th. I’ll also be selling at this year’s Anime Boston and Tora Con, so maybe I’ll catch you there!


  • Spark: I hope you had fun, Blanche!
  • Blanche: Nah.
  • Spark: Did you have fun?
  • Blanche: No.
  • Spark: Did you have fun though
  • Blanche: No.
  • Spark: But, fun, did you have it?
  • Blanche: See, you’re asking me the same question.
  • Spark: No, I don’t think we’ve addressed fun though.
  • Blanche: Uh, yeah, we did, and my answer was that, no, I did not have any of that.
  • Spark: But the question about the fun was, specifically, did you have it?
  • Blanche: No. The answer’s no.
  • Spark: Ah okay… But of the things you had…
  • Blanche: Uh-huh?
  • Spark: …was fun one of them?
  • Blanche: I… y'know I’m really wracking my brain for a way that you could possibly be stupid enough to ask the same question over and over again, and I’m just not coming up with one. It’s- It’s still no.
  • Spark: Oh man, I’m having fun… Hey! Speaking of which…
  • Blanche: Uh-huh?
  • Spark: Did you?

WSH vs ARI 03.25.2017

André Burakovsky and his new friends on ice 

These three looked so cute together so I had to draw them. Also, I had promised myself that I’ll draw at least 1 fan art of Pokemon Go. So, please look forward to another fanart from me!

I hope I’m not too late, the fandom isn’t dead yet, right?

✩ I’m opening a commission ✩