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@harpearl said: I need some more mae and bea hanging out in my life
@an-awesome-blog-because-why-not said: Can u first draw Bea?
@benijar said: If you do ships, can I ask for MaeBea?
@fuzzinator23 said: Does Mae see Bea more than a friend and does Bea know or is it a secret to Mae?

mae: we’re totally dating
bea: we are definitely not dating
mae: we’re dating in my head


Overwatch: Comic of Lucio’s new heal radius!
Digital Art; Clip Paint Studio • Time Taken approx two hours

Salty Lucio main is extra salty thanks to this new buff! I honestly love this new visible radius, which was obviously added thanks to Lucio in Heroes of the Storm. ♥

Now those lovely DPSers that like to spam “I NEED HEALING” while nowhere near me have *no* excuse… Heh. I ain’t leaving the safety of the tanks to heal yo’ dumb arse if you want to run behind enemy lines…

[Thank you muchly to Jane o’ the Pigeon Gazette @thepigeongazette for inspiring me w/ your recent Mercy comic… hehe~]

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The Nishigori girls would TOTALLY bet Yurio a hair makeover that he loses at ~ambiguous card game~ but it seems like he would secretly kinda like the attention. LOOK @electricbluepinwheel I drew more Yurio I hope you’re happy.