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Wooden chest painted with acrylics, inspired to The Secret of Kells (aand a little bit of Gotr in the white tree with red leaves - also related to various trees of life I saw around the internet :)

Hybrid House Aesthetics: G R Y P H O N P U F F
Galathea Gryphonpuff
Colors: Honey Gold, Candy Apple Red, Bronze
Mascot: Bumblebee
Attributes: Friendly | Hospitable | Humble | Courageous | Playful
Common Room: Located under a trap door in the charms corridor, one must feed the guardian hedgehog a bit of chocolate to enter.  
2015-2016 Prefects: Delilah Quinn, Cassius Murphy

Warmer than the cookies they love to bake in their common room oven, Gryphonpuffs work hard and play harder. They are very committed, but tend to look on the sunny side of life rather than getting bogged down in the details. The Gryphonpuff common room is full of cozy furniture, board games, and a large family of cats, the preferred pet of this house. 

Random Post: hahah, it sure is wacky how fandom blows single character traits out of all proportion,just because someone mentions liking a thing once it doesn’t mean that thing is their whole life 

Me, hastily taping together a persona out of three special interests and A Preference For The Color Green: hahah yes that would be silly, how Foolish, I too focus my life on many unrelated things! Like a human, which is certainly what I am! ahahah, wacky fandom trends.

Base Game Sofa Recolors

This download includes: 65 recolors (using @noodlescc / @tainoodles palette) of this base game sofa. :)

As said before with the rugs, this is a bit random, but I really felt like the game was lacking in furniture color variety. Will most likely be doing more in the future!

Download - (simfileshare) 

finally back to writing my disappointing bleden mark/inkar trash ship fic

here’s a teaser so you can all yell at me if i get distracted and forget to finish this monstrosity again

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Играть пол ночи? Почему бы и нет. Особенно, когда это расслабляет и выгоняет ненужные мысли, ненадолго, к сожалению.
Как забыть о человеке? Перестать думать о нем?
Нет, я не зависаю целыми днями на странице этого человека(я вообще не захожу), не пересматриваю фото, не перечитываю сообщения. Но мысли об этом человеке лезут в голову постоянно, особенно после снов или когда его друзья просматривают твои стори в вк - ты волей не волей начинаешь снова думать об этом человеке, о нашем общении, о не сказанных словах.
Сегодня я пару минут смотрела на небо, даже нет, я смотрела в небо, словно в самую его глубь и хотела перестать думать.