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Every gaming poster we’ve made over the past year!

It’s really neat to look back and see a years worth of work and the progress you can make in that time. Thanks again to all of you for the support! ♥️♥️♥️  

Hope you enjoy! 

Mass Effect N7
Fallout 3 - 3 Dog
The Witcher 3
Pokemon Go
Super Mario Bros.
Fallout 4 - The Glowing Sea

By Fabled Creative


Yoko Taro’s Game Design Draft - “GUN SOCCER”

GUN SOCCER is one of Yoko Taro’s draft on game designing. He released it to demonstrate how to make a game design line-out and presentation slides. Even though it looks like a joke, this game draft is also a part of Yoko Taro’s Drakengard and NieR world.

The event took place on 2024, filling the gap between Drakengard and NieR’s Old World Information. After the White Chlorination Syndrome spreads on 2004, a series of disease has been discovered endangering human. Creatures called Legion started to appear and try to wipe out the humanity. The battle of Legion and Human occurred for years. And on 2023, the world falls into a financial crisis because of the war and Project Gestalt.

By  2024, conflicts between ethnic and countries start to took place. The United Nations, which look at the situation seriously, proposed a method to resolves conflicts. GUN SOCCER is a survival sport competition combining the concept of Soccer and Gun Shooter (FPS). The proposal carried on by UN, and many countries started to participate. 

Who will survive on this deadly game? What is the UN’s real intention of creating this game? Will this game eventually helps UN on saving the humanity?

Check out more info of the game on the provided Game Design Presentation Slides.

Presented By Yoko Taro on his 2013 workshop

Translated by me

The whole mess about difficulty modes in video games is so weird to me, because I’ve seen it before. The tabletop roleplaying hobby went through exactly the same thing decades earlier.

I remember the flamewars about how games where you didn’t die instantly at zero hit points were coddling unskilled players and bringing about the downfall of “real” gaming.

I remember it being seriously debated whether making games more mathematically accessible was worth the potential loss of granularity - and, indeed, whether people who were bad at math “deserved” to play at all!

Heck, even a lot of reasoning was word-for-word identical. Folks used to argue with a straight face that of course your new character should start at level 1 when your old character died, no matter what the party’s average level was, because you had to earn the right to enjoy the game “properly” by slogging through multiple sessions with a character who’s bad at everything first.

It’s that noxious combination of “all games should be difficult to play because I’ve invested my entire identity in having mastered that difficulty” and “I want games that don’t cater to the exact mode of play that I prefer to fail, and I want the exact things that I dislike about them to be the reason that they fail“ - well, it’s awful familiar, is what I’m saying.

I won’t say that the tabletop roleplaying hobby ever entirely got over it - the “games that don’t cater exactly to me should fail” attitude still strongly informs the “Edition Warrior” mindset in D&D circles, for example - but the broader community basically came to a consensus that people who think like this are assholes decades ago, so watching video games describe the same trajectory evokes a strange mix of nostalgia and exasperation.