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I feel like it needs to be put out there that personal blogs should also read a roleplayers rules when following them. We state the importance of RPers reading rules, but it’s also important for personals as sometimes rules also apply to you. Things like who can send in memes or who can reblog RP threads are very important and it is vital that you take the time to read those rules.

soda had never had the luxury of money, and so she’d never had more than a few pairs of clothes at a time. she still remembered the first time she’d entered the gear shops – she’d nearly been throttled by the concept of … owning all this, you know? having a choice in the matter, being able to choose her own style—

it’d dug itself into her brain, and so ever since, she’d been trying to collect every last piece that could be used in battle. ( practical habits died hard. ) she constantly enlisted the help of spyke and was always on the look-out for gear she hadn’t got yet in hopes of ordering it – so, naturally, when this girl strolled up with a squidvader’s cap in a color that didn’t match its owner’s tentas and she’d never seen before? she pounced.

really, honestly pounced. she half-lunged towards the girl through the racks of clothes, eyes fixed on her cap.   hey, hey, where’d you’d get that hat?? it doesn’t look like the normal one—!!

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He didn’t think you’ll be getting out alive, he was scared but he had to be brave.He had to do this for you even if he thought you’ll both be dead. Closing his eyes he grasped your hand tightly as his heart slammed in his chest. “Brooke’ I gotta tell you something, I know I may look like some player but. Since we might die and everything I just, I gotta tell you that I love you”

I was supervising a child’s birthday party last week and they were about to play musical chairs, so I walked up to one kid and told her “when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.” I guess I inspired her because she ended up winning and repeated that to the kid she beat, and I was suddenly so scared for the future. I think I turned an innocent child into Cersei.

Okay, realtalk. I really admire Seiko. I know how hard it is to actually love someone you aren’t supposed to love the way you want to because I experienced it once in my life, only once and it wasn’t fun, I tell you.

Her more-than-friends love for Naomi is just so… natural for me, y'know? Made me feel sad for Seiko when Naomi just… ran away crying. The “I’d marry you if I could” line hit me so hard. She wants to stay with her forever but she’s well aware that it isn’t possible. And god, that hurts me so much.