gaming clothing

« I think of his face lit by the flickering glow of the fire, laughter in his eyes. A smile on his lips.
Would he still be smiling as he swung from the gallows? Would he find me in the crowd with his last moments?
What would he say, if he knew I held his fate in my hands? That I could condemn him in a careless moment? »


Suggestions of Hello Neighbor for Dynamic Pixels ( @donmihalych )  This is the first part of my drawing class’ final project. As you can see, I’ve designed an alternative clothing and a pajamas (when it’s night mode), other designs that are not the final one and two pair of ilustrations with color. Hope you like it! ( I also dedicate my final project drawings to my neighbor friend @hocopoko ,who also loves Hello Neighbor). :)

arrives 2 and half years later with more papercuts