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"I swing my legs off the bed and slide into my hunting boots. Supple leather that has molded to my feet. I pull on trousers..." -- The Hunger Games, Chap 1

There are a few important things I’ve considered about this passage. One is some confusion on my part. The others are to address certain conventions I’ve noticed in fanworks (imcluding the films).

First off, why does she put on pants *after* putting on her footwear? Do people actually do this? Isn’t that cumbersome?

Secondly, the fact that she can slide into soft-leather boots (rather than sliding them on) like that suggests that they are ankle-length. Not knee-length.

Thirdly, even if she put the boots on afterwards, the trousers she’d wear would be fairly loose around the legs. When going hunting, loose-fitting pants are way more practical than slim-fit due to having to go through underbrush and the abilty to have layers underneath if need be.

And while we’re at that…
Take common fanart depiction of Katniss’ hunting and 74th Games attire (tight pants and knee-highs), and compare that with depictions of Gale’s hunting and Peeta’s arena outfits (regular-fit and ankle-highs).
What reason is there to make her practical situation outfits different from the boys’ practical situation outfits?
Let’s say that there is an in-universe reason for Katniss’ arena outfit to be form-fitting; to show off her body for Capitol audiences. Under that priciple, then Peeta should also be garbed in the same way. After all, we know that the Capitol is an equal-opportunity molester.

Morgan Rielly #3

Requested by Anon:  Hi!!! Could you do an imagine with Morgan Rielly? Like him asking you to wear his jersey or something? Loooove your writing!!<3 :-)

*Hiii!! Thank you so so much!! I hope you love this too. :)*

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“Hey!” you yelled out once you heard the front door open and close, “I’m in the kitchen.”

You were swaying your hips to the music coming out from the speakers, preparing something healthy for Morgan. They have a game tonight and, from the sound of the door, he just got back from morning skate.

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