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Drawing on pc today, 👋🏻🙇🏻🖍🌲🌳🏔⛰🌋/ i do it everyday still feels so different. Dibujando en pc hoy, lo hago todos los días y aún así se siente tan distinto 🙄🖍

Okay, a bunch of stuff going on in this picture, so let’s pick up all the things one by one.

-This carefully drawn DOOM pointillist fan art made its way to Romero’s hands. Super cool, and such an honor for Andrew Bernard-Smith to know that one of his pieces went directly to the man himself.

-John Romero is the kind of man who is just a beard shave away from looking 15 years younger. Hoooly crap!

For comparison purposes, here’s a picture of him during the Daikatana days.