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ok. imagine (modern au) Laf wearing those 3/4 sleeve baseball shirts. like the solid colored sleeve & collar, body of the shirt is white and sometimes has pinstripes the same color as the sleeves??? i'm here for this

ok but imagine this in like 1776 

laf is centuries ahead of the casual fashion game

no one questions him




This hugely popular mobile fashion game is investing big bucks in body positivity

  • Before Tuesday, users of the popular mobile fashion game Covet Fashion, which has 500,000 users daily, were tasked with outfitting their models, who were always thin with typically mannequin-esque proportions. Think of it like a paper doll, but more 3D. 
  • This upgrade also sets a new precedent for video games to begin to be as diverse as the people who play them. 
  • Starting on Tuesday, Covet users will now have the ability to choose from 50 different models with various different body types (up from just one) and seven different skin colors to choose from as well. Read more

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