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It might be a long shot but do you think it's funny that parts of Hides name is scattered around but so close to one another? I think it's strange in my opinion lol

I’m assuming you’re talking about “yoshi” being a part of the Washuu’s naming pattern, Chika having been Yoshitoki’s name at one point and Naga corresponding to the Naagaraji?

I could do an analysis of his name myself, but I probably wouldn’t do nearly as good a job as this reddit post did. Honestly, check that out if you’re at all interested in Hide because everything in that post is so well researched and really interesting.

I do want to say one thing about this, though; if we acknowledge that the “Yoshi” and “Chika” parts of Hide’s name came from the Washuu, and that the “Naga” has some sort of relation to the naagaraji, then that just leaves us with “Hide”. That’s the part of his name that he goes by with most people, and I think that could be symbolic of it being the only part of his name that is him.

He may be a Washuu or the underground equivalent of the loch ness monster, but what’s more important is that he’s Hide, and maybe that’s why he asks to be referred to that way. He doesn’t want to acknowledge those parts of himself or perhaps wants to separate himself from the larger groups he’s a part of because they don’t define him. He prefers to focus on himself as an individual rather than the labels he might be associated with, and I think that’s an extremely Hide way of approaching things. He has no regard for labels and arbitrary divisions. He doesn’t discriminate between so called “ghouls” and “humans”. He just treats them all as people. In the end, the “real” Hide isn’t the “Yoshi/Chika” which (possibly) tie him down to the Washuu, or the “Naga” which (possibly) ropes him in with whatever the naagaraji are, he’s just Hide, and that’s the genuine part of him.

other youtube lpers/streamers/game players you could watch instead of the all the popular ones who have ended up showing their support for anti-semitism

  • griffin mcelroy / griffin and justin mcelroy / griffin mcelroy and nick robinson - everyone knows these guys obviously but they’re definitely worth recommending
  • slowbeef - arguably the father of lets play - he didn’t invent the concept but he definitely coined the term. mainly streams nowadays, including “wifestreams”, in which his very vg unaware wife gets to grips with a variety of games in the most endearing manner possible
  • diabetus - slowbeef’s partner in crime but a very competent lper himself. broke in with an lp of battletoads (a notoriously difficult game), but does a whole range of games
  • voidburger - big silent hill fan - she’s done very comprehensive lps of the more notable games in the series. also streams a lot too
  • chipcheezum and general ironicus - chip is voidburger’s bf, and has been doing lps with his pal ironicus for about the same length of time. tend to do action games like uncharted and the wonderful 101
  • narcissa wright - speedrunner and smash player. she’s taking a break from that kind of thing at the moment but has been talking about getting back into speedrunning once breath of the wild comes out, so keep an eye on her
  • sheshellssheshells - common collaborater with voidburger. also goes by Kamoc and tortoiseontour. tends to stream goofy horror games but has a fun little series called “everything wrong with everything wrong with…” in which he nitpicks the nitpickers of youtube
  • boilingheart - mostly does overwatch stuff. has a series of cute videos in which she attempts to make friends with the enemy team during matches

additionally, the following people aren’t exactly lpers but they discuss games critically in interesting ways

  • hbomberguy - mainly does videos in which he criticizes the alt-right and its associated groups, but also does a number of videos talking about various media, including some really interesting long form video essays about why fallout 3 is shit and bloodborne is really good. also a very funny guy
  • mark brown - short video essays about game design. currently doing a series about the dungeon design of legend of zelda which is very interesting in its own right
  • hamish black - kind of like mark but more scottish. does some longform in depth analysis of games as well
  • push to smart - has some really interesting videos about women in games and stuff like the bechdel test. unfortunately seems to have stopped making videos but there’s still some good stuff in there

i should note that these people aren’t perfect in any way (who is) and especially some of their earlier stuff has some off colour jokes, but they’re people who have shown that they are open to criticism and are willing to change and be better people rather than do something like, i dunno, make a number of heavily anti-semitic videos, then double down and claim innocent victimhood when it blows up in their face

Making Horror Games is Hard!

Horror in games has had a huge increase in popularity thanks to social media and services such as twitch and Youtube, unfortunately, many of them are horrible! 

Don’t fear, there’s a reason to it; Making Good Horror Games is Hard!

Now before delving too deep into it all, let’s take a brief look at some Horror tropes and examples.

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Critical Role fandom: I think I know what’s going on here

I think I figured out what the problem is here.

Every week, especially around big battles, there’s always this burst of negativity. Usually in the twitch chat and on reddit, but it’s on twitter and tumblr too. You all see it. People getting up in arms about rules, what it says in this book or that book, what a character “should” have done, etc. 

Leaving aside all the vitriol directed at Keyleth as a character and Marisha Ray for being A Woman In Gaming, and Vax as a character for being Openly Depressed (I could rant about that for 500 years but the short of it is, you need to take a good hard look at yourself if you spend every week spewing hate at these characters for the “crimes” of Being a Woman and Being Depressed respectively. Please take some time and consider why it is you have all this hatred that you use to lash out against people, especially women, you might wanna work on why that is.) Leaving that aside, I think I have figured out the problem here:

There is a fundamental confusion on the part of some fans about what Critical Role is. It is NOT one of those nasty D&D games where the GM is your enemy and out to murder you. It IS a longform improv drama/comedy web series that is released weekly and is a massive company asset.

More below the cut:

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A Few New Things from the New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer (6/2017):


All Party Members Fight + Herc is FINALLY a party member!!!! (I know he was in BbS, but it was only for a bit).


“Counter Shield” is the name for the new Keyblade’s Form Change. Seems to activate via Style Change. 

The Kingdom Key doesn’t seem to change (as far as I know), but does grant “Second Form,” which lets Sora use moves like Sonic Blade, Arc Arcanum, and previous abilities from KH1 & KH2.

A New Combo Attack with Goofy!

There’s a lot more, but I’ll let the expert game analysis-es(?) handle it. I got work tomorrow.

Jaime Lannister Is Not About Redemption

Probably ever since ASOS came out, fans have been discussing Jaime Lannister and his “redemption arc.” Arguments have been made over whether he deserves to be redeemed or whether he can be redeemed at all. Other smarter people then me have made the compelling argument that Jaime’s arc is about the limits of redemption, and I think there’s a lot of merit to that.

 I would argue, however, that Jaime’s character arc isn’t really about redemption at all. It’s about Self Actualization and the power of the individual choice. 

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They saved BJ’s head!

Ok, so the new Wolfenstein trailer (watch here) starts with BJ Blazcowicz- no, wait, it actually starts with a Nazi mecha Lassie. Followed by this

… after which we see BJ (aka Terror Billy in America) waking up from another coma, weakened and/or semi-paralyzed by Deathshead’s goodbye gift grenade to the face.

Later on we see what looks like an escape scene wih BJ in a hospital gown, mowing down Nazi mooks from a wheelchair, so the mobility issue isn’t just for cutscenes.

And later we see him don a powered armor from the Da’at Yichud that we know can allow a paralyzed person (Caroline Becker in the previous game) walk and fight like a superhuman. So it’s safe to assume that’s how BJ gets his mobility back for the main part of the game. An armored suit. Right?

Not quite. In a later scene we see him talk to a man named Horton, wearing a simple jacket and with no indication that he’s wearing a bulky powered suit. Yet he stands and yells and kicks a chair over like nobody’s business. Without a suit that ought to be impossible for a man as wounded as he is.

Instead he has this:

Look, I’m not saying they took BJ’s head off his crippled, aging body and put it on a new one (I certainly hope it’s NOT Max Haas’) so that he can fight and kill Nazis in perpetuity, but… the first thing we found out about this game, before it was even announced, is that it’s “fucking bananas”.

I’m definitely saying they saved BJ Blazcowicz’ head.

Two roads diverged in the woods

From the very beginning of The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins sets up an interesting dichotomy with Katniss and Gale. They come from very similar circumstances — same impoverished neighborhood, both lost their fathers in a tragic accident, both struggling to feed their families, both motivated by love for and loyalty to their families. From the first chapter of THG, Katniss and Gale are aligned in their discontent with the injustices of the Capitol regime. And yet, in chapter 1, Collins shows how the two diverge in their beliefs:

His rages seem pointless to me, although I never say so. It’s not that I don’t agree with him. I do. But what good is yelling about the Capitol in the middle of the woods? It doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t make things fair. It doesn’t fill our stomachs.

Although they have similar views on the Capitol, from the beginning, Gale has more of an outward-looking, political sensibility, while Katniss’ concerns are more pragmatic and personal, focused on her family and their circumstances. From the beginning of the trilogy, Katniss’ underlying motivation was to protect Prim.

You could argue that Collins may have created Gale as a sort of alter ego to Katniss. In addition to their strikingly similar circumstances, they even look alike: “He could be my brother. Straight black hair, olive skin, we even have the same gray eyes.” I feel the moral heart of The Hunger Games trilogy lies in Collins’ portrayal of how people choose to act in times of war. Katniss and Gale’s different paths and different choices will come into fuller focus in Catching Fire, but it’s interesting to see how Collins sets this up from the beginning. 

i love seeing the duality of neil’s frantic grasping at survival and his quiet acceptance of his own death. like he’s got his mother’s voice in him telling him to run at every turn, the secrets and the lies that he keeps as long as possible, but then you also get lines like these:

and neil’s entire character all year has been about him not wanting to die quietly. andrew’s first deal with neil, to let him stay, came entirely from neil’s jealousy of kevin and then this:

like obviously staying is a bad idea, and there are several stages where riko and then kevin find out who he is, and obviously that will get back to his father, but neil doesn’t run at any of those opportunities. and partly that bc of andrew’s deal, but it’s also bc neil’s already resigned himself to dying, so might as well do what he wants? like sure, neil still tries to stay hidden, but not very hard, and he’d stayed in millport an entire year, and he’d picked up exy again

so of course neil defends kevin on kathy ferdinand’s show. of course neil goes to evermore over christmas, and brutally drags the ravens and demands coach moriyama’s resignation and insults riko on live tv, and pokes and prods at andrew even when andrew threatens to kill him, and goes to baltimore for the foxes, and ignores the countdown. and of course he does all this without a second thought, because neil was always going to die at some point, so what would it matter if he died now vs in three months??

and his deal with andrew – of course neil trusts in his deal with andrew, he has nothing to lose. even if andrew breaks his deal along the way, or fails to protect neil, it’s no different than if neil didn’t have andrew’s protection. so of course he takes it, on the off chance that andrew might be the one thing capable of standing between him and his death, because that 1% chance of having everything he wanted is too hard to pass up

but for andrew, this is huge. for andrew, this is someone to keep kevin around (kevin who’d promised to give andrew a future), someone who trusts andrew’s deals when even his own brother ignored him, someone who pokes his nose in where he shouldn’t and makes andrew feel anger that isn’t directed inward, fear that isn’t at the edge of a roof, and if it means losing you, then no, and i’d drag you with me

i just think it’s fitting how neil, this poor boy who was going to die this year and might as well do something with it, meets andrew, this poor boy who’s going to live this year and might as well do something with it, and of course they see themselves in each other

and then baltimore comes, and suddenly neil’s not going to die anymore, but by then there’s already no going back

Privilege and Perspective in A Game of Thrones:
Jon Snow

I feel the need to start this analysis post with a huge disclaimer: I have only recently started reading A Game of Thrones. I have not watched the show, but through the wonder that is popular culture, I am aware of many of the bigger spoilers for both the books and show. 

So this bit of observation/analysis is pretty narrowly focused on just a small portion of the novel, specifically the two Jon sections as he is on the road toward and as he adjusts to life at The Wall. 

Jon’s identity as Ned Stark’s “bastard” son is established very quickly and very often. It’s clear that as a young teen, Jon is struggling with that aspect of his identity; the ways the rest of his family treat fall all over the spectrum from Arya’s blind adoration of the older brother who understands her best to Catelyn’s minimal tolerance. 

The arrival of the Lannisters and specifically, Tyrion, reinforce Jon’s awareness of his social station but also alter his perspective on that particular label: bastard. When Tyrion sees Jon struggling, he offers him advice:  

Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you. 

And then later:

Let them see that their words can cut you, and you’ll never be free of the mockery. If they want to give you a name, take it, make it your own. Then they can’t hurt you with it anymore. 

Tyrion encourages Jon not to hide or be ashamed of that label––bastard––because if he does, he is handing power over to others rather than keeping it for himself. In those immediate chapters, it is something Jon takes to heart and he demonstrates a bit more pride. 

When Jon has trouble with the other young men training for a life at The Wall, he is still working on incorporating Tyrion’s philosophy into his own. He takes offense less at being called bastard than at his unknown mother being referred to as a whore. And just as Tyrion offered Jon advice, the armorer offers Jon some insight of his own:

They hate you because you act like you’re better than they are. They look at you and see a castle-bred bastard who thinks he’s a lordling. […] You’re a bastard and a bully. […] You leave them nothing. You shame them. Does that make you proud? […] Now think on this, boy. None of these others have ever had a master-at-arms until Ser Alliser. Their fathers were farmers and wagonmen and poachers, smiths and miners and oars on a trading galley. What they know of fighting they learned between decks, in the alleys of Oldtown and Lannisport, in wayside brothels and taverns on the kingsroad. They may have clacked a few sticks together before they came here, but I promise you, not one in twenty was ever rich enough to own a real sword. […] So how do you like the taste of your victories now[?]

Despite the associations and limited position of being a bastard, Jon still enjoyed many privileges. 

Whether or not Jon as a character successfully incorporates both these perspectives/attitudes into himself to the point where they impact his behavior moving forward, I loved the way they were juxtaposed in these two chapters. It resonated with me, in part, because of the current political climate and discussions of intersectionality in the various minority rights movements. Take pride in what you are and don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed of it, but also don’t try to raise yourself up by knocking others down. You may be disenfranchised or discriminated against in one way but there still might be others in which you enjoy privilege. Recognize and acknowledge both so you can help others as well as yourself. 

~What's your favorite otome games/visual novel?~

Hello, everyone! I’m actually doing A algebra 2/math project on “data analysis and statistics”. I need to collect some data. I finally decided that I’m going to do otome games/visual novel. I tried to bring popular otome games and personal experience.  you guys can comment down below.

1. Alice In The Country Of Hearts

2. Amnesia 

3. Diabolik Lovers 

4. Ozmafia

5. Re: birthday song

Was the mockingjay a symbol of the rebellion before Katniss wore the pin in the games?

At first glance, Madge’s visit with Katniss after the reaping seems straightforward, but upon rereading — and knowing the importance of the mockingjay as a symbol of the rebellion — Collins’ description of the “urgency about [Madge’s] tone” feels much more freighted with significance. Also, it would appear that in her choice of words, Collins is signaling to the reader to take note of the pin (which had also appeared in chapter 1): “I hadn’t paid much attention to it before, but now I see it’s a small bird in flight.” (emphasis added)

As the scene unfolds in chapter 3, Madge presses Katniss to take it: 

“Here, I’ll put it on your dress, all right?” Madge doesn’t wait for an answer, she just leans in and fixes the bird that my dress. “Promise you’ll wear it to the arena, Katniss?” she asks. “Promise?” [emphasis added]

Why the urgency with Madge pinning the mockingjay on Katniss before she departs for the Capitol? And would Madge have known that the mockingjay had any association with the rebellion after the Dark Days? My feeling is that if Madge knew the mockingjay was associated with the rebellion in any way, in all likelihood, her father would’ve known it too. And if that were the case, Mayor Undersee almost certainly wouldn’t have allowed her to wear the pin on reaping day. (And that would be true even if he were a rebel sympathizer, because Madge wearing the pin could have dangerous repercussions for both of them.)

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Okay, so it’s really weirding me out that people are swearing that Jaal and Solas are so similar when they’re…not? They’re like night and day.

Beware, Jaal loyalty mission spoilers below.


-First of all, Solas is thousands of years old with obscure motivations and an even more obscure past. He is a veteran commander and spymaster, as well as an accomplished mage and dreamer. We don’t even know how powerful he is, but considering he was revered as a damned god, then I’d say pretty powerful. He joins the Inquisition to get his orb back, but we all know he had ulterior motives other than that. I really doubt he spent the entire time painting, reading books, sleeping, and staring at the breach. He probably was doing other things, like organizing his troops.

-Solas is manipulative and a liar. He revels in manipulation. It challenges his intelligence. It’s why he adores the politics of Orleasian court so much.

-Solas isn’t a very moral character. He doesn’t have the strong moral code that Jaal does. In fact, he murders his own friends if their use expires. If you romance him he basically says he’s probably going to destroy everything you love and maybe even kill you, too, which is extremely regretful to him, but he’s going to do it anyway. (I personally believe that you cannot ever regret something you’re GOING TO do, because if you really regretted it, you just WOULDN’T DO IT. Obviously he doesn’t really regret it THAT much. “I regret that I have to destroy your entire civilization and probably kill your friends, vehnan.” “You don’t have to kill them. Just don’t kill anyone or start another apocalypse. Just… don’t do it. It’s not hard. Look, I’m not even killing anyone right now. Very easy.” “So regretful. So sad.” ANYWAY.)

-Solas is very guarded and distrustful.

-Solas is xenophobic, racist, and elitist. He doesn’t even consider the Inquisitor a real person unless they agree with him. He asks you if the anchor had changed your personality in some way because you remind him of himself. If you disagree with him too much, he doesn’t think you are a person. He’s especially racist toward Qunari, humans, and dwarves. He even discriminates against elves, city and Dalish, going as far as calling them “not my people. ”

-Solas lives in the past. He wants to bring back a nearly extinct society because he can’t cope with the aftermath of a war he ended!

-Solas is trying to start an apocalypse and probably commit genocide.

-Solas enjoys things quietly and peacefully. When he’s happy, he is content.

-Solas is an excellent flirt and is very smooth.


-Jaal is a slightly green agent of the resistance. His role in your party is, at first, more like The Iron Bull’s is in Inquisition. He watches your movements, judges your intentions, and reports back to Efra. Then he befriends everyone and decides he wants to stay. After that, he has no motivation besides wanting to help you fight the Kett.

-Jaal is probably the least manipulative person?? He’s extremely honest and berates Ryder if they decide to be deceptive. Jaal very much does not like liars.

-Jaal has an extremely strong moral code that he abides to? And he’s loyal almost to a fault, and he strongly believes in the goodness of people. Do you think Solas would have trusted the Roekaar to disband after seeing Aksul shoot him? Can you imagine Solas acting AT ALL like Jaal had during that quest? Jaal was almost killed by Aksul, and he learned that Aksul was going to destroy one of the oldest relics of his people. Aksul turned his family and people against each other. Aksul’s people killed innocents. But Jaal let him live. Can you imagine Solas doing the same?

-Once Jaal gets to know you better, he’s very open about himself. He’s surprisingly open even in the beginning.

-What does Jaal say when he finds out about exaltation? “They are us.” With clear despair. He’s grieves them, and still considers them HIS people toward the end of the game, just twisted and enslaved by the Kett. Even though exalted Angara are the ones who killed his father. His siblings. His people. He doesn’t think that the Milky Way races aren’t people because they’re from another galaxy or because they have an extremely different culture. In fact, he’s overjoyed to learn about your race’s history and sayings. He bonds with the crew and tries to use slang. He definitely doesn’t other you if you romance him like Solas others the Inquisitor.

-Jaal explicitly states that he lives in the present.

-Jaal is living through an apocalypse and a foreign society is trying to genocide his people.

-Jaal is exuberant in his joy and loud in his affections. He literally shouts in joy at times.

-Jaal isn’t SMOOTH. Flirting flies right over his head. Other Angara talk about how dense he is when people flirt with him. He’s not smooth, what he is is genuine and forthcoming with his affection, which is seductive in it’s own right. I think that’s what people are mistaking for smoothness?

I’m actually really confused about what people are seeing, here. They seem like polar opposites. Is it just sarcasm when people say “They’re so alike!”? I think Jaal would be insulted to be compared with Solas at all, to be honest. If you guys would like to add to this list, please do. Those of you who think that they’re identical, feel free to explain why you say that, because I just don’t see it.

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I watched a video named "TF2 2007 and now" & my question what are the reasons why certain games gets downgraded during time?

For those curious, here is the video in question:

First, this is all speculation on my part. I don’t currently work for Valve, and definitely wasn’t around for the early TF2 years, so I really only have my guesses to go on. That said, think back to 2011, 4 years after TF2 launched. TF2 becomes a free to play game supported by microtransactions. Suddenly, certain elements of the game suddenly gain a lot of importance.

When you buy a game, you usually get a physical disc or a download code and have to download the entire game before playing it. The amount of time it takes to download that data isn’t very important - the publisher already has your money. However, with a F2P game that download time suddenly does matter - the longer the download goes on, the more likely person waiting for the game gives up and quits. The longer it takes to get to the fun part, the more likely the person waiting gives up and quits. Most F2P games today have broken their downloads up over time - there’s some kind of small initial download, and then some supplemental download that you get after running the first download and installing. Typically, you get a little gameplay with that first download and the rest of the data is streamed in the background while you play the tutorial.

In addition to this consideration, F2P games absolutely try to target as many players as possible. They purposely try to make sure the game can run on as broad a set of computers as possible in order to maximize their potential player and customer base. As such, this means that really high quality assets like animation and textures are downgraded by default in order to improve performance on midspec and minspec machines - because you don’t want people spending time downloading assets they mostly won’t be using. Instead, you can set aside high quality textures and such as a separate (free) download for the dedicated players who really want them and have already bought into the game. 

Clearly, some of TF2′s assets are less detailed. These were changes that was done deliberately - at some point in time, artists actually crafted new asset data for this. There’s a lot less animation data needed because there’s fewer moving parts. The specular maps on a lot of materials were turned down or simplified for higher compression. There were textures that were simplified and downgraded for more space. I suspect that it’s because of the game’s shift to F2P, both to reduce the download size and to help improve overall performance for mid and min spec players at the expense of the top end.

Got a burning question you want answered?

{Special} College!AU Shownu
  • major: statistics 
  • minor: business management 
  • sports: star quarterback of the uni’s football team!!! 
  • clubs: joined math club and at first everyone was like,,,,,are you in the right place??? but shownu was just like “i like math.” and opened up his stat textbook and started doing worksheets for fun. also it’s not a club, but he’s the RA of his dorm floor
  • first things first: everyone always gets the wrong impression of him. like,,,,,,,when they see him in the halls or walking on campus their first thought is like “oh. he’s totally an athlete.” which is correct,,,,but then they’re like “he got in on a sports scholarship,,,,,he probably isn’t that smart,,,,,,,doesn’t he rely only on his muscles?”
  • shownu is incredibly smart and when people ask what his major is, expecting to hear him say something like “undecided” shownu very calmly and clearly goes “statistics. mathematics is thrilling to me.” with the most serious expression
  • that if you didn’t know him all that well you’d think he was like??? mocking uptight math majors???? but he’s not,,,,,,,,,,he really actually loves math
  • and he’s so naturally gifted at it that he ended up having to do an independent study on probable theory because,,,,,probably theory I and II were too easy for him,,,,,,,
  • the stat teachers absolutely love him because he’s so forward and realistic about everything, he like,,,,,,,,he embodies math
  • i know that sounds funny to say given that he towers over everyone in his class, has shoulders as broad as the ocean, and can probably lift three desks up in one hand 
  • but the way he does things, methodically and without error,,,,,almost robotic,,,,,,is very,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Math
  • but don’t get me wrong, shownu has his charms
  • he’s actually super,,,,,like,,,,,,fatherly like he’s the parent friend of his group because he’s so realistic
  • but it can also be kind of funny because wonho and minhyuk will be talking about a party the sociology majors want to throw and shownu will be like “as long as everyone is back at the dorm by 11.”
  • and maybe it’s the RA in him speaking but minhyuk is just like “shownu,,,,,it’s a party,,,,,,it starts at 11 not ends at 11″ and shownu is like “that isn’t a good idea if you have morning class. don’t you have morning class minhyuk? i would recommend you not go to the party, you get grouchy with no sleep.”
  • and he means it with the best intentions but he sounds like a dad from a movie policing his young son and minhyuk is like I DO NOT GET GROUCHY and wonho is laughing his ass off like minhyuk,,,,,,shownu’s right you’ll just throw a fit in the morning and minhyuk is like no wonho not you too what are you my parenTS
  • it’s also really cute that shownu loves to like,,,,do housework. he’s pretty good at cooking (he calls his mom when he needs a recipe or hyungwon bothers him enough to get him to cook something specific) and he likes keeping things clean
  • sometimes people find him with his glasses on, studying a cookbook that’s called like ‘housewives homey hotpot recipes’ wearing an apron he got as a gift from jooheon and it’s just,,,,,,,endearing
  • because under that he’s got like sweats on with a fitted t-shirt and there’s his muscles,,,,,,you know Being Big 
  • one of the football players on the team joked that shownu should bake some cookies for them if they won the nationals and when they did shownu actually baked a whole bunch of them
  • and they were really good
  • even the coach complimented them
  • and like no offense but whoever said boys can’t be athletic but also adorable-y good at frosting cookies into the shape of little footballs was a liar. shownu exists 
  • most often, when no one is looking, shownu can let himself go a little and like im not saying he breaks out into song in the middle of his dorm dancing to shakira’s hips don’t lie like there’s no tomorrow
  • but if ioi’s pick me comes up on the TV and no one is around to watch like,,,,,,,,,,perhaps he does the choreography JUST A BIT 
  • shownu doing the pick me dance while flipping pancakes though anyWAY
  • he’s an all-around amazing student, athlete, and friend. like he can juggle practicing for a game, data analysis homework, and making sure changkyun doesn’t bring anything from lab into his dorm all at once,,,,,,,,we should all strive to be students like him
  • calls his mom every weekend and tells her everything he did to the last detail like,,,,,,,,,what an actual big soft teddy bear
  • but yes you,,,,,,,,,don’t know shownu at all really. like the mathematics department is far from your department and you’ve never really crossed paths with him
  • you have seen his photo all over the school website, seeing as though he’s always there in some article about football
  • and you don’t really care, even though every one of your friends is always going on about how dreamy of man the star quarterback of the uni really is
  • but you don’t have much time, you’ve been juggling a whole bunch of schoolwork and whatnot that dating,,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,,,what,,,,,,,,,,,is that,,,,
  • plus big guys into sports were always loud and too self confident (from what you saw in movies) so you weren’t exactly interested in getting to know more about him
  • speaking of juggling a lot,,,,,you also had another worry on your mind aside from school work and that happened to be the stray kitten you’d found outside the uni’s library over a week ago
  • luckily the weather had been nice and clear so you’d been able to safely sneak over to feed the little kitten during the night 
  • always apologizing to it that you couldn’t take it inside with you, your RA would have your neck if you got caught with an animal
  • but see,,,,,,,this weekend it was supposed to rain. like,,,,,,really hard
  • there was a weather alert on all the roadways and people with saturday classes were all whining about how they’d have to make a dash through the storm to get across campus for class
  • but all your mind fixated on was,,,,,,,,the kitten in that little flimsy cardboard box wouldn’t last out in such heavy rain
  • so even if your RA found out,,,,you were sure that maybe MAYBE you could smuggle the little guy in through your hoodie and keep him inside until the rain passed. then you planned on putting up posters to see if anyone had lost him
  • so, on the evening before the big weekend storm you threw on the biggest hoodie you can find, take some canned cat food as bait, and go out to collect the little guy 
  • thankfully when you got there it looked like no one had yet found him,,,, you could hear his little mewing from the box and you were like hey!!! im glad you’re ok, taking out the food and opening it up
  • but before you could put the can into the box you felt someone behind you, their shadow towering over yours and you froze
  • “what are you doing?”
  • they asked slowly and you were like shit ,,,,,,,shit is it an RA??? slowly you turned and in the slight darkness you couldn’t see exactly who it was
  • but then the person was leaning over, their big hand going toward the box with the kitten 
  • and you grabbed their hand, trying to wrench it away but,,,,,,,,,,,,,you literally couldn’t it was like grabbing a wall why heck were they so strong??
  • but they weren’t shaking you off either and when you locked eyes with this huge, strong person you were like wait -
  • what
  • and the boy looking back at you,,,,,,you’d seen that face before but where,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,SHOWNU???
  • and he blinks, looking down at your hand still around his wrist and you’re like UM and you drop it and you’re like “plEASe,,,,,,don’t take the kitten away the storm tomorrow is coming and i just want to keep it safe please don’t hu,,,,,,hurt it,,,,,”
  • and shownu tilts his head and he’s like “hurt it? i was going to take it back to my dorm.”
  • and you’re like ??????? excuse me no I was going to take it back to my dorm
  • but you’re not about to say that to this tall, muscular man 
  • and you’re like “o-oh,,,,,,,,well i,,,,i also,,,,,want,,,,,,wanted,,,,,to take it,,,,,,um,,,,,,,”
  • and you kind of shuffle a bit, feeling uncomfortable because again : you’re alone with this person who could overpower you and it’s just natural to be afraid
  • but then you see shownu carefully pick up the kitten, sitting back on his knees and holding it against his chest
  • and it’s so tiny,,,,,,,,it fits into his palm
  • and he’s like “i didn’t know someone else knew about him” and you’re like,,,,,oh ive known for a week,,,,,,but i didn’t know if i should bring him to a shelter or if someone lost him so,,,,,
  • and shownu nods and he’s like “would it be better if i took him or you” and you’re like “how much of an micromanager is your RA?” and shownu is “im the RA of my floor”
  • and shownu can tell by the look on your face when he gets up is one that clearly says ‘i don’t want to part ways with this adorable kitten’ 
  • and so he puts out his hand and he’s like “,,,,,,,,wanna hold him a bit”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,yes,,,,and you cuddle the little guy up to your chest and you’re like “oh, take this!” and you use your free hand to pass shownu the cat food you’d brought along and you’re like “that way you don’t have to buy another one for tomorrow ^^”
  • and since it’s dark and you’re cooing at the kitten you don’t see how shownu holds the can, looking up at you rather softly because of how sweet that was of you
  • but when you pass him the kitten back you sigh and you’re like “ill trust you with him, but after the storm,,,,,,,i was thinking of making lost flyers for him or something,,,,”
  • shownu doesn’t say anything, but he nods.
  • opening up his hoodie, you see that he’s got a white sleeveless tank under it and once again there are those damn muscles everyone always drooling about
  • ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and they do look nice,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • aNYWAy 
  • and he like puts the kitten in the pocket of the tank and you’re like it’s so small it fits or maybe it’s because the shirt is large because shownu is large???? whatever he’s the math major here
  • and you’re like “,,,,,,,,,ill be going then”
  • and shownu is like “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,after the storm,,,,,you’ll see him again”
  • and you don’t know if he’s like offering for you to come and see the kitten or if he’s just making a statement but suddenly some of the fear and nervousness you had about him and his ,,,, largeness,,,,, is gone
  • like,,,,,,,,,,,you can’t believe this but is shownu,,,,,,,the shownu from the football team who you’d assume would be cocky and mean,,,,,,,,is actually a Softie
  • (ding ding ding HE IS A SOFTIE)
  • and although you spend the weekend trying to finish up an essay and a project proposal ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,shownu holding that small kitten in his arms keeps flashing through your memory
  • and on monday you can’t help but subconsciously look for him everywhere, even making a purposeful trip toward the math department
  • when suddenly, just as you’re about to give up and head to dorms you feel someones hand on your shoulder
  • and you nEARLY juMP out of your skin with shock but then you hear a familiar, slightly monotone voice go
  • “the kitten is ok, do you want to see him?”
  • and you turn to see shownu, dressed up in a suit, hair slicked back and a briefcase in his other hand and you’re like,,,,,,,????????? 
  • and you can’t help but be like “a-are you going to work?”
  • and he’s like “my minor is business management. there was a mock interview today.”
  • and you’re like OH,,,,,,fancy,,,,,,but also why is that suit so fitted ok not the point the kitten THE KITTEN
  • and you’re like “where is he? did you put him back near the library?”
  • and shownu shakes his head and motions for you to follow him and you figure out quite quickly that you’re going over to the dorms and you’re like ??? “is the kitten still in your room”
  • and shownu, who heads for the stairs of his building nods and you’re like gdi the elevators work fine but ok
  • and when you get to his room, the door is open and you’re surprised to see that the room is really clean,,,,,,,,,like way cleaner than your dorm
  • and shownu sets down the briefcase and takes off the jacket, rolling up the sleeves of his white button down 
  • and you’re like,,,trying not to stare, looking at everything else except him
  • and he pulls the little cardboard box off his desk and into his lap and picks the kitten up and you can see that the little guy is happy
  • meowing out loud and nuzzling its tiny face against shownu’s hand
  • and shownu holds it out and he’s like “here”
  • and you take the kitten, sitting down on the bed beside him and you’re like “it looks like he’s gaining weight!!! im so happy he’s healthy,,,,,”
  • and you see from the corner of your eye, a small smile tug at shownu’s lips
  • and then you see how the corners of his eyes crinkle just a bit along with the happy expression on his face
  • and wow ok everything you said before about not finding him adorable ,,,,,, weLL ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • but you’re startled when you hear someone come in and another boy is like “oh hyung, am i interrupting something?”
  • and shownu gets up and he’s like “jooheon, this is the other person who took care of the stray with me”
  • and you put down the kitten to introduce yourself to jooheon who looks you up and down and then shifts his eyes to shownu
  • and he’s like quiet for a moment before going “,,,,,,,,,,,,are you two a thing?”
  • and you’re like WHAT and shownu, with no change in expression is like “what do you mean?”
  • and jooheon looks to you for an answer (since his hyung is really so damn dense) and you’re like “n-n-n-no we just met on friday,,,,im just here to see the kitten,,,,,,”
  • and jooheon, who seemingly has a sparkle in his eye is like “huh, so how do you like shownu?” and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he’s??????/nice
  • and shownu is like why are you asking them that
  • and jooheon just shrugs, shoving his hands into his pockets and he’s like “that kitten is lucky to have two caring parents like you”
  • and you’re like PARENTS and shownu is like “kittens can’t have human parents”
  • and jooheon is like i gtg see minhyuk and kihyun right now immediately and you’re like who???? and jooheon is already gone as shownu sits back down on the bed and is like “he’s going to go gossip, ignore it”
  • and you’re like gossip???? about????/ us???????? oh my g OD??
  • but shownu is back to mindlessly playing with the kitten and tbh who cares about anything when there is a kitten involved
  • and somehow at the end of this, you find yourself with shownu’s number in your phone and you guys agree on planning someway to get this kitten back to their owners or to a good shelter
  • and you find yourself texting him,,,,,,,,,,about other things as well
  • maybe it’s because one day he asks ‘have you eaten’ and you end up asking about his mock interviews and stat homework
  • and shownu isn’t much of a talker, his texts are rather short and to the point too
  • but ,,,,,,,,,,,,, shownu is an extremely good caretaker
  • like whenever you’re over to see the kitten and work on making flyers with him
  • shownu makes sure you’re not hungry or too cold or too hot and if he plays music he keeps the volume low so as to not disturb you and he’s always telling you to sit at his desk and work on a flyer while he takes the uncomfortable floor
  • and he even starts to pick up on your habits like,,,,,you always forget your phone under your bag before you leave and he’s gotten into routine of picking it up off the desk and slipping it into your bag before you go
  • and he tells you that he bought the same brand of cat food you get for the kitten since you always bring it over
  • and then he tells you to work hard for your test coming up that you told him like a week ago
  • and shownu,,,,,before he even knows it himself jooheon is sitting with him in the dorm one night as shownu is finishing up the last flyer of his
  • and jooheon is like “you really like them right?”
  • and shownu is like “they’re a kind person”
  • and jooheon rolls his eyes and is like “yes, but you like them,,,,,,,a lot.”
  • and shownu stops coloring and he’s like “no i don’t.”
  • and jooheon nearly drops his phone on his face laughing and he’s like “hyung, you’re literally drawing cartoon kittens for this person and you even bought snacks that they like for when they come over. you like them.”
  • shownu kind of just looks down at the coloring pencil in his hand. ‘lost cat’ written in bold letters, clumsy kitten faces he’s been trying to get better at drawing scribbled across the paper
  • and he’s like,,,,,,,,,,oh
  • and you don’t want to admit it to yourself but god you even find yourself looking over at the football field as you’re walking past it to get off campus and go into the city to hang up flyers
  • and you can hear the coach yell from so far away and,,,,,,you can see him. shownu,,,,,in his uniform running across the field
  • and he looks amazing in the uniform and you’re like “Get IT TOGETHER” @ yourself 
  • and you focus on putting up the flyers
  • but that night you get a text for shownu and it’s like “were you ok today?”
  • and you’re like yeah!! i put up a lot of flyers but there’s some more left over that i want to put around campus too
  • and shownu texts back that he’ll help you and that you guys should meet at 1 tomorrow
  • and you get up immediately because right. you need to wear something nice,,,,,,,or do you,,,,,,,,,,,it’s just shownu,,,,,,,,,,,,but,,,,,
  • and you get back into bed and you’re like it’s nothing. you two are just hanging out because of this kitten that’s it
  • but when you see shownu waiting for you, leaning against the wall of the library in casual ripped up jeans, white t-shirt and bedhead hair you’re like oooooohhhhh here we go again with my heart skipping a beat and whatnot
  • and you go around campus with him and people are doing doubletakes, but shownu seems used to the attention and you get the remaining flyers up when suddenly shownu is like “we should put one up there at the top of the bulletin but i can’t reach”
  • and you’re like well if you can’t reach neither can i
  • and shownu is like “get on my shoulders.”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hold up 
  • and he’s like crouching down and patting his back and you’re turning a bit red
  • and you’re like “i,,,,,,don’t think-”
  • but he’s seriously not getting back up and you’re like, taking a breath and you’re like ok. it’ll be fast,,,,,
  • but wow ok getting on his shoulders and feeling his strong arms lock around you safely like GOD dammit why is he a perfect strong person
  • and you tape up the flyer and shownu lets you down so gently
  • and you’re just so embarrassed and flustered and shownu is like “we’re all done.”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,  “th–thank you for,,,,,,,all your help” and shownu is like “we found him together, we should take care of him together”
  • and you’re like TO g,,,,ether,,,,but you’re also like yeah!!!! but in your head you’re like after we find his owner though,,,,won’t that together not be important anymore??
  • but shownu puts down his head suddenly and he’s like “jooheon told me something funny.”
  • and you’re like ??? “like a joke?” and shownu is still not looking up at you and he’s like 
  • “,,,,,,,,he told me i liked you”
  • and you’re like OH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,um do you?
  • and shownu, running his hand through his hair picks up his head and is like ,,,,,,,,,,, “would that be alright?”
  • and he looks like a little shy kitten himself, his shy smile, his usually hard to read expression soft and his voice shaking just ever so slightly even though it’s usually deep and clear
  • and you want to be like is it alright????? it’s great????? it’s the best thing in the WORLD
  • but you’re also like i need to compose myself and you’re like “of course, is it,,,,,,alright if i like you too?”
  • and shownu straightens up, nodding slowly and you’re like WELL,,,,,that’s good it’s alright for both of us that’s,,,,a+,,,,,
  • but then you feel shownu’s hand against your cheek and you’re like oh what is he- is he going to kiss-
  • but before he can even lean in he stops and is like “no no no we shouldn’t in public”
  • and you stop for a second before bursting into giggles because fkhdsd how is he so shy and proper ,,,, it’s college everyone’s practically in each others pants all the time but,,,,,,,,it’s nice
  • and when shownu and you get back to his dorm, shownu announces that he’s going to kiss you for real this time
  • and you’re like you don’t have to say it,,,,you can just do it and he’s like im sorry i just wanted to check and you’re like ksdhgjfs how are you SO CUTE
  • and you feel so safe and protected when he pulls you into his arms by your waist and nuzzles his nose against yours before softly pressing his lips to your own
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,wow,,,,,,,,,he’s so,,,,,,,,careful with how he kisses it’s like he doesn’t want to break you
  • and you literally have to be the one to take the lead and shownu when he pulls back has got wide eyes and you’re like “too much??” but he just shakes his head and leans in again
  • jooheon walks in on you two basically making out and he’s like “i KNEW IT” and you want to say something but shownu is too busy telling jooheon to get out while also trying to pull your shirt back down
  • and it’s a mess
  • but do believe the entire campus knows two seconds later that you and shownu are an Item
  • mostly because jooheon looked so giddy that kihyun was just like “oh shownu is dating now?” and jooheon was like HOW DID YOU KNOW I DIDNT EVEN SAY ANYTHING
  • and kihyun was like ur face gave it away loser
  • and you get a flurry of texts from literally everyone you know on campus demanding you tell them the story of how you met and how in the world you scored THE QUARTERBACK of the uni’s basketball team
  • and you’re like “we meet,,,,,,,because we’re both good people also yes he’s the quarterback but did you know he’s a stat major and also a pretty ok cook he’s actually a lot more than just a buff dude appreciate my MAN”
  • and you both still concentrate on hoping to find the owner of the lost kitten,,,,and it’s only after you get a call from a very VERY happy mother saying she’d been looking for her daughters kitten who managed to escape only days after they’d brought her home
  • do you and shownu succeed in your mission to save the kitten and celebrate with a cute date to the nearby diner were you sit beside him, his arm around your shoulder and you feed him fries and you guys look through the pictures you’d taken of the kitten before you gave him back to the mom
  • and shownu has a lot of games thanks to how popular the uni’s football team is and even though you’ve never been a big fan of the sport - you go whenever you can and watch shownu intently, getting worked up when he falls over or gets tackled
  • and when you see him after, you practically push through the crowds to get to him
  • and when you do, he has to literally catch you because you’re like “are you hurt???? im so worried that tackle looked so painful???”
  • and shownu just smiles, kissing your forehead and telling you he’s fine
  • but shownu does the same with you,,,,,tbh if he doesn’t see you for a week and you finally meetup just to cuddle under the blankets and study for your classes you hear him whisper against your hair
  • that you’re so important, and that not having you near him makes him feel like he can’t be completely calm
  • that you relax him, with kisses to his lips that remind him that you’re ok
  • and it’s minhyuk who remembers you and shownu’s 100th day and he gets everyone together to throw you guys a surprise party
  • and you and shownu both have no clue until you walk into the common room and the lights come up and there’s wonho in a party hat, kihyun throwing confetti in your face and hyungwon holding a cake. jooheon puts headbands with hearts on them on your head and changkyun puts on some sappy love song and everyone is chanting that you two kiss
  • and you’re both like “we forgot today was our 100th dat” and minhyuk is like LMAO BUT I DIDNT NOW KISS wonho get the camera ready
  • and it’s cute you and shownu kiss, getting embarrassed because it’s infront of everyone while jooheon is like “they didn’t look that embarrassed when i walked in on the- ok hyung please don’t kill mE”
  • and you guys are supposed to cut the cake but you get some icing on shownu’s cheek and he puts some on your nose
  • and you guys even up with a mess
  • but it’s fun, all your friends and his friends are there supporting you
  • and, like the good RA he is, shownu ends the party before midnight and minhyuk is like “dammit i wanted to karoke love will go on for you two but whatever”
  • and once everyone is gone jooheon ‘casually’ lets shownu know that he’ll be staying over at minhyuk’s place tonight
  • and shownu is holding you as you’re together in his dorm,,,,and you’re like “a good RA should tell me i can’t be here,,,,,,,,” and shownu is like “i don’t want to be a good RA, right now”
  • and tbh,,,,,,shownu is strong and looks like he could break wood with his hand but his touch is literally the most tender,,,,,,compassionate,,,,,feeling
  • and his lips over yours makes you feel that he’s kissing a treasure, something so sacred and important
  • and you really feel connected to him because shownu never lets your hand go
  • and after he’s kissing up your jaw, pushing your hair back from your sweaty forehead
  • and you just can’t with how amazing he is you literally get on top and start kissing him again and shownu is like!!!!!!!!!!! but he isn’t going to say no,,,,,,,he really loves your enthusiasm
  • and you wear shownu’s jersey as a joke one day but shownu seriously gets addicted to the sight and keeps trying to get you to wear it again
  • and you guys aren’t a PDA, loud couple you’re just subtle and caring and shownu prioritizes you like the angelic boyfriend he is
  • and you’ll be like “oh i really crave korean food” and shownu will be like “korean food it is” and changkyun is like “i want burger-” and shownu is like “korean food changkyun, korean. food.”
  • and you’re like im sorry to changkyun as shownu takes your hand and changkyun is just like,,,,,,,we’re not shownu’s number ones anymore sniffles
  • even if you don’t do sports you got a matching tracksuit with shownu and he would most definitely be like “let’s start working out together”
  • except his routine could kill any normal person and so you’re like “please spare me, but i will try my best”
  • shownu really loves going to the beach but everytime you guys go as a group he’s like “wear a hoodie”
  • and you’re like “it’s 90 degrees out”
  • and shownu is like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “still. put a towel over yourself” and you’re like oh my god
  • studies his stat homework in his sleep and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,, shownu please shush
  • the kind of boyfriend where even if you burnt all the food you made him he’d eat it with a smile and ask for more and you’re his absolute everything. you’re his warmth
  • (literally called you the warmth of his heart and hyungwon was like bro,,,,,that’s so poetic,,,,,,,,,,,i never knew you had it in you) 

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