“Um, excuse me, why does the sky looks so stretched out? I feel like I’m going to puke”

“My apologies, Mr. President, I forgot to turn “Stretch Short Skies” off. Mind if we switch to GZDoom so you can look upwards more comfortably?“

"Yeah, yeah, sure. I just want to kill demons already.”


NISA localizing new game by Harvest Moon creator ⊟

Tentatvely titled Birthdays, the Toybox (Yasuhiro Wada)/Arc System Works collab is about creating miniature worlds, maintaining the environments to allow life to grow and evolve. It’s very cute.

It’s out in Japan in January on PS4. It’ll be out in North America and Europe… sometime. 


It’s certainly been remarked upon before, but Overwatch is really hitting the resurrection theme hard, isn’t it?

I mean, among the core cast you’ve got:

  • characters who were erroneously believed to be dead (Ana, Soldier 76)
  • characters who’ve been raised from death in some fashion (Bastion, Mei)
  • characters whose aesthetics evoke pop culture icons of the risen dead (Reaper/vampire, Tracer/ghost, Widowmaker/zombie)
  • Mercy literally running around resurrecting people

It’d probably be a reach to tie all of the cast strongly into that theme, but you could probably make the argument for a solid majority of them.


SMASH + GRAB is the new anarchy-filled multiplayer game from United Front Games (Creators of Sleeping Dogs), that allows The Warriors-esque themed teams of players to beat the crap out of each other and smash storefronts as they attempt to be the first to loot $50,000 worth of goods.

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