Actual gathering is magic behind “Magic, the gathering,”

The digital experience is trying to mirror the best, most social qualities that come naturally with real-world play. But none of it quite lives up to face-to-face gaming. Digital gaming conventions  offer face-to-face tournaments because it’s just human nature to want that personal interaction, that face-to-face interaction, especially getting together with your friends.

Via Fast Company

There is a lot of buzz about “gamification”, in which video-game mechanisms are used to give people extra motivation for mundane tasks - from paying bills online to recycling garbage. Facebook’s “like” is an action button for social interaction. A twitter count is a high-score table for influence. Video-game mechanisms are added to our lives every day, even if we never play games. It’s important we recognise what that means: new motivations, appetites, even addictions, are engineered into every moment of our lives.
—  Bennett Foddy, How I Feed Your Addictive Cravings - Wired UK September 2011, 61