“Journey through the Ages.”It would be great to have you out to support the Africa World Museum during the National Black Arts Festival. African Art Exhibition, Clearance Sale and Auction JOIN US Saturday July 16, 2011 at 145 Nassau ST Atlanta, GA 30303 at 12pm-9pm. Chief Tunde is the Africa Cultural Ambassador and he is curator of 50,000 art works and pieces plus artifacts of Black descent from around the world.  This will be a great cultural and funding event. TELL a Friend, Better yet BRING ONE!


Hahaha bae still playin but he on to destiny know

To Sample or Not to Sample? That is the Question

Here, Damian Marley and Nas collaborate on sampling African music.

Sampling has several definitions, but the one used most commonly in music today is the practice of taking a section of previously recorded music, such as a piano run, guitar riff or a horn flourish, and inserting it into a new recording, often with some modification and in a loop. The use of samples in music can vary. Some samples are identical reproductions of a familiar section of a popular song set to a new style of music. Examples of this approach are MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This,” Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby,” and Kid Rock’s “American Badass,” which sample excerpts from Rick James’ “Superfreak,” Queen’s “Under Pressure,” and Metallica’s “Sad But True” respectively.

At the opposite end of the sampling spectrum are artists who approach the practice as a sort of musical collage, an established practice in the visual arts, where artists modify a sample, such as a change pitch or tempo, and combine it with a number of other samples to create a wholly unique sound or atmosphere. Sometimes people refer to this as “chopping samples”. DJ Premier, The Beastie Boys, Nine Inch Nails, and Beck often use samples in this way.

For the rest of this article check out iSupport Digital Magazine’s “To Sample or not to Sample”.

Rochester, New York. @GAMFace the eXclusive and the @UpStateCats Rock the High School

Rochester, New York. @GAMFace the eXclusive and the @UpStateCats Rock the High School

The @UpStateCats musical duo is a fusion of ‪#‎HipHop‬ and ‪#‎Reggae‬. Rochester, NY raised, the UpState Team felt the call to inspire uplift and encourage the youth of our Home Town. I @GAMFaceto felt a force leading back the area at the same time. The link was made and as in ‪#‎GAMFace‬ fashion i documented the new staple in Black History 2015. Live from Robert Brown High school aka Edison…

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Washington DC, It’s finally here because you DEMANDED IT!

“RZA vs/ DJ Premier”. - Round 2 of the Producer battle series. @ 1920DC

Reluctant Yuppie INC. proudly presents:

DJ KAYO and BRO DJ are on deck for this one.

Two of Hip Hop’s most influential beatsmiths of ALL TIME!!! RZA vs. Primo

RZA- The king of chopped and slowed up samples and the master of crafting pojects to fit the identity of his artists’ concepts. As the backbone of the Wu-Tang Clan, RZA’s signature sound catapulted him to the forefront of impactful beat makers. A string of flawless work from the early 90’s well into the 2000’s. From Enter the WU, to the Purple Tape, to Liquid Swords, to Wu Tang Forever, to a handful of film scores and so on…his work from 92-2002 puts him in a class of his own,

DJ PREMIER- The epitome of the NYC sound. - A pioneer in Jazz Sampling, hook scratches, and gritty base loops. . One of the kings of Boom Bap Production. He helped craft and defined the score of the Tru Skool era by providing a street touch to so many classic albums….stemming from his Gangstarr days to his work with several others thrughout his 20 plus year career.

Bring out the neck braces for this one…Nothing but the bangers, the sleepers, the hits, and the greatests- RZA and DJ Premier’s production for an ENTIRE NIGHT!!!!

Place to be: 1920DC - 1920 9th st. NW Washington DC
TIME: 10pm-3am


Metro: Green/Yellow line- U street Cardoza/Memorial station

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Reluctant Yuppie INC. 2012

Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it !Hebrews 13:2 NLT GAMFace

The Atlanta Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce invites you to network with us today. Free open to public at the Microsoft Store in Lenox 11am-12:30pm


You pay more for what you don’t know… Technology helps you stay in the Know and the Know How!

Determining the best technology solutions for your business can be an expensive and time-consuming IT investment. However, when a company selects the right Enterprise Resource solutions that meets current and requirements and it is implemented

properly, it is well worth that investment.

To ensure that your company is reaping the benefits of the latest technology, you should take these actions:

 ● Prepare a thorough business case.

● Estimate and track ROI.

● Familiarize yourself with all solution based application features to best meet your industry needs

● Create a group of users that can keep the lines of communications

open between users, businesses and IT.

● Do your homework and develop a Business Intelligence Team of professionals.

To help guide you through this process the AMBCC has develop a series of workshops designed to help entrepreneurs increase productivity and their enterprise resource planning capabilities.

 The SYCNing of applications help standardized and accelerate business processes which contribute to the visibility necessary to run your business well and grow revenue and profits.

 To help guide you through this process the AMBCC MCAT Team has partnered with the Microsoft Store and develop a series of workshops designed to help entrepreneurs increase productivity and their enterprise resource planning capabilities.

Everybody Think They Can Rap Remix
  • Everybody Think They Can Rap Remix
  • GAMFace
  • Dream Come True

This is the Remix of my GAMFace’s own recording of this track. The concept stemmed from a freestyle session and an instinctive reaction to a rhyme. So here is GAMFace’s ‘Everybody think they can RAP’ the Remix Ft #Raynard, #JawsofLife, #HellzYea, #StefantheScientist242, #JayBootheBully, #tadalive, #AfricaAllah… Beat by #neph150 Mixed by #DaLioness