Gishath, Sun’s Avatar - By Bontu the Fabulous!

Hi! Before we begin, lemme tell you a little story. Day 1 of prerelease, my friend Marcel and I made a bet. Whoever pulled Gishath, Sun’s Avatar, would be forced to run Nayasaurs prerelease. If it was foil, we joked, we would build an EDH deck around it. Of course… First prerelease pack, Foil Gishath. And now, here we are, my completed deck. As a sidenote, there will be cards that can fit in multiple places, so they will reappear multiple times.


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My Top 10 Favorite Caps Moments of the Season Thus Far

As it is a Thursday, there’s no game today, and I am deliberately procrastinating, I have decided to make a countdown post of my top 10 favorite Caps moments of the season up until this point.

Disclaimer: these moments probably won’t be the actual best moments of the season, as I’ve forgotten a lot of important ones and have a bias towards things that have happened more recently. But I’m doing this for enjoyment and I hope that you enjoy it too.

I will be including a countdown of the moments, including a link to the video (I can’t embed the video cause I’m not that tech savvy) and a screencap. Now here we go.

10. Marcus Johansson’s overtime gamewinner in Chicago (11/11/16 at CHI)

In the first half Mojo enjoyed the sweet taste of the overtime goal. This one was made especially sweet by it being against the Hawks, and for TJ Oshie inexplicably tripping over his own skates and subsequently tripping a Chicago player, allowing Mojo to bang the winner home.

9. All of the times Andre Burakovsky scored the first goal of the game (1/15/17 vs PHI, 1/16/17 at PIT, 1/19/17 at STL, 1/21/17 at DAL)

I love my boy so much. In the recent weeks my boy got into a stretch where he really wanted to be the first one to score a goal. So much so that he was the first goal scorer in four straight games. I’m so proud of him look at him go. Go look at all his goals they’re all so beautiful.

8. TJ Oshie’s shootout goal that wasn’t actually in the shootout (2/1/17 vs BOS)

Oh my LAWD. TJ Oshie, the master of the shootout, got a nice pass from Backstrom and a breakaway and forgot that it was regulation time and not the shootout. He made Tuukka Rask look absolutely silly and I cried ‘cause it was beautiful.

7. Philipp Grubauer’s ridiculous save against Tyler Seguin (1/21/17 at DAL)

Holy frickin cow Grubauer absolutely robbed Tyler Seguin in arguably the best save of the entire year. My jaw dropped so hard, Grubi saved my life with this save.

6. Alex Ovechkin’s hat trick against the Blues (11/23/16 vs STL)

I love Ovi and I love hat tricks. What’s better than an Ovi hat trick? All three of these goals were beautiful and they should all be watched many times.

5. Tom Wilson’s fight against Brett Ritchie in Dallas (1/21/17 at DAL)

The Caps haven’t done much fighting this year, but Tom Wilson had himself a nice fight in Dallas. Actually, it wasn’t anywhere near Willy’s best right, but he still bloodied up this guy’s entire face and it was amazing.

4. Evgeny Kuznetsov’s ridiculous goal in Montreal (1/9/17 at MTL)

I do not exaggerate when I say that Kuzy saved my life with this goal. When I was watching this game I was having a crap day, and he scored to put the Caps up. What a beautiful classic Kuzy goal.

3. The Dmitry Orlov hit on Matt Duchene (10/18/16 vs COL)

I AM STILL NOT OVER THIS HIT. I WILL NEVER BE OVER THIS HIT. This is the best damn hit I have ever seen. Matt Duchene was fuckin launched into orbit. Matt Duchene is yet to have landed. Everytime I think about this hit I can’t stop smiling because it is THAT GOOD.

2. Nicklas Backstrom’s 500th assist (1/7/17 at OTT)

I have lots of love for Nicklas Backstrom. He got his 500th career assist, the most in Caps history (and also the first Cap to ever do that of course). He doesn’t get nearly enough recognition for what he does, but on this night he did. You can just see the glee on Ovi’s face. You go, Nick Backstrom. Let the NHL know why we love you so much.

1. Alex Ovechkin’s 1000th point (1/11/17 vs PIT)

Really, how could this not be number 1? I almost cried when I saw it was in the stars for Ovi to get his 1000th point at home against the Penguins. And he did it in under a minute. Holy cow I love Alex Ovechkin and it’s an honor to be watching a legend.

Honorable mentions: Any OT winner, any TJ Oshie shootout goal, any Andre Burakovsky goal, any shorthanded goal, that Karl Alzner slapshot (feat. Justin Williams breakaway)(1/1/17 vs OTT), the Orlov to Kuzy goal (11/23/16 vs STL), the Orlov goal against Pittsburgh (11/16/16 vs PIT), any shutout, the sweet Jay Beagle goal (11/18/16 vs DET), the fantastic Ovi-Oshie-Nicky passing sequence (1/13/17 vs CHI), Ovi’s fake-slapshot to give Nisky the easiest goal ever (1/15/17 vs PHI), breaking the streak (1/5/17 vs CBJ)

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Brady to Cooks for the gamewinner is jiust as insane every next time you watch it.