me deciding to get overwatch because even my nonpvp friends bought it: -watches character playstyle vids- I WANNA PLAY MERCY SO BAD.

me being a mercy main after getting the game:
me: :D
pharah: hello
pharah: lets keep the skies clear– together.
me: -clutches caduceus staff tightly- ❤️ :u


Medic a Nazi?

I just realized something. Some people say that the Medic is a nazi or a nazi sympathiser, (btw at most he fought because he had no choice)But in a annoying way it is hard to argue that he isn’t. But when you have literally 1/3 of your gametime as medic, it is hard to not try to find a way he isn’t. And while I do not have any proof he isn’t, I realized something. In the Meet the Medic songs A Little Heart to Heart and Archimedes, one instrument is used as the main theme, a klezmer clarinet. The klezmer, while occasionally being used in obscure jazz bands, is also mainly famous as the claranet of choice for JEWISH bar mitzvahs. So while it is weak evidence, I think it was intentional.

headcanonfortress: its all up to interpretation. its important to remember that the characters are based on stereotypes from the 60s. after ww2 america hired pretty much every scientist/doctor… nazis included. and thats were the idea of his character comes from. Medic is based off the stereotype of that…. and of Victor Frankenstein. a little of both. but its hard to ignore the nazi part. however, personally i choose to not have him be a nazi, hard as it is to ignore the possibility that he may be.

@ everyone reblogging my duplicate legendary tracer screenshot with shit like ‘you lucky bastard!!!’: mcfuck off, all i ever wanted from this event was my boy lúcio in his national colors, swiss mercy and symmetra’s emote and i have NONE of those, NONE, meanwhile tracer’s skins keep piling up at my doorstep, snakes have been manifesting in my house physically, i’ve gotten tracer’s legendaries SIX TIMES and genji’s japan skin 3 times and i have less than 1 hour of gametime with those two total… end my suffering…

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anonymous asked:

camille... I think I'm having my second Gay Awakening(TM) while leveling my female demon hunter and it's awful because I keep pausing and my gametime runs out in like, two hours, but it's also really good? do you have any advice

just go with it…… demon hunter girls are so, Yes

Watch on

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