gamestop chronicles

*Customer walks up to register with a stack of games that he wants my opinion on.*

Customer: Ok of these two which do you prefer? *holds up NBA 2k15 and NBA Live 15*

Me: I haven’t played either of those games but I heard NBA Live was bad.

Customer: Ok, well how is that new UFC game? Or should I get WWE 2k15?

Me: I don’t play UFC games and they haven’t made a new one, so your best bet would be WWE 2k15. You can pre-order NBA 2k16 or Madden 16 now if you like.

Customer: What games do you play?

Me: I don’t enjoy sports games too much I normally play JRPGs, Adventure games, Visual Novels and things along those lines.

Customer: Wow why are you working here? I could do your job better than you, all you’re supposed to do is know about games people care about.

Me: *in my head* I would like you to work here and hold a conversation with me about Persona 5, Xenoblade Chronicles X or Hyperdimension Neptunia 

Me: Right so would you like to pre-order Madden or NBA?