Preferences - Lazy Day

Angus “Mac” Macgyver - Board Games

Over the years you’d collected a stack of board games, ones from your childhood and others that were giving as gifts. You were the type of person that when the weather prohibited any outdoor activities or when the rain heavily fell down against the windows panels, you’d grab every board game and sit for hours playing with friends or family. This was a tradition that you carried even to this day. So the minute rain came pouring down, you begged Mac to indulge in the childhood memories each board game provided.

“How many do you actually have?”. Mac asked, holding two mugs of hot chocolate.

You stacked each game nearby the coffee table, “These are just some of my absolute favourites, there’s more at my parent’s house and in storage”. Mac kissed the top of your forehead and sat next to you, his legs spread out so you could easily slide in between them. Rubbing his hands together, he looked at the options. “What’s first?”.

Picking up the Jenga game, you prepared the blocks. “Let’s start with an easy game and work our way up”. Hitting Mac’s legs with enthusiasm, he started off, carefully removing a middle block.

“Keep those hands steady, Macgyver”.

He poked his tongue out, concentration written all over his face.

The game continued until both of you were neck and neck. Not one had knocked over the tower, despite a few shaky moments. You had just successfully placed another block on top, now it was Mac’s turn again.

He opted for the block on the left side, you bit your lip and watched as his fingers moved the block an inch, causing the structure of the tower to waver. Knowing that this could be the moment the Jenga tower collapsed, it shook, but remained steady. Scrunching your nose, a little idea crossed your mind.

Re-positioning yourself in Mac’s lap, your hand accidentally slipped gliding over his thigh. Mac’s breath hitched and the tower came crashing down. His hands quickly wrapped around you, “That was no accident”.

Shrugging it off as innocently as you could, “I told you to keep those hands steady”. Your straight face burst into a wide spread grin.

Mac shook his head and pointed to the fallen blocks. “I want a re-match, best out of three”.

As you reset the tower, since Mac lost it was now your turn to start this round. Thinking strategically which block would be the best one to move, Mac’s hands settled on your upper thigh. Giving him a “what you doing” expression.

“I’m just keeping my hands steady”. He cheekily added.

The two of you ended up playing Jenga for the entire night, and by the end it became Mac’s favourite board game.

Klaus Mikaelson - Painting

Klaus never liked lazy days. One way or another he’d find excuses to keep himself busy, fake a crisis or simply avoid them all together. But this time you were determined to get the hybrid to have at least one day of stress free fun.
You’d locked him out of his own room, not wanting to ruin the surprise. He was impatiently waiting outside, his shadow pacing past the door was a clear indication. Making sure it was all in order, you opened the door to show Klaus. As always his expression was unreadable.

“So what do you think?”. Clapping your hands together.

He looked before him, on the ground his paint supplies and two medium sized canvas. “The effort is lovely, I must say. But I’m not in the mood to sit and paint, love”. He went to turn, but you grabbed his shoulders and lead him to the middle of the room.

“Nope, you aren’t getting out of this. Even the great Klaus Mikaelson needs to relax, so because I know how much you love painting the two of us are going to paint a portrait of the other”.

You threw him a paint brush, which he swiftly caught. “Out all of the crazy ideas you’ve had, love, this one takes the cake”.

Flicking a bit of paint his way, he gave a stern look to which you smirked at. “Just shut the gorgeous mouth of yours and start painting”.

Amused, Klaus dipped his brush in paint and started creating soft strokes onto the blank canvas.

Time ticked on and an hour later the paintings were compete. Holding yours close to your chest, Klaus had shown you what he had artistically created and it was nothing short of beautiful. He had captured you perfectly and elegantly, even though you looked like a mess.

“I showed you mine love, now it’s your turn”.

Taking a deep breath, you went to flip but then retracted. “Whatever you do, don’t laugh”.

He put his hands up and crossed them over his heart as a promise. Turning the painting around, Klaus tried his best to prevent a grin. Your portatit showed Klaus as a stick figure with fangs and bright yellow eyes, with lots of trees as the background.

“Hey, you promised you wouldn’t laugh!”. Pouting, setting the painting down.
Klaus moved aside the supplies and knelt down in front of you. “It’s beautiful, love”.

“You’re such a liar”. Laughing. Pulling him down for a kiss, you sneakily smeared blue paint on his cheek, “See lazy days aren’t so bad”.

Earning a devilish smirk from Klaus, he lowered his finger in the red paint and drew a small love heart on your right cheek. “With you love, no they are not”.

Archie Andrews - Bathing/Shower

School was out, summer was in. That meant longer late nights coupled with warm sleep ins when morning rolled around.

You were currently enjoying the feeling of doing nothing at Archie’s place. His dad left for work not too long after you came, thus, the house was only occupied by you and Archie. He entered the room with a plate full of snacks, getting comfortable on the bean bag he grabbed the x-box controller.

While you tried to keep focus on the magazine article, but truthfully your eyes hadn’t left the bathroom, it was a clear view from where you were laying down on his bed. The day was awfully sticky and your body was dying for a way to cool off. Eying Archie getting rather into the game, it was going to take some serious persuasion to get his focus off of the TV screen and onto you.

Walking out of the room, Archie unsurprisingly obvious to your exit. You heard him shout “go left” and “No, wrong way” a few times. Taking the white, fluffy towel from the rack you wrapped it around your body tucking the end in so the towel would stay up.

Keeping the door slightly ajar, you fiddled with the water to adjust the temperature on the more cooler side. At this stage you weren’t concerting on Archie and if he’d paused the game to see why his shower was running. The water with your right hand, it was cool to the touch and felt very inviting.

Archie cleared his throat. “I seriously hope you were going to invite me to join?”.  Arms cross and chest puffed out, you dropped the towel.

“Why do you think I left the bathroom door open?”. Suggestive winking. “Get in Andrews”.

By the time Archie discarded every piece of clothing, you already let the water run down your body, providing a relief from the blistering weather.  Archie stepped in, hands sliding down your waist.

“I love summer break”. Giving your neck a quick kiss.

Running a hand down his chest, you stopped shy away from his 6-pack. “And the best part is, summer break has just begun”. Looking into his eyes.

He grabbed the soap and gentle let it glide all over your back, before his hands massaged the soapy studs not missing a single inch of skin.

Ray Palmer - Movie Marathon

“Ray, come on!. I want to start the movie already”. Yelling from the couch.
You heard footsteps and then Ray was in sight, holding an oversized bowl of popcorn and two large glasses of soft drink. Smiling in your direction, he set the snacks down and laid a deep blue blanket over your legs and his.

Pressing play on the remote, you nested into Ray’s embrace.

Today had been meeting after meeting at Palmer Tech to brief the board about the future of the company. While you were off saving the day at your job, Ray was saving the day in his blue and red superhero suit.

“This is nice, isn’t it?”. He muttered cheerfully.

“It would be, if I could hear what they were saying”.

Ray sensed your teasing tone, and because of that he threw a popcorn your way. Landing right in the center of your lap, it was a shame to let it go to waste so you popped it in your mouth. Letting the popcorn melt away.

Silence bestowed the living room for what wasn’t long enough, you could tell the movie wasn’t keeping Ray’s attention and truth to told yours too was starting to fade. Eyeing the bowl, that was now little under half empty, you let the popcorn fall through your fingers before catching one in the palm of your hand. Flinging it across, it hit Ray squarely on the forehead.

He turned, arched an eyebrow. “You, my beautiful girlfriend, just started a popcorn war”.

Within seconds, popcorn kennels flew it all directions. Some got tangled in your hair, others disappeared into the couch and the ones that weren’t in the bowl ended up covering the floor.

You laughed as Ray declared himself popcorn king, placing just one on his head, acting like a crown. “Now all shall bow to the popcorn king!”. He once again declared, putting on a ridiculous accent.

Sneakily you took the his “crown” and ate it, Ray gasped and his hands worked up and down your sides, knowing exactly where you were ticklish.

“You ate my crown, for that you must be punished”.

Laughing till tears rolled down your cheeks, you begged Ray to stop.

Settling down from the laughter, your gaze bore into Ray’s. “I’m sorry about eating your crown”. Tracing each individual button on his black, woolen sweater. “But they’re ways for you to reclaim another one”.

“Keep talking”. He responded, with a big ass goofy grin plastered on his face.

Not caring that popcorn was scattered everywhere, possibly even crunched against the couch and floor, you pulled Ray down to whisper in his ear. “How about I just show you”.

And it was a lazy day that both of you would remember for a long time.

Scott McCall - Cuddling

“No, don’t go”. Scott mumbled in your shoulder, feeling the movement of your body shift closer to the edge of his bed. His arms held on tighter, preventing any sort of escape.

It was a Saturday afternoon and with much delight his phone hadn’t been vibrating like crazy on his bed stand. So, taking time to yourselves doing something that required limited amount of non-body activity was the plan for today.

“But I have to go pee”. You explained to your cuddly boyfriend, who sighed in somewhat annoyance at the mere thought of detaching from your body warmth. Feeling his arms relax, you went into the bathroom and came back minutes later to find Scott staring at the ceiling.

Laying down beside him, the sound of a bird chirping and wind lightly rattling against the window brought an odd sense of calmness. Kissing the curve of his jaw, Scott’s hand brushed the side of your leg.

What you loved about Scott, was the ability to feel completely comfortable while with him. The two of you didn’t need to speak, the silence that loomed wasn’t one out of sheer awkwardness or because neither had nothing to say. Instead it was due to both loving each other’s company.

Besides touches said more than words sometimes could ever convey.

Feeling the tiredness kick in, you snuggled deeper into Scott’s side. His scent filling up your nostrils and making you smile. Finding a cosy position, you were about to close your eyes when Scott’s soft voice spoke.


“Yeah, Scott?”.

“I kinda now have to pee as well”.

Bursting in a heap of random laughter, you tangled your legs and watched Scott walk into the bathroom.