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Very Important mcnamawyer/veronamara headcanons that minna franklinshepard and i have been discussing

  • they start dating a few weeks after the whole incident with jd
  • veronica invites heather to watch the movie with her and martha because she wants to keep an eye on her
  • after that they just start spending more and more time with each other (bc heather is a natural follower and needs someone)
  • they help each other out, heather helps calm veronica when things get bad (even if she doesn’t know what really happened, she is always there when veronica needs it) and veronica makes heather feel better when she feels like she’s drowning
  • they have many movie nights and heather always ends up cuddling veronica bc she is a Cuddle Bug
  • one of their movie nights they end up kissing each other (its really sweet and gentle and shy) and after that it’s history
  • veronica is always the big spoon bc heather is so tiny
  • heather tries being the big spoon but it just doesn’t work and her face ends up in veronica’s shoulder blades and they laugh about it
  • veronica always teases heather about how short and tiny she is and is always picking her up and swinging her off her feet. heather pretends to hate it but she actually really loves it
  • no one realizes they’re dating for a while, they’ve been affectionate friends even before then and have been holding hands in the halls as just friends so there isn’t much transition
  • veronica tells her parents when they start referring to her as “your very close friend heather" and veronica’s just like “we’re girlfriends.” and her parents are totally cool w/ whatever makes veronica happy so they’re just like “oh okay dear”
  • heather’s parents are a different story, they’ve never really been fond of veronica bc she’s so weird and she’s from the poorer side of town and is like ten feet tall and laughs really loudly for ten minutes at every funny thing heather says
  • for a while they’re like “i’m sure there are some nice boys around honey” and heather is just like “but I like veronica” and eventually they get over it bc they do want their daughter happy
  • veronica goes to football games to watch heather cheer, she always brings hUGE signs with lots of hearts and heather always picks her out in the crowd. she gives 0 fucks about the actual football game and screams only whenever heather does something and heather blows kisses from across the field
  • one day after a football game someone comes up to heather and asks “why is veronica sawyer so obsessed with you?” and heather just looks them dead in the eye and says “we’re dating” and it seems like within the hour the entire school knows but it’s like totally whatever because everyone is still kind of terrified of veronica after everything that happened
  • heather duke makes fun of them for dating but veronica just tells her to shut up and kisses heather mac in front of her
  • they become the power couple of the school and a lot of people think they’re super cute. they sit at lunch with their arms draped over each other with 0 fucks to give
  • heather drags veronica around shopping which isnt veronica’s thing but she goes for her gf. veronica wanders off and comes back with stuff from the kids section and says it would fit better bc she’s always teasing heather for being so tiny
  • when they watch horror movies heather spends most of the movie with her face buried into veronica’s neck
  • heather makes veronica watch all of the rom coms and she always tears up and gets the sniffles bc “it’s so romantic” while veronica’s scoffing at the cheesiness and how all the movies are about heterosexuals
  • heather doesn’t talk about it but she constantly thinks about how veronica could dEFINITELY pick her up at their wedding and carry her bridal style
  • veronica buys an engagement ring for heather from her own parents
  • she goes in there and is like “i’d like to buy an engagement ring. can you bless me? i mean. can i have your blessing to buy an engagement ring? for your child. your child heather, that child. your daughter. i want to buy an engagement ring to give to yoUR DAUGHTER. I want to marry your daughter please” and she is extremely flustered
  • she has to make sure her parents dont tell heather (when heather has been worrying to her parents that veronica didnt want to marry her and would nEVER propose)
  • and heather’s parents get so excited and they’re like showing her the most expensive rings bc they want a nice one for their daughter and veronica’s getting visibly more and more uncomfortable as the prices go higher
  • they’re like “what’s wrong dear” and she just gets really flustered and is like “these aren’t really…. in my price range”
  • heather’s parents offer to pay but veronica is super stubborn and insists on paying herself so she gets a beautiful and simple ring but heather’s parents still give her a “friends and family discount" 
  • when she proposes she makes sure it’s romantic bc heather is such a hopeless romantic but it’s also simple and perfect and heather nearly faints
  • and heather like gets so excited that she like makes out with veronica for a minute after pulling her to her feet (bc she made sure to get on one knee) and then immediately starts planning like “it should be a spring wedding. who will we invite?! OH MAN I HAVE TO CALL MY MOM” but she totes forgets to actually say yes and veronica just stops her and is asks “so that’s a yes then?” and she’s all teary and happy and heather is like “oF COURSE YES. I’VE BEEN PLANNING OUR WEDDING IN MY HEAD FOR YEARS. I THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER PROPOSE”
  • and heather keeps going on and on about the wedding and how she’s been looking at wedding dresses for aGES and veronica’s like "oh i’d love to see them” and heather gasps and says no bc they’re not allowed to see each other’s wedding dresses (potential or not) until the day of and veronica goes “i thought i just wasnt allowed to see you in it?” and heather just hushes her and says it will be a surprise
  • veronica is totally noT allowed to help with wedding planning also bc she’ll just be like “I don’t know I wanted something small and simple?” and heather is like “no shh babe you don’t get it I’ve dreamt about my wedding since I was like six years old”
  • they both cry when they first see each other at the wedding, heather is all teary walking down the isle just from seeing veronica on the other end
  • they write their own vows and in heather’s she says “with you, i am a gameshow host” and at the end she really quietly goes “thanks for coming after me”


Gameshow host: For your next challenge you’ll have to write a scherzo movement for strings without using pizzicato 

The contestant, Maurice Ravel: *sweats nervously*

Markiplier Ego Imagines (pt. 4)

(For the anon who wanted to know what the Ego’s favorite foods were or what they’re cooking is like! Bon appetit!)

Imagine the Egos cooking. Typically, it’s an “every man for himself” situation when it comes to meals, so each of the Egos learn how to cook their favorites. From time to time, however, somebody will fix enough for the others.

Imagine Dr. Iplier making omelets. Usually he has to go into work pretty early in the morning, so breakfast foods are essential. There’s always lots of fast food and left-overs stocked in the refrigerator, and the Doctor likes to toss a variety of them into an omelet. He’s made plenty of lousy ones, that’s for sure, but after a while, he learns what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes when the Host or Bim wander in mumbling like coffee-deprived zombies, Dr. Iplier will sit them down and make extras. He doesn’t mind.

Imagine Silver “Human Oven-mit” Shepherd bakes pies like nobody’s business. No one ever actually sees him do it, and they don’t know what goes into them either. But from time to time a new one will show up in the fridge, and Silver will just shrug and shove another bite in his mouth. Usually they feed them to Wilford first to see if he’ll drop dead or not.

Imagine Bim Trimmer burning literally everything. He tries, really, but aside from his gameshow hosting abilities and his green thumb, the other Egos are sure he’s devoid of all talent. It’s not true, of course, but it certainly applies to his cooking. It doesn’t matter how many YouTube tutorials he watches or how many times Amy tries to help him out, Bim can’t cook a thing.

Imagine the Host shocking everybody and being the best cook in the whole place. As the Author, he spent some time in Paris writing. While there, he took some courses in cooking, and while he can’t see what he’s doing anymore, there are certain dishes he can prepare by muscle memory alone. Once a week or so, each Ego will receive a hand-written invitation to join the Host for dinner. It was Amy’s idea, and the Host was nervous at first. But now the dinners are the highlight of his week.

Imagine Ed Edgar dragging a grill onto the roof of the building to make barbeque. People can smell it from miles around, and eventually Dark makes the grill “disappear” because he’s drawing too much attention to their building, which Dark spends a lot of time and energy concealing from the public.

Imagine Wilford Warfstache just throwing things in a pan or a pot, heating it over the oven for a few minutes, and calling it food. There’s nothing that man can’t or won’t eat. Some of his concoctions end up stinking up the entire floor where the kitchen is located, and Google is sent in with a hazmat suit to clean it up while Wilford happily munches from the kitchen table, making pleased little noises as he does.

Imagine Dark cooking his “guest’s” favorite meal. He doesn’t cook for himself much. All he needs is a coffee for breakfast and a decent meal later in the day, but when he has a new interest that he wants to woo, he’ll learn their favorite food and prepare it for them. The problem is, Dark is a perfectionist. If even one thing is wrong with the meal, he’ll toss it, and Google yells at him constantly for wasting food.

Google, of course, doesn’t need ridiculous human food, but his systems are built with the capabilities to “taste” and process food. He always turns up his nose at anything the others prepare for him, but the Host once walked in on him in search of a midnight snack. The droid was inhaling Lucky Charms like there was no tomorrow. They don’t speak of it.

Introductions - Dan Howell x Reader

Prompt: hey you said youd do youtuber imagines so could you do one with danisnotonfire where he intrduces you to his audience in a tag video? thanks

Originally posted by demonphannie

“Today’s the day” you thought. You were terrified, excited, but terrified.  Last week, Dan had told you that he thought it was time to introduce you to everyone who watched his videos. At first, you were against the idea but you loved him, so if this was what he wanted then you said you would be happy to do it.

“You ready babe?” Dan called from his bedroom.
“Yeah, just give me a minute!” You called back from the bathroom. “Okay Y/N, just breathe” you whispered to yourself. Taking a deep breath and looking up into the mirror, you fluffed your hair up a little and made your way into Dan’s room.

“Okay, so how do we do this?” you asked.
“Well erm, I guess I’ll do my intro and then you can just slide into the shot?” Dan replied.
“Yeah,” you agreed “sounds good to me” you weren’t very enthusiastic about it but you had to put on a good front for Dan.

Dan began his introduction you waited for his signal to move into the shot. “So I guess it’s time to introduce you guys to my girlfriend, Y/N!” Dan smiled. You rolled your chair into the shot and sat there smiling; you couldn’t help but feel awkward. Dan sensed this and tried to put you at ease before continuing to explain the day’s video to his camera.

“Okay let’s get started shall we?” Dan said, turning to you. You nodded in response. He turned to face the camera again. “Okay, so this is the boyfriend/girlfriend tag…” there was a slight pause, “what has my life become?” Dan questioned.
“That’s the first question is it?” you asked with a grin.
Dan began to laugh, “Oh no, it’s too early in the video to get that deep, I’ll save my existential crisis for later.” The two of you laughed before Dan said “right, Y/N, you and I will take turns asking and answering the questions, are you ready?”
“As I’ll ever be!” you answered.
“Okay, question number one, who said ‘I love you’ first? Wow, straight in at the deep end with the big questions!”
“Tell me about it, what happened to good old ‘how did you meet?!” you remarked before giving your answer. “You did, you said it first and I said it straight back…” you scrunched up your face and with a smile added, “Well almost anyway.”
“Correct! Wait, is there a points system?”
“No Dan, I don’t think there’s a points system considering we should both know all the answers” you teased.

“Right next question, hit me up” Dan remarked.
You shook your head. “Okay, the next question is,” you paused to look at your phone and find the next question, “where was our first date?”
“Our first date, okay so if we don’t include the day we met or time spent together before we were actually together…”
You could see the wheels turning in his head as he tried to remember. “I’m going to have to press you for an answer” you said in your best gameshow host voice.
“Okay okay, I THINK it was..” he paused again and put his hand to his face, “was it the Italian, the one near Central?”
You paused, letting him sweat and doubt his answer. “Correct!” you shouted, watching his face fill with relief.

The two of you answered a few more questions, neither of you giving an incorrect answer. As Dan wrapped up the video, you couldn’t help but smile. After a while you had forgotten the camera was there and all of your nerves had gone.

“See, that wasn’t too bad, was it!” Dan beamed as he turned the camera off.

“No, I guess it wasn’t” you replied with a smile. “I won’t be starting a YouTube channel of my own anytime soon though” you raised an eyebrow.

“I wouldn’t expect anything else from you” Dan smiled as he walked over to you and wrapped his arms around you in a warm embrace.


Nicknames: Aster, Stratos
Is a combo of Science Sans and Outer Sans

Age: 16
Roommate: Karma
Closest friends: Haz, Bobble, North, Charamelon
Hobbies: Astronomy, Alien hunting,
Likes: Sci-fyi, Undertrek tv show, star charts, Constellations, star gazing
Dislikes: Mystical nonsense, surprises, doing laundry,

Aster, also known as Stratos is studying to be an astronomer. He likes making star charts and maps of the sky. He spends a lot of time outside gazing at the stars and trying to figure out why they don’t follow any sort of patern. With science! He wants to make a map of the stars for the whole omega timeline one day. He really likes aliens and hopes to make an alien friend one day. (Because of shenanigans he thinks the anons are aliens sending him cryptic messages.) He also spends a lot of time arguing with karma on the merits of science vs fortune telling and why science is better. He gets mistaken for a Tv show or gameshow host a lot and it drives him up the wall.

anonymous asked:


First impression


Impression now

  • While I prefer the rectangle form, I love Mettaton no matter what. He’s such a complex character and he seems to get so overlooked and treated really strangely by the fandom. I’ve said it before: Mettaton being reduced to “glam side character” makes very little sense to me. He’s functionally the secondary antagonist of the game! He has flaws and struggles! His actions had impact! Even though sometimes I find elements of his story a little strange or silly or out of place (what exactly was going on with NEO? Though I’ve seen some good interpretations), there’s such a complex and sometimes DARK character there. I’d rather see him play the villain for a few rounds than get stuck giving alphys makeovers and occassionally handing out tickets to his show.
  • Even though I don’t ship it that heavily, I like Papyton stuff because both he and Papyrusboth tend to be treated like complex characters and not as Glambot-O-TRON4000 and the Amazing Spaghetti-Dispensing Scarf Rack 

Favorite moment

  • Viewer Call-In Milestone made me cry

Idea for a story

  • Anything King Mettaton. I demand more.
  • I had some vague ideas for a possession AU where Mettaton’s body gets damaged so he tries to possess his biggest fan instead of going back to being a ghost (maybe some kind of excuse plot where he was becoming corporeal but not quite there and his ghost form is unstable, or something.). He ends up possessing Papyrus, who is enthusiastic at first! Mettaton is so cool! And he’ll gladly help in any way that he can even though this seems a bit… invasive??? Mettaton agrees to stay out of Papyrus’s personal life as much as possible, and agrees to make him popular. Papyrus gets the life he always dreamed of, and Mettaton puts on the performance of a lifetime… but I write angst pretty much exclusively so you can probably guess how this all goes from here.
    • I didn’t write it and kinda abandoned it mainly because I think it might skirt a bit too close to topics I don’t feel comfortable writing, but if I were to write this, I’d kind of need to address it. It’s also tough to keep both of them sympathetic and keep both with their agency in this scenario. I might try writing it sometime when I’m up for a challenge.

Unpopular opinion

  • I kinda love Mettaton as a villain and I want to see more of that. Not obnoxious villain in the same way the head high school cheerleader in every high school movie not staring the head high school cheerleader is a villain, and not possessive/abusive boyfriend villain either. Just an ambitious guy with his own ideas who sees a plan before him and feels compelled to act. 

Favorite relationship

  • More Mettaton and Blooky please it’s very sweet

Favorite headcanon

  • Mettaton knows a lot less about humans than he thinks he does and while he’s great at faking it, when he gets to the surface he still makes the occasional bizarre faux pas because his headcanons are wrong
  • Shifts back and forth between gameshow host voice and a Trans-Atlantic accent

coffingeist  asked:

Hey Amber! Soooo I was thinking... what kind of voices do you have in mind for Yorick and Dexter? :3 In mine Yorick always had a Tahm Kench kind of voice (and maybe even accent xDD) while Dexter (in his less chill situations) with a Dark Star Thresh one. Sorry for all the LoL themed thing here but those voices always sounded perfect for them in my head QwQ. PS: All your babies are amazing and I love every single thing you do with them <3 <3 <3

Oh man!! You know, I never really knew what Yorick sounded like, and Tahm Kench is a pretty good fit! If anything, I think that Tahm Kench’s voice is a smidge bit too deep, but that’s pretty close! (Curses you for reminding me that I have a big fat crush on that river monster, frick, wtf)

As you probably already know, Dexter’s default voice (his Gameshow Host voice) is Rich Fields, the announcer of The Price Is Right. I’m really digging the undertones of Dark Star Thresh’s voice, I think they’d actually fit for Alcyone (though the actual voice acting is a bit too monotonous/breathy??). I think that Thresh’s normal voice is a closer fit than the Dark Star voice for Dexter when he’s in his eldritch abomination mode! VERY GOOD SUGGESTIONS THANK YOU!