gameshow hosts

Lol to the people who think Benedict would be cool with queerbaiting in Sherlock. Like, did you see the entire episode of SNL he hosted? Even the skits he wasn’t in? Did you hear the “why is that funny?” asked after people laughed at Church Lady calling the host gay? Did you see the students who were cool with a queer professor? Did you see the illusionist talk about a man’s genitals and it not be “gross”? Did you see the male gameshow host struggle with why he thought Benedict was hot, but ultimately understand it? It’s almost 2k17, Ben isn’t queerbaiting. Sherlock isn’t queerbaiting. It’s okay to be gay on tv and Benedict is doing his part.


Nicknames: Aster, Stratos
Is a combo of Science Sans and Outer Sans

Age: 16
Roommate: Karma
Closest friends: Haz, Bobble, North, Charamelon
Hobbies: Astronomy, Alien hunting,
Likes: Sci-fyi, Undertrek tv show, star charts, Constellations, star gazing
Dislikes: Mystical nonsense, surprises, doing laundry,

Aster, also known as Stratos is studying to be an astronomer. He likes making star charts and maps of the sky. He spends a lot of time outside gazing at the stars and trying to figure out why they don’t follow any sort of patern. With science! He wants to make a map of the stars for the whole omega timeline one day. He really likes aliens and hopes to make an alien friend one day. (Because of shenanigans he thinks the anons are aliens sending him cryptic messages.) He also spends a lot of time arguing with karma on the merits of science vs fortune telling and why science is better. He gets mistaken for a Tv show or gameshow host a lot and it drives him up the wall.