gamescom 2014


Gamescom was fantastic! Digital Extremes are the most approachable devteam, it was a pleasure to party with them. I love the second photo, it’s the most impressive and heartwarming reaction towards my art I’ve ever seen ❤

Yup, Steve had his pink shorts in his pocket.

Next year, next Gamescom, next painting, we shook on it, Steve! =D

(Click on photos for captions)


Team Pirates is getting ready for Gamescom! :D Only 106 days left ;w;

Me, berunov, udodeligskjonnhet, pop-six-squish and my two very good Polish Orzammar friends (only Orzammar dwarves can craft such awesome bottles with rum/magic potion) will be hunting for booty at Gamescom this year! If you will be there and would like to meet, just let us know xD


“Traitors! I’ll have their heads!”

After one year there are finally some quality photos of my Joffrey Baratheon cosplay comin on my blog. I love that brat so much and also the costume alltogether. Everything is selfmade with the help of my lovely partners in crime.

Photo – inwardscreams <3 Thank you!

Cosplay – itsloki Hey that’s me

Pictures taken at GamesCom Cologne 2014


Silent Hills 2014

Here’s the latest terrifying screens from the Playable Trailer for Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s take on Silent Hill. 
Initially revealed at Gamescom, Silent Hills is a reimagining of the celebrated horror franchise.The game has a playable concept demo available on PS4, PT, which has been downloaded over 1 million times.


Singleplayer commented demo from Gamescom 2014