gamescom 2014


Gamescom was fantastic! Digital Extremes are the most approachable devteam, it was a pleasure to party with them. I love the second photo, it’s the most impressive and heartwarming reaction towards my art I’ve ever seen ❤

Yup, Steve had his pink shorts in his pocket.

Next year, next Gamescom, next painting, we shook on it, Steve! =D

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FIIIINALLY!!! I HAD MY FIRST SHOOTING!!!! *___* (and this is just one from many <3 )
I’ve finished the cosplay in March but never had the chance to take some photos from this cosplay.
Thanks to toffeebit who made me extremely happy ♥

She did a great job with taking and editing the photos!
(We took the photos at the Gamescom in Cologne)

Abigail Walker/Fetch © SuckerPunch
Cosplay by me

My DA:I gameplay experience @ Gamescom

Well, as I hinted earlier I had the honour to get to play some Dragon Age: Inquisition in the press area today. As you all know I met Cameron Lee very briefly yesterday and he gave me that most awesome T-Shirt I am wearing here. I tweeted him again and asked whether I could thank him in person and he invited me to see some Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay in the press lounge, because they wanted to offer that to some devoted fans - you can imagine he didn’t have to ask me twice. I think I knocked a few people down rushing to get there and since the crowd consisted mostly of Battlefield dudebros that was actually quite the achievement. He was nice enough to pick me up from the DAI booth that was available to the public, where they showed the demo, and took me to the press lounge.

There I also got to meet the extremely awesome Alistair McNally and Blair Brown, who were super nice and polite as well. I met some others as well, but honestly, I was so excited and also very nervous, so I missed some of their names and I’m really sorry I I don’t remember them, because EVERYONE in there was very, very awesome. But my brain was pretty melted by that point. First I got to watch some press people play the game, and when their time was over it was suddenly like - so, do you wanna play too? I think I nearly fainted.

But before I get into the gameplay experience I want to point out a few things I talked to Cameron Lee and the other Devs present about that were new to me, so beware that this might be a bit spoilery.

Spoilery DA:I talk with Cameron Lee

First of all, he told me that the Codex in DA:I has over a FUCKING MILLION WORDS. That’s like more than all of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and probably the Hobbit on top. So for everyone who is as lore-fanatic as I am: You will get a LOT of information on Thedas from this game!
Secondly, we talked a bit about the mage-templar situation. Cameron Lee told me that this conflict is actually going to be resolved quite early in the game - it’ll be one of the first major plot lines we’ll get to complete, and part of it was shown in the first series of demos that took place at Redcliffe Castle. Again, we’ll get to side with either the mages or the templars and depending on that there will be differences in how the story is going to progress for us! Obviously, some of our characters will have very strong opinions on how we handle this decision (yes, I am looking at Cullen and Cassandra amongst others - but he didn’t say anything specific here, it was just my guess that they’d have something to say on what we do and he agreed, but didn’t elaborate. I’m saying this because I don’t want people to make wild assumptions based on very little information).

Playing the Game

So, moving on to my actual PLAYING experience. I was placed in the swampy area called Fallow Mire that others have already talked about (look here for example) and that was also shown during the EA press conference, so I’m not going into too much detail about what it looks like and what the quest was. I can just repeat that the area is extremely atmospheric and eerily beautiful. The wet surfaces glisten extremely realistically, the water splashes and produces waves when you run through it, the sounds and music enhance the atmosphere perfectly.

One very important thing I want to point out is that during the conversation with the dwarven female in the very beginning, I got to choose freely what to answer – of course – and I can confirm that, like in DA2, there seems to be always one diplomatic/kind response, one direct/aggressive response and YES the middle option is still a sarcastic option! During the demo I played the little pictures implicating your response were missing, but I saw them during other gameplay shown earlier, so I’m pretty sure they’ll be there in the end. Well, since during some presentations of the game they were talking about “clever” responses, I was unsure as to how sarcastic “clever” was going to be… I am relieved to tell you it is just as awesome and snarky as our beloved purple Hawke in DA2 was and seems to be a constant option. Other than that it seems like you don’t get locked into most conversations anymore but can exit them at any given time and even move the camera around, similar to how it is in Skyrim.

Another thing I noticed that I really liked is that whenever a companion makes a remark or banter starts, tiny speech bubbles next to their icon show us who is talking, which is very nice because with background sounds it can get hard to distinguish between, say, Cole and Solas when you’re not one hundred percent used to their voices yet.

Most unfortunately the only option was to play with an Xbox controller and as someone who is used to gaming on a pc with a keyboard for all of their life and NEVER owned a console, it was pretty hard to get used to it in the 20-30 minutes I got to play. So I really can’t say all too much about the gameplay during fights and how similar it feels to DA2 or Origins, because I just couldn’t compare it. I can tell you however, that the fighting LOOKS marvelous. Abilities look like they have real impact, there seemed to be some nice combos and I think it’s going to be tons of fun. Sadly I didn’t get a real grip on the tactical view either, because I had a really hard time using it with the controller – but I think you’ll get the hang of it quickly if you play with whatever you are USED to playing with.

Other than that I came across some loot, that when clicking on it turned out to be a research item I could hand over to my “Creature Research Team” (or something similar) back at Skyhold. So apparently we’ll have research teams that we can supply with research material we find during our quests! I think this is an awesome feature and I’d like to know more about it!

All in all I can just say that it just had the overall perfect feeling of still being Dragon Age, as we know and love it, but it just looks so breathtakingly beautiful and it plays very smoothly, the map felt open and wide – and it’s supposed to be one of the smaller ones! – not confined or restricting at all, in this particular area enemies were spread out evenly across the map and could be triggered to show when entering the water, so you had some control over whom you wanted to fight and from whom you wanted to run away.

About the DA:I demo shown to the public

As for the demo that was shown at the theatre at the DAI booth to the public, it showed a little bit more of Skyhold, which looks huge and very impressive, and apparently has nobles living there, a tavern, places to trade etc. … I don’t remember everything they listed, but these were some of the features. You also caught a glimpse of what I suppose will be the Inquisitor’s throne with some benches for people to assemble on in front of it. It looked SOOO good!

Then they showed the map and some of the war table, where I caught a snippet of Josephine’s voice, which sounds wonderful and the accent is SO SEXY. While tweeting to her about this she revealed that there apparently will be some “war room banter” between Josie, Cullen and Leliana – how awesome is that?! Click here for reference.

I think there was more but I am tired as hell, so please forgive me if I don’t remember everything. In any case, it was seriously one of the most awesome days of my life and this once again proves how much the devs care for their fans and how excited they themselves are for this game! I have no idea how I deserved this, but it made me very very happy and I hope  I managed to share some of my excitement and information with you awesome people!



New Sims 4 gamesplay footage from Sim Cookie.  It shows the maps, Oasis Springs, and teleporting to the park.  Along with all of the clipping and awkward social groups we’ve seen before. 

Whether you’re excited for The Sims 4, still making up your mind or just want to make fun of it this video delivers!  And French.

Honeywell’s Sims 4 News | Gamescom 2014


Team Pirates is getting ready for Gamescom! :D Only 106 days left ;w;

Me, berunov, udodeligskjonnhet, pop-six-squish and my two very good Polish Orzammar friends (only Orzammar dwarves can craft such awesome bottles with rum/magic potion) will be hunting for booty at Gamescom this year! If you will be there and would like to meet, just let us know xD


Silent Hills 2014

Here’s the latest terrifying screens from the Playable Trailer for Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s take on Silent Hill. 
Initially revealed at Gamescom, Silent Hills is a reimagining of the celebrated horror franchise.The game has a playable concept demo available on PS4, PT, which has been downloaded over 1 million times.


“Traitors! I’ll have their heads!”

After one year there are finally some quality photos of my Joffrey Baratheon cosplay comin on my blog. I love that brat so much and also the costume alltogether. Everything is selfmade with the help of my lovely partners in crime.

Photo – inwardscreams <3 Thank you!

Cosplay – itsloki Hey that’s me

Pictures taken at GamesCom Cologne 2014