A few pics from the Bolder Boulder 10k

Our time calculated by our Garmin: 58:38 @ 9:15 pace.

Our official time:1:00:07:47 @ 9:41 pace.

The reason for the discrepancy is tummy problems around mile 4 so my wife and I had a 2 min break. However still made the qualifying time for next year. We will just make sure we eat better the night before 😀!!

So my thoughts on the race…

It was worth the $25 to use event parking. We were close to the start but it made it very quick to get to your car and out of Boulder after the race.

The race however was a bit disappointing!! It was not my favorite run - actually it is my least favorite run so far. It was a lot of residential with very few interesting thing to see. We only saw the mountains that surround Boulder for no more than 10 minutes.

The interesting aspect of this race is the bands and tailgating. The bands were ok but a few were a bit amateur and from 2.5 mile to 4 mile there were very few to no bands. The tailgaters are truly what makes this race. There was beer and jello shots throughout the course if you wanted to participate. My wife did one of the two slip and slides. There were dancers and road side parties! Having that large of a cheering section helped… Especially when stomach problems persisted the entire race. The most fun of the race was the finish line at CU Boulder Stadium with a cheering crowd in the stadium seats. We ran a bit early so there wasn’t a huge crowed yet but before we left we helped cheer people in and the seats were a lot fuller.

I will post the official results and pictures once they are released. Next year my wife and I will more than likely walk the course while enjoying all the sideline fun!! This is the way I think to really enjoy this race!!

pour a little salt

writing pre-apoc fics are always weird cuz i never know what to refer to 10k as but hes 10k in my head so even tho this is before 10k was 10k, hes still called 10k. theres a brain tweezer for ya. 

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au in which the reader and 10k are best friends before the apocalypse (aka hardcore skinny love vibes)

“If you would just kiss that damn boy already, things would be so much simpler. You wouldn’t have to stare at him during every fucking gathering. I would actually have a friend to socialize with during these fucking gatherings.” Your friend Ella says, sitting back against the couch in the living room, snacking on cheese squares. You pull your attention from 10k, cheeks flushing as you look at her.


“You’ve been crazy about him since you were kids.”

“Not this again, Ella-“

“And he’s been crazy about you since before that.”


“And everybody seems to know it but you. You know, for someone so smart, Y/N, you’d think you’d have figured it out by now.”

“There’s nothing to figure out.”

“Nobody has ever looked at me the way he looks at you. There is definitely something to figure out.”

You shake your head, gaze traveling back to 10k, who leans against the counter, talking with his dad and one of his dad’s friends. 10k, sensing your eyes on him, glances your way, lips curling up in a shy smile. You smile back, holding his eyes for as long as is normal for best friends before looking back at Ella.

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Honestly shoutout to The Social Network for giving us the line “you’re going to go through life thinking that girls don’t like you because you’re a nerd. And I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, that that won’t be true. It’ll be because you’re an asshole” because if that doesn’t epitomize women’s feelings for entitled male nerds I don’t know what does