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any thoughts about the first time someone calls Neil by Nathaniel either on or off the court?

this may have gotten away from me but enjoy! <3

  • it’s been quite a while since neil was called nathaniel
  • in fact, the last time someone had called him that was when andrew had told him to leave nathaniel behind, to just be neil
  • the team knew that neil as neil, and would never call him nathaniel, so he was safe on that front
  • but other teams didn’t share the same sentiment
  • smack talk is a huge part of exy
    • trying to get a rise out of your mark is just something you do
    • the more distracted they are by you, the less they’re paying attention to the game
  • neil is usually The King of smack talk, but not this time
  • it was a fairly easy game, the foxes were winning by quite a large margin and neil had gotten andrew to shut down the goal (at this point he didn’t have to really even ask)
  • neil’s mark was going hard  against him, if neil had been a millisecond slower he would have ended up pinned between the boards
    • this had been happening the entire game
    • neil is short, he seems like an easy target to slam against the boards
    • but he is the fastest player out there so he doesn’t spend too much time being rough housed
  • it was frustrating, here is this team that used to be nothing and had somehow won the championships and become the best team in class 1 exy

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the whole “bungie purist” thing is upsetting because there are actual people who are just ASSHOLES about it, saying 1-3 are the ONLY halo games. like 4 and 5 had their problems respectively but holy shit? are you that… pretentious?

they’re also the ones who are an asshole on my posts and then send me asks going “it’s my opinion dude.” keep it up your ass where your head is lodged

the monster you think i am

Fandom: MCU
Summary: A thousand opportunities to be the man he saw in the mirror.

“You have to promise to go there as a friend.”

“Captain,” Iron Man greets, taking his plated hands off the door he just wrenched open. Captain America lowers his shield, stepping off the stairs and towards the suit. “You seem a little defensive.”

“Well, it’s been a long day,” the Captain says with a smile. Iron Man has a line here, something he’s supposed to say, something that breaks the dark tension, but he remains quiet. The Captain’s smile drops. “Tony?”

No, Iron Man thinks. “Captain Rogers,” he says, and there is the sound of boots pounding down the hall from both directions. “Sergeant Barnes.”

“Tony!” The Captain pleads, stepping back towards where Barnes is crouching, whirling around, searching for the source of the sound before turning back to Iron Man. “What’s going on? What did you do?”

“What I had to,” Iron Man responds. No, he thinks again, dimly, as if his thoughts were very far away. Soldiers dressed in heavy combat gear appear almost out of thin air, surrounding the Captain and Soldier and forcing them to the ground. 

“You’re under arrest,” Iron Man tells the Captain, who bucks under the soldiers’ grips until Iron Man levels a repulsor at his head. “Stay down, final warning.”

The Captain collapses, surrendering. “Why are you doing this?” he asks brokenly. 

Tony, watching it all unfold, shrugs his shoulders. “Have to protect myself, Cap. I hope one day you can understand.” 

Outside, Ross is waiting, and he smiles when he sees Iron Man with two super soldiers in tow. “Well done, Mr. Stark.”

Iron Man remains silent, but Tony keeps his eyes focused on the look of devastation on Steve’s face, the resigned defeat on Barnes. 

No,” Tony says. “Not this way.”

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Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen

never played | want to play | terrible | boring | okay | good | great | A FAVORITE

Perhaps the only non-Souls game I can truly call a favorite. I absolutely adore this game’s storytelling, combat, the pawn system, the themes… everything. I got into Dark Souls at the suggestion of some Dragon’s Dogma fans. Was told I would like it because they were similar. I didn’t find them that similar, but that suggestion was onto SOMETHING, because I sure as hell adored them both. Also, Grigori is one of my favorite video game characters.

I highly recommend this game. 

im the pettiest person i know honestly. like i’ve literally given tips to my friends on how they can be pettier and get away w/ it. i could write the book on pettiness. my whole life is the 👀 emoji.