The Roots Presents: The Evolution of Greatness

The Roots featuring Jidenna, ’Hamilton’s’ Daveed Diggs, Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels of RUN DMC, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Michael B. Jordan run through the the past four decades of NBA Greatness.

Look at all that snazzy swagga!

gentrigger  asked:

Do you know any systems that have a focus on exploration or that have features that reward and promote exploration? I know some editions of DnD and other games do this by giving experience for finding treasure, but what other ways are there?

One of the better examples is Ryuutama, previously discussed in the linked post. It focuses on and promotes exploration simply by ensuring that that’s where most of the system’s mechanical crunch lies. For example, you get equipment slots and long lists of items to put in them, but instead of offering fine-grained combat bonuses, your outfit offers bonuses to various survival and orienteering tests - you can literally min/max your clothing for the terrain and weather conditions of your planned journey. It’s fairly rules-light in spite of that, too, so it’s not a bad game for beginners to get into.

I know it’s not 100% what you meant by “reward”, but there are multiple ways to incentivise particular modes of play - handing out literal points is only one of them. For a lot of tabletop roleplayers, mechanical engagement is its own reward, so focusing the game on certain activities becomes a matter of making sure that the bulk of the game’s the fun mechanical interaction (and the concomitant tactical/strategic challenges) revolves around those activities.