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Drunk Sex- A Nate Maloley Imagine (Requested)


I fixed my hair and double checked my outfit and makeup before I headed downstairs to go out. I could hear the screams of Nate and his friends, they were probably playing FIFA and were already getting competitive, as they usually did.

I put on my heels, which complimented my little black dress perfectly, grabbed my bag and headed downstairs where their voices grew louder. As I walked down the stairs, I first noticed Sammy staring up at me like he had never seen a girl in his life, the Jacks followed Sammy’s gaze and even paused the game causing Nate to get upset.

“Yo stop checking out Y/N.” Nate warned them as he got off the couch walking towards me.

“Bro, I’m sorry but Y/N looks good!” Sammy said.

“Yeah you look amazing tonight!” Johnson chimed in, while Gilinsky nodded. I could tell Gilinsky was itching to say something, but he had a girlfriend so I knew he wanted to keep his thoughts to himself.

When I reached Nate, he smiled as he checked out my outfit. “You look good lil mama.” He whispered as he kissed my cheek.

“Thanks, my ubers getting here soon. I gotta wait outside.” I said as I walked towards the front door waving goodbye to the guys.

Nate grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the wall away from the guys view. “Baby you know you could stay in and we could have some fun, you’re irresistible.” he whispered as he kissed my neck.

“Nate.” I moaned.

“Mmm that’s it keep moaning my name, maybe you won’t wanna leave.” Nate hummed against my neck.

I broke apart from him when I heard a car beep outside assuming it was my uber. “I gotta go babe.”

Nate grabbed my hand. “Noooooo”

“Yesssss.” I said mocking him. I gave him one last kiss before I was off.


Hours later I crept into the quiet house, I had one too many drinks and was feeling it. As I walked to the kitchen to get water and a snack, I completely wiped out in my heels. My knee scraped against the hardwood floor and began to bleed.

Drunk and not knowing what to do, I laid there and screamed for Nate who came rushing down in only his boxers, clearly half awake.

“Babe what the fuck?” He said looking at me on the floor.

“I kinda fell.” I said reaching for his hand.

“Ya think?” Nate laughed as he helped me up. He brought me into the kitchen and had me sit on the counter while he got stuff to clean off my little cut.

Nate cleaned out my cut and put a bandaid on it. “Your boo boo is fixed.” Nate said as he moved my hair out of my face.

My eyes met his and despite my state of mind, I wanted him.

“Fuck me.” I whispered to Nate.

“What?” Nate asked.

I smirked and grabbed his dick. “Do I have to repeat myself?”

“You positive? You just fell Y/N.” Nate said with a laugh, but clearly already turned on.

“So positive.” I said as I pulled him closer to me and wrapped my legs around his waist.

Nate’s hands rested on my hips as mine traveled down his chest while we kissed.

I snuck my hands down his boxers and rubbed his growing length making him moan.

Nate now kissed my neck, making sure he left marks.

“Mmmm Nate.” I moaned loudly as his fingers moved from my hips to in between my thighs and crept up to my area. He rubbed right over the thin fabric of my already soaked underwear.

“You’re always so wet for me baby.” Nate groaned as he slid down my underwear which I kicked off. I hastily pulled down Nate’s boxers.

Nate looked me once more in the eyes “You’re sure baby?”

“I’m sure.” I reaffirmed, pulling up my dress.

Without hesitation Nate thrusted into me. I didn’t know if it was the alcohol or if I was just really horny, but this felt so amazing.

My fingers dug into his bare chest, leaving scratch marks down his sculpted chest. Nate’s hands still on my waist.

The kitchen echoed with the sounds of our moans and noises.

“Fuck Y/N, you’re so sexy.” Nate moaned as his thrusts got sloppier.

“I know babe, but I’m so so so close.” I moaned throwing my head back, almost banging it into the cabinet.

“I know the feeling.” Nate groaned.

Within seconds we both came and were both tired, especially me.

“Carry me to bed?” I said using my puppy dog eyes.

“Only because you have a boo boo and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to walk since I just fucked you pretty hard.” Nate winked at me.

“Stop winking at me, it makes me wanna fuck you again.” I chuckled as Nate threw me over his shoulder carrying me to our room.

“Well we can always take it to our bed.” Nate laughed as he squeezed my ass.

My family's reaction to A Knight's Devotion

Voltage Nostalgia Week Day 2! And it’s AKD today :DDD YAS MY LUTE WILL BE UP HERE YAY! Sooo it’s time for some more reactions! :D

Family members joining me this time (still the same, no change): My sis and three hot male cousins ^^

First comes a group CG:

Me: Different game this time. It’s called ‘A Knight’s Devotion’. Whatcha think?

Male Cousin 2: Great. Another f**king guy trying to be Prince Charming on a white horse.

Sis: I’d say the one in red looks hot! (You have some taste at least!)

Male Cousin 3: I feel some playboy vibes from the guy giving the pedo face. (Side note: He’s referring to Haku)

Male Cousin 1: Is the red guy reaching for his sword to kill me???

Me: Probably.

Sis: This company’s got some skills in illustration. (You got it gurl) Are they all muscular???

Me: Um they’re knights. 

Sis: Oh. Am I some sort of royalty?

Me: Dream on woman.

Male Cousin 1: The guy in green has good hair that can make some terrific mop. That gold necklace is so 80s.(WHATTTTTT)


Me: Why am I related to you guys?

Lute baby was shown next of course:

External image

Me: *starts fangirling*

Male Cousin 3: And now he’s a prince. This game is some weird shit.


Male Cousin 2: What’s with the mask dammit? Is he trying to be the Phantom of The Opera???

Sis: *laughs at comment* 

Me: O_O NO. 

Male Cousin 1: He’s got this fluttery red cape that can piss off any bull in a moment.

Male Cousin 3: And he’s got that ‘I’m too fab for you girlie’ expression on his face that I want to wipe off now. With a punch. 


Sis: I want that hall.

Male Cousin 2: I call dibs on the stage.

Male Cousin 3: I call dibs on the tables yes

Me: *laughing* OK MOVING ON 

Haku (meanie) was shown next:

External image

Male Cousin 3: OOOO IT’S SPARKLES YAY (I know your family rage quit at the sparkles part Hiro XD private-hiro)

Male Cousin 2: At least get a better hairdo dammit

Me: Don’t try to be a fashion coordinator you.

Sis: He’s got this pedo face on. Like ‘I’m gonna do shit to you later’

Male Cousin 1: Well at least he can dance and hook a girl’s leg up

His brothers: Don’t you dare be horny here.

Me: Enough of it! Moving on.

Shion the cutie pie was shown next:


Male Cousin 1: His hair still makes a terrific mop.

Me and Sis: Enough of your mop jokes!

Male Cousin 1: I need a new mop. Serious.

Me: Then go buy one. No references. You were terrible at it ever since young.

Sis: Couldn’t she have gotten a dress with a better colour instead?

Male Cousin 3: ……

Male Cousin 2: He looks suicidal. (EXCUSE ME WHAT)

Me: *facepalms* I have nothing to say.

Gaia came up next:

External image

Sis: I like that cat. It’s cute. 

Male Cousin 1: Couldn’t he get a dog?

Male Cousin 2: He seems gentler than the other ones before this. 

Sis: Maybe he acts brave but is a softy at heart?

Me: Probably.

Male Cousin 2: I want his muscles. 

Male Cousin 3: Oh please you look terrible with muscles.

Male Cousin 1: Well he isn’t that much of an interest. NEXT!

Sis: Ass.

Ken was the last to be shown:

External image


Me: Calm down yo

Sis: I want the guy in red.

Male Cousin 3: Well at least his coat’s got some gold lining there.

Male Cousin 2: Must be some rich ass kid in the suburbs.

Me: What??? He’s your childhood friend in this game.

Sis: Really? He grew up…quite well.

Male Cousin 1: Are you kidding me.

Me: Nope

Male Cousin 2: My eyes hurt.



Soooo this is for AKD! I’ll try my very very best to post one for the other games since I’m busy this week. Kana out! Have a great day! :D