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Hello it's me again for like the fifth time! Are there any video game au's that you know of? I've only seen two when I've looked, and was just wondering! Oh and thanks for always taking time to make lists and stuff <3

Thanks for these requests! I don’t typically read much from this AU but here are some good ones! Let me know if I missed any!

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Video Game/Gaming AU

[Press Start] by kaizuka, Gen, 17k (WIP)
Yuuri wakes up one day to find himself thrown into an otome game-like reality, where his love interests seem to consist of figure skaters from the Grand Prix, and many of his actions are dictated by one of three choices that pop up in a text box that only he can see. And, as he’s quick to find out, the only way out of the game is to choose a love interest and see the blossoming romance through till the end! Thumbs up!

On ICE!!! by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 23k (WIP)
The first time Katsuki Yuuri saw Victor Nikiforov perform, he realized he had a great desire to see figure skating in a video game. In fifteen years, his dream is realized. Little does he know that Victor’s attention has been caught by the very game he unknowingly inspired. Love!

Pixelated Reality by chibilysis (xyrilyn), Teen, 9.1k (WIP)
Yuuri Katsuki is a Level 230 Arch Mage - the top ranking Arch Mage in Code Regius Online (CRO) - the world’s #1 Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.Victor Nikiforov is a Level 190 Master Swordsman and Guildmaster of Fimbulwinter - a pirate/PK-killer guild. Strip away their online personas, however, Yuuri and Victor are but just two people trying to find their own place in the world.

all the dragons we have slain by brighter, Mature, 9.6k
This is why Yuuri loves gaming—the victory of it, the easy camaraderie amongst his guild, the sense that he’s part of something greater.Victor tells him, “you were incredible,” and maybe he loves that a little, too. Definitely recommend!

 Shall We Date? Let’s Skate! by Sakhyu, Teen, 4.5k (WIP)
“Shall We Date? Let’s Skate!” was the hottest dating sim game on the market … and it is also the video game one Yuuri Katsuki suddenly wakes up in. Now, Yuuri has to battle floating screens, pesky Quests, and … wait, what do you mean he’s now the main character?! Featuring poor, poor Gamer!Yuuri.

much ado about ADO by Vitali (exocara), Teen, 7.4k (WIP)
Yuuri’s first quest in the relatively popular VRMMORPG, Angels&Demons Online (ADO), was to seduce an NPC. He was trying to figure out just how to differentiate between NPCs and player characters, when he saw an angel with long silver hair and gorgeous blue eyes and thought to himself: That man is way too beautiful to be a player character.

Otome on Ice by Ethril, Teen, 9.9k (WIP)
Yuri K is a famous independent game tester that has a reputation for finding bugs and glitches that no one else can. He works mostly online through the pseudonym Eros and only gives his real name when hired to test games.Victor is the CEO of a major gaming company in Russia. Currently his top team is working on an Otome style game that they hope to turn into a RPG MMO in the near future, but first they need to do some serious testing. Christophe suggests they bring in the game tester Eros, whom they have worked with in the past, in order to test the new game “Otome On Ice”. Awesome fic so far!

Yuuri Katsuki Secret Route Walkthrough/FAQ by Metis_Ink, Gen, 2.2k
The otome community uncovers the mysteries of the Nikiforov-Katsuki Route, one of the most difficult and overly-complicated routes in a game supposedly just about ice skating. Rec’d by a follower!

Being Friends With Reaper Includes:

Requested by anon! 

(I can’t believe that ya’ll like my stuff enough to be sending in asks!! Like thank you for reading my trash??? ;w;)


  • It’s really, really tough to become close enough to Reaper to get on actual friendship terms with him bUT W H EN Y OU DO
  • Reaper’s a cunt
  • But, like, in the best way possible
  • Teases you about everything you do (especially if you do something wrong)
  • This usually includes mocking you in Spanish
  • While he used to have a sixth sense for emotions before the Reaper-ing, now he’s not really good with them
  • Like, if his teasing gets too harsh you’ll have to tell him to his face, otherwise he doesn’t really notice (bonus points if you do this after slapping/punching him; really gets the message through)
  • If it gets to that point I can promise you he’ll never cross that line again
  • You’re a gem to him and he definitely doesn’t want to lose another of his friends
  • Seriously, the man is trying his hardest and it definitely shows, which makes it pretty hard to stay mad at him
  • Also hella flirty but not never really genuine about it (getting on romantic terms with him is a whole other level, my friends; ha sucks to be you if you have a crush on the man)
  • He NEVER crosses the line on the flirting front
  • Like he’s still a fucking gentleman
  • That’s a subject he’s very careful about (because he certainly doesn’t actually want you to become attracted to a monster like him) so he always makes it his mission to make sure you know he’s just goofing around
  • Like can someone say prank wars because you bet your ass it’s a common thing when friends with him
  • You usually lose
  • Reaper’s the Prank King, I promise you
  • He’s also the king of lame puns surrounding the subject of death and just shitty puns/jokes in general
  • This man is precious and I will physically fight anyone who tries to tell me otherwise
  • On very rare occasions, if you’re really good friends, you might get to see him without his mask
  • Like even when he’s not wearing the ole big, baggy, edgelord attire, he still wears that mask
  • He refuses to admit it but he loves video games
  • You take him to an arcade
  • Boi, get ready to be there for hours
  • Also if you two are ever hanging out and you find one of those strength-tester games he will be at it until he breaks the scale
  • That’s really not very hard for him to do
  • He gives you whatever prizes he wins, unless their owls or skeletons
  • He’s a stronk boi
  • Speaking of which, piggyback rides and princess-style carrying if you ever get sleepy while hanging out with him
  • You are an important bean who must be kept healthy and he’d hate for you to exhaust yourself
  • You must also be protected so self-defense classes
  • He definitely makes sure you could hold your own in a fight against him
  • Just in case
  • He doesn’t really trust himself to get close to people anymore
  • Because, y’know, he’s supposed to be the big, bad, villain guy now
  • He seriously cannot fathom why you would want to be his friend
  • He will probably never muster up the courage to ask you why though
  • His self-loathing is pretty obvious around you though, so you might tell him to spill one day
  • Tell. Not ask. If you ask, he won’t say shit. You gotta stand your ground and make him do a therapy session with you.
  • But that’s a whoooole other story/post
  • Basically he will take care of you while you secretly take care of him and keep him grounded too
  • Oh, also movie/cartoon marathons and he’ll play guitar for you on special occasions (ex. your birthday if you whine enough)
Progress Update

The game has reached 100%!!! o((*^▽^*))o
The game is completed, I finished programming all the endings today!

What will happen now?

1. I’ll do an intense testing of the game. I did an intense testing in January (the game was 75% finished) and some friends tested the game, so I don’t need to do an intense testing of all the game!
2. If I don’t find more bugs, I’ll send the game to testers and proofreaders.
3. When the game doesn’t have bugs, we will start the english translation.
4. Once the game is translated, I’ll send it to testers and proofreaders again.
5. When they finish testing the game, and if they don’t find any bug, we will release the game (in spanish and english)!

I’ll start my midterms next week, so I won’t be able to start testing the game until April.

I’m really happy, I can’t believe that the game is finished! I hope you enjoy the game!! I really appreciate all the support I have received these two years, thank you so much!

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What do you think about Open Betas? What are the downsides and the goodsides of making one? Why not all games try it? And why others put so much effort on it?

Open betas are a lot of work and are a gamble with the sales numbers, but they also provide valuable data that’s otherwise unobtainable prior to launch.

On the positive side, open betas are a way to get a massive number of people to stress test the game. The number of game testers working on most AAA games is never more than a few hundred at most. While they are usually very good at what they do, they can only put so many man-hours into the project. If we can put an open beta into the hands of tens or even hundreds of thousands of players, we get far more man-hours of general stress testing than our QA teams could ever hope to put in. Those testers can report bugs we’ve never spotted simply because there are so many more eyeballs on the product. Furthermore, it’s very difficult to simulate a live environment where thousands of players are all trying to play simultaneously. Getting thousands of players playing can give our engineers valuable information on where the system weak points are during full load and come up with ways to strengthen those weak points.

On the negative side, open betas are an awful lot of work to put together. They are being shown to the public, which means that they have to be nearly complete. Many times this means that the dev team has to spend a whole lot of time putting in and locking off stuff specific to the open beta build, and that is time not spent working on the actual game. Most open beta testers aren’t actually testing - they’re just playing for fun. The vast majority of them won’t give any meaningful feedback, they’ll just play around a bit and quit. In order to gather meaningful feedback from them when most don’t tell us anything, we devs often have to put in telemetry data reporting into the open beta software in order to gather information on player behavior. Most open betas also tend to be limited versions of the final game - only one or two character classes are available instead of all six, or only one stage is available instead of all eight at launch. Open betas run the risk of cannibalizing sales before release - it’s very possible that many players that would have bought the game play the open beta like a demo, get their fill (or think it boring because of the single class they played), and never buy the final game.

So… why don’t all games try it? Because they’re hard to run and require a lot of work - there’s a ton of preparation before the event, live monitoring 24 hours a day during the event, and then parsing the results and making the appropriate changes afterward. That’s both expensive and grueling, especially the live portions. So why do some studios bend over backward to make them happen? Well, those teams find the stress testing data an open beta provides absolutely necessary, especially if the game is using new back end technology and hasn’t been tested in that arena before. As much as we’d wish we could, it’s just not feasible to have over a hundred thousand QA testers all working at once - the wage cost alone would be staggering. Most QA teams don’t go over a few dozen at most. The open beta is an expensive undertaking that each studio and publisher must do a cost-benefit analysis as to whether they believe the data and results outweigh the costs. It doesn’t always skew one way or the other.

Got a burning question you want answered?

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4,7,8,10,13,29,32,31,14,20,27,28 Kentin and Armin uwu

(Sorry for lack of posts recently, I’m dealing with some pretty screwed up drama right now and I’ve been in such a bad mood the past four days omg. Anyway, I added a few numbers for Kentin because some other anons requested a few numbers that weren’t listed so why not kill two birds with one stone right?)


2: If they like reading, and if so their fave book

He doesn’t read often because it’s hard for him to find a book that he really likes. But he does have a favorite, and that would be Gregor the Overlander, the main character is inspiring to him. (guys seriously read the book it’s so amazing omg it’s got like 5 parts and I cried it’s by Suzanne Collins so if you liked the Hunger Games you’ll love this even more in my opinion)

4: Their favorite way to waste time

Kentin likes to either work out or bake. If he has absolutely nothing to do he goes for a run, and if that’s not possible he likes to bake cookies, brownies, cake, etc. He’s also fairly good at decorating cakes!

5: Their favorite type of music

He likes soft music like this, and sometimes he’ll am to the occasional pop song.

7: Their happiest memory

His favorite memory is from military school, he made a really good friend while he was there and they bonded like no other. They kept each other going through all of it and they were there for each other when no one else was. This is his happiest because he finally made a friend that he didn’t feel like was only there because they pitied him or anything.

8: Their most embarrassing moment

In the game it’s mentioned that he got bullied before, so back in middle school or something he got his pants pulled down in front of everybody by this jerk that was constantly pestering him. He’s still planning his revenge.

10: Their best childhood memory

When he was little his dad used to carry him around on his shoulders all the time and run around the house. His dad would also let him put on his military clothes, and he would teach him some cool fighting moves.

13: Their biggest regret

His biggest regret is letting other people take advantage of him and taking what others say too seriously. He still has problems with this but it was really bad before and he just wants to let people know they can just run him over anymore

14. Their biggest fear

The boy is afraid of heights y’all.

16. Their calming techniques

When he’s really nervous about something he likes to isolate himself from everyone else and sit down, taking really deep breaths. He counts to 3 in between every intake. When he’s really pissed off this doesn’t work well so he goes to a gym and finds a punching bag, or he goes for a really long run.

17. How they cope with nightmares

He doesn’t really do anything to make himself feel better, he just kind of lays there and stares at the ceiling until sleep takes over again but if it was that bad then if he can he might just go for a walk, even though it’s like 3 AM

20. If they collect things, if so what

I don’t see Kentin being a collector of anything but if he did he might have been one of those kids that try to collect all the boy scout badges (he was in boy scouts you can’t tell me otherwise)

27. How they sleep

He’s a very touchy person if that makes sense, so he needs to be holding on to something. If you’re with him then he likes to hold you in his arms and spoon, or lay his head on your chest like he’s a little kid. If he’s alone he has a pillow next to him and holds onto that with one arm, while his legs are sprawled out.

28. How they hug

His hugs a very warm and affectionate, no matter who you are. He doesn’t just hug anyone so when he does, it’s the nicest, cuddliest hug ever. He wraps you up in his arms and hold you tight, with his chin at the top of your head. If you’re just a friend, he does the same thing but he doesn’t do the chin thing and he doesn’t hug you as tightly.

29. How they express love

Did this in a previous post~ here.

31: If they found out they only had one day to live

He would spend it with Candy, and his family. And just try his best to keep them in high spirits. Later he’d like make an announcement to anyone who bullied him and tell them off like he’s always wanted to do, letting them know that he’s better than all of them. (I really dislike this number it’s so hard to come up with things for it omg)

32. If they were faced with a genie what they’d use their three wishes for and why

Wish 1. To become more confident in himself, because he hates how insecure he is

Wish 2. To be successful, all he wants to do is live a happy and stable life, and he wants his dad to be proud of him no matter what he chooses to become.

Wish 3. The formula for Nutella, he loves that stuff man.

(I just don’t see him wishing for materialistic things tbh)


4. Their favourite way to waste time

If he’s not playing video games of course, he really finds joy in taking those stupid Quotev quizzes, like “Which character are you?” and he likes making quizzes for the games he plays.

7. Happiest memory

You know what I have no freaking idea man…. I would say when he was adopted but we don’t even know the full story behind that sooo. And that’s also pretty basic… I’ll edit this part later if I think of something

8. Most embarrassing moment

Okay you know what, I didn’t intend for this to be NSFW so sorry if this isn’t what you wanted to read but I whole-heartedly believe that he has been caught more than once jacking it off to some porn site by his mother or brother. His dad just knows to knock from now on but the other two don’t listen.

10. Their best childhood memory

When he was younger he and his brother used to pull pranks on people and switch places. I headcanon Alexy has naturally black hair so this was before he decided dye it, and no one really paid attention to their eye color until their mom found out what they were doing and called them out on their bullshit.

13. Their biggest regret

Hmm, well I don’t really know honestly. Maybe he regrets not going out as much as he should have. They never really spoke about their school before they arrived to Sweet Amoris (or did they, I can’t remember) so maybe he didn’t really have a lot of close friends since he’s like, low-key an introvert? So he just wishes he go out there more I guess.

14. Biggest fear

Low-key afraid of bugs but would never admit it. Also really afraid of losing his twin, I feel like they had separation anxiety when they were younger (me and my younger sis had that too omfg I used to cry whenever she wasn’t with me)

20. If they collect things, if so what?

He likes to collect figurines of characters for his games and shows. He’s probably a walking dead fan so he has all the figures of almost every character.

27. How they sleep

He’s always sprawled out all over his bed, lying on his stomach but occasionally his back. Don’t expect him to cuddle with you all night because he gets extremely hot while he’s sleeping so the most he’ll do is putting his leg on top of yours. He also cannot sleep without a blanket, so if it’s hot he’s the “one leg out” kind of guy.

28. How they hug

His hugs are very tight and welcoming, they make you feel comfortable because it’s just so nice. He kind of lifts you off your feet a little bit just because. They are also unexpected sometimes, like he’ll just run up on you screaming your name and tackle you with a bear hug

29. did this already for all guys~

31.If they only had one day to live how would they spend it?

 He would spend the day with his family and really close friends and wouldn’t complain one bit if they forced him to go outside. He’d actually want to go out somewhere this time, to make them happy. He wants to let them know how much he loves them all. “Alexy, I know you hate my clothes but I’m leaving my wardrobe to you, you’ll make good use out of it.” He’d probably try to drag everyone to a comic con if he could.

32. Genie, what would they wish for and why.

Wish 1. To be a professional game tester, because that’s what he does all day anyway so why not make money off of it?

Wish 2. For his brother to become whatever the heck it is he wants to be, he wants his bro to be happy y’all. 

Wish 3. For all other kids who are currently in foster care or anything to find really amazing parents who love them no matter what, so they can be happy

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Hi darling! How are you? I am Erica. I am a game developer and tester. Our team is currently testing our cool game and would like to ask you to try play it. Your opinion will mean a lot. Be first to see it! Would really appreciate your help. It will take only few sec of your time. Give it a go on MY TUMBLR. Let me know how it was, we can chat. Erica:)* xoxo

Hi darling! How are you? I am Erica. I am an Erica developer and Erica. Our Erica is currently Erica our cool Erica and would Erica to Erica you to try Erica Erica Erica Erica Erica Erica Erica Erica Erica Erica Erica Erica

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Test Hiveswap faster, we're waiting on you

I’m not sure why this is directed at me, coz I’m not a hiveswap tester?

I also don’t know who you think you are, coz this is cringingly rude and entitled to say to someone lmao??

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Game testers unfortunately don't make very much money, but they make enough to get by and more AND they get to test new games out! Granted, some testing means jumping in one spot for 5+ hours but hey, a lot of loyal testers get free copies of the games! You'd save millions!

I-I’ve done a lot w-weirder stuff than jumping in place for 5+ hours…..

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:/ I don't get why people hate on SAO. You guys are blowing it's flaws out of proportion. For one, it's not a fucking harem anime. For two, Kirito is not overpowered. In Sword Art Online, Kirito had to train hard to survive, and being the game wiz he is (as well as being one of the game's beta testers) he reached a really high level faster than most of the other gamers. Which, in a level-based MMO where levels actually attune to the strength of the player even in Player vs Player, is reasonable.

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How difficult will this game be? I'm a beginner when it comes to playing rpg games. Do you think it will be hard for beginners?

It’s not a difficult game!
Testers were able to complete the game without my help, and one of them was someone that never played this kind of game before!

Don’t worry about it ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

MCL: Career Ideas for the Guys

So I was thinking of what careers might suit each of the boys in My Candy Love, and this is what I’ve come up with.


1. An editor at a publishing company

2. Crime novel critic

3. A detective


1. Bass guitarist for a touring band. Perhaps he and Lysander form a group.

2. Music instructor

3. Owner of a dog sanctuary for rescued canines


1. Lead singer of a touring band. Perhaps he and Castiel form a group.

2. Literature professor specializing in Greek Tragedy, classic lit, or Shakespeare.

3. Published poet/writer


1. Instructor at a military school

2. Stay-at-home dad (not my idea, but I really liked the thought of it. I believe credit goes to @mcl-writings)

3. He and Cookie would be part of a search and rescue team for lost or missing persons.


1. Video game tester/critic who writes reviews for new games

2. Movie producer/director, or just works in the film industry

3. Works at an adoption agency

What do you all think would be a possible career for the boys in their future?

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I've been reading all of the stuff in this blog all day. Just so you know, I wirk as a video game tester, and during break I play overwatch. Noe I got to read so many things that kinda goes with my headcannons while playing, and I had the best day of my life si far. I also got an oreo so that helped.

Well, I’m glad the blog helped! :D And it’s lots of fun playing after reading some of these too haha