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targaryenreign  asked:

Hello. I just finished Game Of Thrones (oh my...) and I just need clarification on one thing: Jon is Robert Baratheon and Lyanna Stark's son? He's freaking heir to the throne, really. Right? Oh my gosh, I need this new season yesterday!

(  ノ ^ ∇ ^  )  hello dearest !   that’s what i thought too at the beginning, BUT, Jon is actually the son of Lyanna Stark and… Rhaegar Targaryen !!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s ok, i am Shookt as well. 


Adam Lallana at Wimbledon today in the Royal Box on Centre Court alongside Kit Harrington. If you need me to tell you who he is then you really do know nothing.

They’ll be watching matches involving the 2013 finalist Sabine Lisicki, the majestic Roger Federer and then the greasy-haired arse-scratcher that is Rafael Nadal who will all attempt to get into the third round on SW19’s showpiece court.

Hopefully Nadal will lose.