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Tyrion and Dany are cross-examining Theon and Yara, who have left the sexbrewpub and made it to Meereen in record time. To be clear: In the span of one episode, Theon and Yara have traveled across the ocean and still had time to fuck and chug some beers; meanwhile, the White Walkers have not made it more than 10 feet in six seasons. It’s fine. Everything is fine.
—  MTV

It was all well and good to see Jon Snow resurrected this season, but I never doubted that would happen to begin with.

But watching Sansa ride into the courtyard of Castle Black, and seeing the look on Jon’s face when he sees his sister once again, after years apart, was a moment of true joy. The Starks have been scattered. Ned, Catelyn, and Robb are dead. Arya has disappeared. And Rickon, alas, is in Ramsay Bolton’s dungeon.

Yet here, finally, two of the Starks are reunited, and not a moment too soon. Jon Snow has all but given up his will to fight, but Sansa is all steel and determination. She wants to fight. She wants to take back what belongs to them, and free the North from the Boltons. She wants to go home, and dammit all I agree with her.

—  Erik Kain, Forbes (GoT, “Book of The Stranger”)

They enter the courtyard, and Sansa locks eyes with Jon. They just stare at each other. It’s a beautiful moment. This is so effective because it’s like they’ve both had so many struggles and disappointments, it’s like their feelings mirror our own — they can’t believe a Stark reunion is going to happen either.

…They embrace; Twitter explodes. Then we get a scene with the two catching up. They’re actually smiling, Jon Snow and Sansa Stark. Reunions, smiles, apologies, hugs… What show is this?! We want this scene to be longer. It’s so cathartic. If the whole episode was just these two telling their respective stories to each other, I think we’d probably be fine with that.

—  James Hibberd, EW (GoT, ”Book of the Stranger”)
Game of Snobbery 05x10: A Book Reader’s Recap

For GoT Season 5, Episode 10 “Mother’s Mercy

Things were not going Satannis’s way at all. Turns out burning your kid alive is NOT supes popular with the sellsword vote, so they took all their unbutchered horses (save one) and ran. I mean it’s not as if a logical person vying for the throne in a feudal system would have like, eaten those horses and tried to wait out the storm for a few days before burning up his only heir, right? But good thing no one bothered to wake Satannis as they deserted to let him know, because he wouldn’t care about that. Or like his wife finally succumbing to the fatal flaw of having a womb. At which point Meli-sans-bra decided that Femme de Satannis was her final straw and ditched the camp on a horse that makes Shadowfax seem like slow potatoes.

IT’S ALMOST LIKE SHIREEN’S DEATH DIDN’T DO ANYTHING AT ALL other than like, melt a few snow drifts. There’s no one counting on those for survival, right?

Anyway, Satannis decided to continue on because plot necessity, but oh no! Ramsay Sue and his 20 Good Men multiplied into an army of 1500! Literally, how? And just when you thought at least there will be good battle action…

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