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I feel like this is a really big topic and there are a lot of intricacies, so a video would be better than a text post/photo set… hope this is informative, as I do come to a definitive conclusion at the end!! :)

Why I believe that Joseph Oda is not dead (an essay, I guess).
I’ve finished The Evil Within yesterday and I must admit I’m shaken to the core. But it’s a pleasant vibrations, y’know, the ones you get when you find something incredibly perfect, something that feels like it’s been created specially for you and The Evil Within is exactly this type of the game.
I liked Joseph Oda from the very first moment I saw him, however it took me the whole game to fully understand his character and analyze his fate and role in the story and now, after a sleepless night of thinking hard, I’m sure that there is no way for Joseph to be dead. In this post I want to summarize all the evidence proving that Joseph is alive though may not be all too well. If anyone have other argument concerning this topic you are always welcome to PM me and we surely can discuss it. I looked closely, but of course I can miss something. ^___^’
0) I’d like to begin with the pretty controversial idea that Japanese developers would’n just go ahead and simply kill a single Japanese character in the cast in this pretty distasteful way he got shot by Julie. Not like it goes without saying, sure, but there is such a tendency.
1) And now for the main part - we never saw the body. There are dead Marcelo Jimenez and dead Oscar Connelly, but Joseph is not there. We also see Tatiana passing by and Julie is leaning over Sebastian. Both of the women are working for some organization and assisting in performing the experiment. We also hear the male voice speaking about someone’s vital signs, addressing someone ‘sir’ and there is no way this person is Julie who is with Sebastian, because, well, obviously she’s not a sir. Also Julie is pretending that Sebastian is dead, so he could be left with other dead people, so others think he’s dead. It can mean only one thing: someone else in the baths is alive. Of course it can be Leslie or even Ruvik’s brain, but the main point is that Joseph is not in the bath that makes me think that he’s alive and is taken away.
2) Even Sebastian refuses to believe that Joseph is dead at first. He’s accusing Julie for killing him simply and only because he didn’t find Joseph’s body and assume the worst, while actually it’s just his pessimistic assumption and nothing more.
3) Sure Joseph has been injured by Julie’s bullet, but it’s unwise to assume she shot him dead, firstly because she seems to know what she’s doing, then again because the world they are all in works differently. Please note that at the end of the game Sebastian was pierced through the chest by the huge spike and survived, so in the comparison with this, the bullet in the shoulder doesn’t sound that bad.
4) Finally, I’ve got a strong feeling that Joseph is important character for the plot. He’s like a red thread in Sebastian’s layer of the story: thin and invisible for the first glance, but it’s definitely there. I guess it’s correct to compare Joseph Oda with Jill Valentine from Residen Evil series and this girl got through a lot of stuff and become even prettier and stronger. Also Sebastian obviously cares deeply for Joseph, so the organization that is responsible for everything that happened can use Joseph to influence Sebastian’s actions if necessary. In any way The Evil Within’s story feels a lot like like a good prequel for something really huge and epic, leaving a lot of questions with no answers and a lot of possibilities for the upcoming sequels.
This is all I can think of right now, guys.) Let’s just be optimistic because as you can see our optimism is actually not so unfounded.