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I have no idea what I was doing the entire evening, but it was worth it, I guess.

Top text: Not much empathy
Bottom text: Still compassionate

I admit, I’m not sure if many people use the word “empathy” to mean what I learned it means. uses the definition I use: “the psychological identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.”  Or as Marge Simpson told Bart, ‘Empathy means you’re looking at Lisa and feeling what she’s feeling.’  (Might be a slight misquote.  I was going from memory.)

People seem to think that empathy is a prerequisite to compassion; that someone wouldn’t help a person if they didn’t have empathy for that person.  Near as I can tell, some people might even use “empathy” and “compassion” as synonyms.

From my experience, this is not the case.  I do understand that empathy, by the definition I use, is a real thing: studies show that eye contact normally will synchronize portions of the brains of the people involved.  And I know there are people that will experience others’ emotions VERY deeply (empaths).  Personally, I generally don’t empathize well with others.  I may occasionally get flashes of another person’s emotions, but they’re few and far between.   For the most part, if I see someone crying and telling me why they’re sad, I won’t feel their pain.  Even with video games - which are sometimes said to be great for empathy because they put you in the shoes of another person - I don’t empathize with the character.  If anything, pre-scripted actions, dialogue, and such will make me feel like my link with the game world is being disconnected - meaning it has the opposite effect.  (And depending on the message and the way it’s delivered, I may feel like I’m getting hit over the head with “the point.”)

However, I find that just because I rarely experience empathy, doesn’t mean that I rarely experience compassion.  In fact, I experience compassion fairly often.  Just because I don’t feel someone’s pain, doesn’t mean I don’t feel bad for them and want to help them feel better.  I might not feel how something sucks, but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand that it would suck.  My form of compassion is less “I feel you,” and more “I feel FOR you,” or even “I can’t imagine what that would be like.”

I actually tend to get irritated or concerned when people talk about needing empathy.  Part of  the issue is that, from what I understand, empathy might not be something that can be taught.

And besides that, I really don’t believe that empathy is the main issue. I’m sure it helps that many people have empathy, but I also suspect that the world needs some people who have compassion without empathy.  I have heard that too much empathy can lead to getting stuck in the issue, while I believe a level of detachment can help one stay objective and find a solution.

Maybe the level of empathy isn’t what’s really important.  Maybe what we need to learn is to love each-other as equals, and to want to help each-other out.

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I’m planning to make a game!

(long post warning)

Hello.. so that’s a thing that’s been going on in my mind for awhile/////v////// I feel extremely shy about this, but I’m planning to make a dr fangame using the Visual Novel Maker tool that will be available soon. (if I’m correct, it will be out in Nov 16th!) If you’ve been following my posts for awhile I have been talking about my dr ocs. It’s going to be about them.

I have no idea on how the thing’ll look like because I have no experience on using the tool (moreover, making games in general); but I believe it’ll be more or less in a visual novel format. Perhaps it’s really early to talk because I haven’t really sat down and gotten a thing done. I’m not sure how long it will take to complete either, and I have so many things I have to look into like putting decent bgs, incorporating music, sprites and just bringing the whole thing together. I think I’ll just have to tackle everything one at a time.

The reason I’m still talking about this despite the fact NOTHING is practically done regarding the game making process is because- because I got the whole flow of the story established and finalized just earlier this week!!/// I have been thinking about making my own version of dr for some time, and I started to get down a bit and form more concrete ideas (and drew little comics along the way to conceptualize things more) around August-September last year before the release of drv3.  I had other things going on with my life like always, of course, so it was a thing that’s been going on and off for awhile

and this week was the week where a lot of things got established and finalized!// I felt really excited about it, but since everything about this story came from only  my head I needed some feedback before I could confirm things altogether. In which happened a lot earlier than I anticipated.. my friend did that for me. Just two or three days ago. I let her out everything I’ve made of the story from the beginning to the very end, and she gave me a very very positive reaction about how it goes which gave me a lot of confidence. While that was going on I also found a nice song that I feel would be GREAT to use for the end credits too and I remembered having been recommended to use the new visual novel game maker tool-

So uh, I really want to do this..// it’d be embarrassing if I end up failing the project or give up in the process but I don’t want to worry about that now. I feel it’d be a nice challenge for me and most of all, I very look forward to showing you all of what I’ve come up with. It will make me so happy if you could have fun or feel something from what I could offer, because I’ve been enjoying my time here with everyone I’ve met and I’m always grateful for all your support.

Plus hehe// I do really like the dr franchise. This is about something I’ve felt about it and what comes from it.. I’m curious what my friends and followers and viewers would feel about this crude and kinda half-baked as it is, and I also feel I could learn a lot from giving something like this a try. If you feel like it, please wish me luck!// Ahh also, I might upload bits and pieces of the game if I do end up making it (like a chapter or the prologue) so perhaps play it and give me feedback when I do?// It will help me a lot and develop it in a better direction plus you’ll also be contributing lot to the story!

..honestly it’s too early to talk about something when I’ve got nothing to offer; I’ll bring back something next time when I talk about the project again but this is how I’m feeling// ;v;

This got soooo long but in short,

  • I am planning to make a dr fangame in a visual game format (probably)
  • The main storyline is confirmed solid as well as some of the details (like the song for the end credits, character relationships and development etc)
  • I may ask for some feedback here as it’s being made time to time.

Also additionally, 

  • I need help on creating good, convincing murder tricks for the culprits. This is the part that’s been giving me a lot of trouble. If you could think up any cool tricks that you feel ppl could do and attempt to get away with please send me via ask/submit/messaging system or maybe DM me on twitter too, I’m willing to listen anytime!! (PLEASE I NEED HELP sending SOS)
  • gOD I’d be so happy if people play the game and have fun
  • Going to share stuff about the story/ocs on my blog and maybe draw a comic version & post

※SOBS I talked about this project to friends and they said wouldn’t having voiceovers’d be nice- YEAH??????? The idea of that makes me cry but I’d first have to get the things I can do regarding this done but it’s great to dream high I think that’s good for creators hhn thanks for giving me ideas

That is all! :D I could keep all these in my head but I think I wouldn’t have even begun to think about doing this without all the time and support I got here. You all make me want to do a lot of things. So I want to put this out// Sorry for being chatty, I’ll be working on this!

+attaching drawings of the characters I’ve got from my friend

thank you for reading! I can’t wait to show what stories they form together!

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Hey Agnes, im having a terrible pain day and its giving me alot of anxiety and i need to sleep but I can't. Do u know of anything calming i could do? Hope ur well 💓💓💓

Hii baby, I can relate I’ve been trapped in a circle of terrible pain days recently. Unfortunately many things that work for others won’t work for me, because I can’t watch things when in bad pain for example but let’s see! 

also: Chronic Pain Hotline: 1-800-616-PAIN

Please help Mark see this...

Hi, Mark. I’m the developer of “Black Rose” “Captured”, and “Otherworld Hospital”, and I’ve been a long-time subscriber and fan of you, ever since your early days of ’Let’s Playing’. You help me with my depression, and you help me feel like I have friends, even though I’ve never actually met you or the gang (I’d be too nervous to, anyway). You help me feel like I’m somewhat normal. Even though I just sit here and cry sometimes, you always make me laugh.

Seeing you play my games helps motivate me to keep developing them and get better at it, as becoming a successful, appreciated game developer has been my entire life dream since I was very young. It’s been a long journey or depression, anxiety, devastation, humiliation, isolation, lack of motivation, and sadness, but you help me press on.

I can only hope that maybe, possibly, if I get lucky, you just might see this. I’m getting emotional now even just typing this out, it’s just that you’ve helped me so much in ways that many people can’t see or understand.

So, thank you. Even though it’s hard, I will keep trying the best I can.

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Hi Kylo! So since you're kind of like the Markiplier/Jacksepticeye Community mom (at least for me), I'm coming to you with a mom question, if thats okay? I'm Sick! Help! I feel absolutely miserable and what's even worse, it's my first week of high school on a college campus. Do you have any suggestions for Mark/Jack videos that might help distract me/make me feel better? Also, I hope you've had a better week than I have so far. Cheers!

oh gosh i’m so flattered that you’d think that! but i’m sorry you’re having a  rough time, definitely just relax and take some time for yourself to cool down. here are a few videos and game series that are some of my personal favorites, if not they’re funny/cool/interesting that i’d rec for you! 💛


DontNod isn’t making the prequel BUT watch this vid if you’re concerned like I am, might help you feel better.

Looks like DeckNine Games is taking this seriously, having @ashly_burch as a writing consultant is a HUGE DEAL IMO, very happy about this.

I still have my concerns and fears, BUT this video really conveys a caution and care to this material that gives me faith! This could be a genuinely good addition to this series. Cross your fingers.

Jealousy Chapter 1

Description: Richie has a crush. A big one. He couldn’t get Eddie out of his head, and it was starting to be a problem, but when some girl decides to ask Eddie out, it becomes an even bigger problem

Word Count: 1196

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                                                      Voting Post!

It’s that time again! Barry and Iris made it to the Top TV Couple competition! Vote for them here.

Voting can be really tiring, so I was trying to think of something to help with motivation and possible make it more fun. That’s why I thought I’d make it into a bit of a game. For every 50 votes I’ll reblog this once, probably with a nice WestAllen screencap or promo picture.

I thought others might want to join and that way voting would feel less isolated! And hopefully the pretty WestAllen pictures will help make it a little better :)

So if you want to join, just reblog this for every 50 votes you make with your gifs/pics etc! (If you prefer using another standard 10, 25, or 100 etc, that’s fine by me). You can even start a (collaborative?) fic if you like, posting a new paragraph every reblog.

Lux is my main champ and I know her kit like the back of my hand. The only problem is when I play with my boyfriend & his friends (they have been playing for 5+ years), we get matched against much more skilled/experienced players. I almost always go to shit no matter what. But if I play on my own I’m always playing with toxic people so I’m scared to play without my friends, yet it’s too hard to play with them. They say they don’t care, but I feel like they are only nice to me because I’m a girl.

Artwork by nyami

Ahh Lux is my second main after Annie and tbh I always feel the same way :( I’m the only girl that plays regularly with my boyfriend and his friends, and at first I was too scared to play with them at all before I was level 30 because I thought they would be mad when I did badly. Even though I play with them almost every day now, I always think that they’re just tolerating me because they don’t want my boyfriend to be angry that they excluded/flamed me. Sometimes, I do terribad and I get upset to the point of silent tears, but other times I play really well and can even carry the game sometimes hehe ^_^ I mostly try to put those thoughts away and just play the game :D You’ll find that if you try it, you might even do better since you put away the negative thoughts!! Most of the time it works for me haha but everybody has bad games :) You can always play with me/the mods/people in the Discord server if you want as well so you don’t have to play with random toxic people!! Good luck <3

-mod jenna (sorry…after doing this confession i couldn’t help but write a huge paragraph because aahhh i can relateee and i’m a lil happy inside that i’m not the only one that feels this way… :3)

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am kinda embarrassed to send this but,, I don't know if I'm bi or a lesbian and it's making me nervous bc I'm 82.7% sure a lot of my family and friends know that I'm definitely not straight lol and I'm like.....,,,,, kinda stressing out bc even though I'm "young and finding myself" or whatever I feel like I don't know who I am..... ive seen you help others and I feel like I can trust and look up to you for help??? if that's weird that's ok djdjdbsbbsh

it’s understandable to be nervous because you don’t feel like you have a label and feeling like you should shove yourself into one to make yourself feel better but in the end game it still makes you feel Not Good bc even though you feel like your Sure About It the back of your head is nagging at you and telling you you’re wrong. And it’s not weird at all!!! I am honored that you trust me and want to come to me with you problems and ily!!! I might need a little more information but honestly just go with what your heart thinks is best if you feel like you Need a label right now. With time you’ll find out if that’s the right fit or if you’re actually bi or actually a lesbian. It’s hard to give a lot of advice to such beautiful and strong young girls cause even I’m still figuring it out!!! But you know what you’re amazing either way and you’re completely normal and don’t let that stress you out even though I know it’s stressful babe. If you ever want to talk to me dm me and I’ll try my best to help!!

sorry i’ve been venting about dumb stuff lately, i’ve been really stressed out which was why i went totally offline for a day…sorry if i’ve been bumming you guys out :,(

but i don’t wanna keep making negative posts, they won’t make me feel any better, so i wana give a sorta tip…it might not work for everyone, but something i’ve used a lot to get through abuse, depression, and other such things…is to just think of anything you can be happy or glad about.

it doesn’t have to be anything big. no matter what it is, anything can help. just beat a level in a video game? saw a cute picture of a cat? focus on things like that if they make you happy, even a little bit.

of course, this isn’t gonna cure depression or anything like that, and it won’t help with everything, but it’s just something that’s helped me. it might help you too.

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Does Jared wear hats?

- not often
- but he actually has a thick grey beanie he has for a security blanket
- he very rarely actually wears it in public
- but at home, playing video games when he’s feeling drained
- or just after an anxiety attack
- he finds it comforting
- you didn’t know about it for the longest time
- but after you had a really bad day he just sort of
- put it on you??!
- it was so confusing
- “it makes me feel better so o thought it might help?”
- it was really fucking endearing.
- he suits it too
- you wish he’d wear it more often
- but totally understand that it’s not just a hat to him

GCSE Survival Guide

Doing your GCSEs next year? Then this is the post for you!

This is my first ever masterpost, so if there’s anything I need to improve drop me an ask!

(After writing this I realised most of this post could apply to exams in general, but as it’s based off my experience with GCSEs, I’m keeping the title. I also realised that this post is super long so I’m adding a ‘Read More’ feature- if you want to you can… read more?)

People who do good masterposts:

@areistotle (seriously, this dude pumps out masterposts left, right and centre)





Also @studypetals does cute posts on how to make your notes super nice

Hope everyone has a lovely day! Drop down to read the actual post (I just don’t want people to be scrolling down for 50 years).

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Hello everyone! Feeling tired but can’t sleep?

Same! Here are some things that might help you sleep better!

-Try drinking some warm milk. I know it’s alittle silly but it’s helped me many times.

-Try listening to things that remind you of your cannon. For me I love listening to campfires! You can find lots of sleeping aids on YouTube. They range from white noise all the way to calm gaming music. I’m sure all of my lovely campers can find something to sound like home.

- Try taking deep and regulated breaths! Sometimes you just need to get yourself in a calm state to pass right out!

- Try laying how your kin used to lay. This helps me alot. If you remember how you used to lay in bed in your cannon then try that! If you miss your so from there try bundling up some pillows to snuggle.

- Try just getting into the head space of your kin. This dosnt always work for some people since not every kin is the same in every situation. But sometimes you can be alot more relaxed in a kin shift!

- If you are an adult and your naborhood is safe try going on a night walk. Burn off alittle energy by jogging or just get in a relaxed state of mind while looking at the stars.

- Try watching a documentary. I personally love nature documentarys. They help educate you and they are also rather calm to watch so while learning you also get super relaxed so that can help!

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I had a really bad night last night that I had to leave my house and stay at a friends. I was just hoping, if I could hear words of encouragement or comfort from my 3 favorite Matsu's? Oso, Kara, and Jyushi please? Thank you so much, but also I'm sorry for bothering you.

O: I know it might be difficult right now, but you’re at your friends right? They wouldn’t leave you right? Of course they wouldn’t, they’re your friends! Hang out with them, get comfortable, and I’m sure it’ll get better!

J: Smiling and laughing always helps me when I’m down!! Maybe look up some videos to make you laugh, or see if your friend can make you feel better! Play a game! Ooh! Or go out for a run! Play baseball! I love baseball, muscle muscle, hustle hustle! It’ll all get better soon!!

K: You could try on clothing with your friend~ If you don’t want to do that then I believe singing a song or listening to some music should help comfort you! Heh, anytime I’m down singing almost always helps me when I’m down, I believe in you, and I trust that you will figure out what makes you most comfortable!

((I hope you feel better soon!))

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how do you keep going when everything seems to just keep getting worse

this is a very good question. i’m not going to pretend i know any semblance of what you’re going through right now, and i’m so sorry you’re having a rough time. for me, sometimes one of the hardest things is convincing myself to get out of bed. i’ll lay for hours imagining myself getting out of bed, taking a shower, cooking breakfast, being productive–but i just can’t move. it seems like so much sometimes.

so i started thinking of things that are worth getting out of bed for. butters, my puppy, was the first thing on the list. she always looks so happy to see me and i feel instantly better when i see her. coffee, of course, is on the list but more importantly, i love when i pour a little cream and it swirls with the black coffee. i think it’s really pretty and it makes me even slightly happy to see :) long hot showers. taking butters for a walk and listening to my favorite song (everyone needs a song that you can turn on and instantly feel better. mine is ‘don’t look back in anger’ by oasis–find your song!) try to fall in love with little things everyday.

it might sound silly but i even started getting out of bed just to water my plants–fred, robert and tobias–who are helpless and need to be taken care of. i’ve gotten out of bed because a friend texted me wanting to play video games or because my aunt needed help with taking in groceries. once i was out of bed, i’d promise myself i’d be out for an hour. and if i wanted to go back to bed and nap the day away, that’s okay! but one hour, being productive, out in the sun, reminding myself to eat food and drink water. most of the time, when i left my bed, i stayed out! but it’s okay to take a breather and hide under your sheets if you need to.

during a really dark time in my life, one of the only reasons i got out of bed was because i wanted to beat mass effect. i cried for a week when it ended. but i kept going because dude, pokemon go was in the works. point is, if the thing that keeps you going is feeding your tamagotchi every day then dammit you buy that tamagotchi and play it to your heart’s content because you deserve to get out of bed everyday. it’s worth it. life’s worth it. you can do this. 

Hunter’s Comfort

Summary: Sam comforts you after a terrible date.

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean

Warnings: mentions of cheating, embarrassment, FLUFFFFFF, implied sexy times

“Morning sunshine,” Dean teased as you appeared in the kitchen, you were still half asleep with your signature morning hair look.

“Mornin’” you grumbled quietly as you walked over and poured yourself some coffee before you slumped down on the chair at the kitchen table.

Dean gave you a humored look from where he was sitting opposite you at the table as you took a sip from the coffee mug.

“Rough night, huh?”

You huffed and ran a hand through your hair. “You could say that,” you mumbled, mentally cursing yourself for the over consumption of alcohol you decided to have the night before.

You didn’t even plan to go drinking last night, but after a disastrous dinner date with a police officer who you and the boys had met on a recent case, you needed a let out.

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