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Mass Effect - Citadel
Supposedly constructed by the long-extinct Protheans, this colossal deep-space station serves as the capital of the Citadel Council.
Gravity is simulated through rotation, and is a comfortable 1.02 standard G’s on the Wards and a light 0.3 standard G’s on the Presidium Ring.

Total Length (Open): 44.7 km
Diameter (Open): 12.8 km
Population: 13.2 million (not including keepers)
Gross Weight: 7.11 billion metric tons


Project Cars - Location Overview Trailer

Project Cars features over 30 locations from around the world with multiple variations of each, offering one of the largest track lists of any racing game in recent years.  The ground-breaking dynamic time of day & weather system makes every race unique and urges players to adapt to every situation.

Available Mid-May 2015 for the PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, & Windows PC. 

“I trust you now know this place has become something of great significance. A community to serve as an example of what this would-be-nation could become.
But the larger and stronger it grows, the more fragile and difficult to defend it becomes. I hope your friends who are birthing this infant country understand this truth.” - Achilles Davenport

(original screencaps by madeinmasyaf)