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TBH I wasn't into McHanzo from the beginning. It was weird to me reading fanfics about these two, but as I kept reading, the only thing I could think about was "this is so obvious, they fit too well, their past, how they can help the other to go on, their in game lines!" And that's it, I was shipping them ! Funny bonus: They remind me of Shangai Noon LOL

When it comes to Overwatch, art wins me. Because of their characters I started to play the game (late 2016 fall). However, I was in love with the characters ever since they announced the game, but was never into the game because I was awful at FPS games. (now things changed.. Because practice happened haha, if it can be called that way in a game). 

However, when it comes to ships, to be honest McHanzo charmed me and confused me as hell at first. I mean, other ships, like Reaper76 had also a background story, more official stuff into it, but McHanzo had nothing! I started to search and see if there’s anything I could’ve missed apart from their in game lines, but no actual lore exists around them as partners or whatever else. However, I still loved them! They just have this opposite kind of attraction, the different cultures, their pasts, their attitude! Everything about them is fascinating. And it was shaped by the fandom which makes it even more desireable! I mean, it’s so consistent sometimes, you could swear it’s real lore! This is also one of the reasons I started to make the comics, I want to give them a proper past, how they met and all that! 

Either way, I love other OW ships too, but this for me is the closest to the heart! :3

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For "Stuck on the Puzzle", if that's ok-- I know you're kind of "off" the DA fandom, so no worried if you don't want to think about it right now :) 2: What scene did you first put down? or 4: What’s your favorite line of dialogue? or 5: What part was hardest to write? or all?

I’m totally okay to write about Stuck on the Puzzle! :D (And I’m still thinking about future stories and stuff, I sort of drift all over the place fandom-wise. I wish I had more time for reading/writing - like if I wasn’t working on two original stories and one epic fanfic right now I’d also be working on Cold Red Light).

I’m answering all of these. e.e

2: What scene did you first put down?

Y’know, the first scene I put down, hmmm…. actually it was the first chapter? But I wrote the first chapter as a standalone (I mean a standalone that…promised a lot more, but I genuinely thought that was all I’d write) for a Cullen/Bull prompt week where one of the prompts was ‘negotiation.’ And I just kind of had this concept of Cullen being the most awkward person ever and then I thought maybe he wouldn’t negotiate for sex, but corporal punishment because I wanted to try something a little different to what I’d seen in the rarepair so far.

So that actually came pretty naturally. :D

4: What’s your favorite line of dialogue?

*casually spends like an hour going through the story.*

All the exchanges where Bull is itemising all the things that he thinks Cullen is attracted to, and Cullen immediately starts gnashing his teeth. And that this continues across the story, all the way to item number 6, lol.

Many of Cullen’s rants I really enjoyed for how bitchy they were. There’s a point where he just belligerently goes off his top re: Searidge and he says:

‘You telegraphed your concern,’ Bull said, and the flash of anger Cullen felt then was too large to contain.

‘Do you think I’m unaware of that?’ Cullen said, turning on Bull. ‘Do you think I didn’t know that’s exactly what I was doing? It was what he was waiting for. Of course he knows that it matters, because it matters! I apologise that we haven’t all had the training that you’ve had, some of us weren’t sent to the equivalent of a qunari intelligence university. It’s not as though I didn’t try to pretend it didn’t matter. But he already knows it does. If you came up here to tell me I should have presented a better game face to him, I’m going to agree with you, and then I’m going to tell you to get out.’ // ‘There,’ Cullen said, staring at him, ‘is that mouthy enough for you?’

Anything like that, I really love rereading.

And for some reason I feel like I had an okay handle on Cassandra’s dialogue? So there are some of her lines that I just love because I can really hear her voice in it:

‘I already have that,’ Cullen said, and felt like they were in some staring competition where she was mentally trying to will him into saying yes. The worst part was he could already feel it working. Like a willow branch being bent slowly into place. ‘No, Cassandra. It’s not my idea of a good night. It’s not-’

‘It’s no one’s idea of a good night!’ she exclaimed. ‘The children will be nervous. The adults will be wanting it to be over. We all know it’s meant to be late spring but it will probably snow. I’m not sure anyone really enjoys Summerday. That is what…’ Cassandra waved her hand, ‘the frivolities of Satinalia or even Wintersend are for. You were Knight-Commander, it would have been your duty to oversee the Templars during their coming-of-age, yes?’

Like that’s not the most interesting exchange or anything and I’m sure some people skip it but I just think that moment where she says: ‘we all know it’s meant to be late spring but it will probably snow’ will go down as probably my favourite Cassandra line that I’ve ever written because I can just hear the exasperated way she says it.

Oh and finally this: 

‘Oh really?’ Cullen said, turning his hand so that his fingers could touch Bull’s palm. ‘You like the criminal element?’

‘Yeah,’ Bull said, and Cullen could hear the smile in his voice. ‘Show me someone who practices the petty theft of floggers, and I’ll show you a hard on.’

(And the exchange that follows it).

5: What part was hardest to write? or all?

Haha, I had major areas of writer’s block throughout Stuck on the Puzzle, but easily the hardest scenes were always the sex scenes. It took me a while to get what was going on there, it was partly my own irl discomfort in writing sex scenes (I went through a period of like a year and a half thinking I was trash at them and I’m only just now coming out of it), and then it was actually kind of vibing too hard with Cullen’s demisexuality / awkwardness around sex in general.

So what would happen is I’d start of the scene in Cullen’s headspace given he’s the narrator, and Cullen was always like ‘honestly I don’t really care about the sex :/’ and then mysteriously as the writer I’d be like ‘I don’t…really feel this sex scene. I don’t even feel like it’s hot. Idk, what the hell…’ And later I realised that once Bull sort of started to get going, and Cullen started to see the point, it was like ‘oh holy shit. It’s a block because of Cullen’s character.’ It was the weirdest thing, and it also always happened, even once I knew it was there and what was causing it.

The punishment scene was tough, because writing the difference between ‘flogging that is punishment’ and ‘flogging that is reward’ within the same scene was a weird sort of dance where I worried it wouldn’t come across. There’s a moment where Cullen’s like ‘how is something I really like ever going to be a punishment?’ and I’m like ‘I feel ya buddy. I feel ya.’ Lol. I mean I got there in the end, but I sort of had to think through that scene a lot, and I’m not entirely sure I got exactly to where I wanted to get to. Like, I think I achieved some of what I wanted to, but not all.

The action scene regarding Cullen / the red lyrium / having the infection etc. was also pretty difficult mostly because it was the most ‘in canon’ thing I did (i.e. situating it within an actual event people have played, using real-time dialogue) and there were a lot of moving parts given it was an ensemble team and Cullen was on the downward spiral of ‘hey I have a major infection that’s scrambling my brain.’

(Conversely some parts really flowed. I came to really look forward to Cullen and Bull having discussions together, because even if their progress came in stops and starts, there was something about them both in a room that just had me writing very happily, forever).

Hana and Sombra play video games - round two doesn’t go quite as Hana planned.

He’d evolved complex coping strategies for being told he was rubbish- he’d had plenty of time to work on those- but nobody had ever told him what he was supposed to do if people suddenly turned round and started using words like amazing and astonishing at him. He was completely overwhelmed, and fairly terrified.

Still re-reading Blue Sky. One of my favorite scenes is in Ch 9 between Garret and Wheatley, and I felt it deserved this meme (never thought I would have to make a meme from scratch, but sometimes you gotta make the content you wanna see in the world, ha)


hi! i’m shout. im a freelance pixel artist. ive been around for like 4 years now helping people make video games and sometimes things that arent video games. anyway, i specialize in stupid anime bullshit

i’m opening commissions to tumblr again for pixel art, for gamedev and otherwise, which really just means that i’ll do like standalone avatar portraits and vanity shots if you pay me, too

(it went well the first time, so the second round should be even better, right?)

my rates start at 10usd / 32x32 sprite + 5usd / additional animation frame / tile + 20usd / character design, but for large projects like video games ive been known to put out discounts and for very complicated characters (like, for instance, if you want me to draw and animate a 64x64 tetsuya nomura character) (’ses zippers) i tend to markup. i also markup slightly for sprites with a larger base resolution then 32x32, but can do pretty much any scale from like 8x8 to like 96x96 (and really at that point it’s not even pixel art anymore, just really fuckin small raster art)

(if you want, i can usually provide sketches of any characters you have me design, as well)

i’m also an experienced game maker dev (going on like, 6 years at least) so inquire within about other gamedev work, in case you want my expertise (not just my art) (please do both, though) on a game you’re working on

if you have questions, dont be afraid to just speak up, by the way! like, i dont bite. i mostly just talk about cel animated anime and say the word ‘xabungle’ over and over like im trying to summon it in a mirror

you can also reach me at shout#6597 on discord, and if you genuinely enjoy writing and sending emails or somethin