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i’ve got a big exam tomorrow so here’s an FF buttercup to punch my stress away

The 11 Things Meme

Rules: Tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself, and tag 11 people in return! the facts can be absolutely anything! whatever springs to mind! let’s get started!

@memcjo decided to deem me worthy, thank you so much, hun! :)

1. I love Greek Mythology

2. I am sometimes too proud for my own good

3. OTPs give me more life than they should

4. I am a feminist

5. I make my own opinion

6. Sometimes I tend to be naive and optimistic

7. I procrastinate when I shouldn’t

8. I find the sound of falling raindrops to be soothing

9. I tend to love male characters who are complex, with daddy issues and mad at the world

10. My favorite subject is English

11. “She never forgave and she never forgot.”

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Being an Exo in Rise of Iron: Day 2
  • Lord Saladin: We wanted to use SIVA to build cities, advance our weaponry, fortify our borders. Rasputin responded.
  • Awoken Warlock: Wow, so the Warmind prevented the advancement of mankind. Turned against its own creators. These machines cannot be trusted.
  • Human Titan: Its purpose was to protect mankind, not have its own agenda. Truly, these machines should be destroyed if they cannot follow orders.
  • Exo Hunter: ... you guys know I'm right here, right?
Game Club

A fair few of you expressed interest in this idea, so here’s what I’m thinking.

The concerns that were raised – platforms, time/money investment, etc. – were broadly the same as my own. This is my proposal with particular regard to those issues; feel free to add your own comments.

I’ll take suggestions on games that we could play. These should be PC games since they’re the most widely available, and low impact enough to run on non-gaming PCs. Most of these will also be much smaller games than vast, 100+ hour open world types too, which helps with the time commitment thing, and are likely to be cheaper too.

There are a lot of games on Steam and etc. that are a few dollars, run on a standard laptop, and still have enough depth to discuss. Plus, they’re always nice to support.

Once a month, I’ll collect these into a strawpoll and we can vote on what we play. Then we play! Throughout the month we can have smaller discussions, and then in the last week of the month we can begin fuller talks with spoilers etc. And there’ll be a strawpoll for the next month’s game too.

I’ll most likely create a sideblog for people to follow for these discussions, which means that people can follow and unfollow as they please.

Too busy to play a game one month - or every month except one? No problem, you can dip in and out whenever you like. There’ll also be absolutely no pressure to play, or to discuss even if you do play along. Can’t play for whatever reason but want to discuss? No problem! You can either read the discussions and comment or ask questions of those of us who are playing, or you’ll be more than welcome to comment on a playthrough that you watched or similar.

What do you think? If this sounds good to people, we can begin in June and experiment with it until we have the fine details down. Feel free to let me know your thoughts and, if you like the idea, send game suggestions!