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Destroy you?! You’ve got to be kidding! You…you want me to be your sister, then you say something like that. You’re asking too much,Snow!

The beginning of Persona 5 

Edit: Since people have been pointing it out despite my tags, yes I know they’re Japanese and yes I fixed it now

  • Inquisitor: So if you already manage a spy network, why is Leliana our spymaster instead of you?
  • Varric: Well, she's just better at it. I always care too much about my people. The best spymasters know how to keep their distance and not get emotionally attached.
  • Cut to Leliana in her roost, cradling a red-eyed crow like an infant: Aww, Baron Plucky, did some mean soldiers try to shoot you down? Don't worry, momma will have them all killed. Yes she will! Now, who's my good murder boy? Is it you? Is it you? It is! I wuv you so much!