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I have to move a couple of ppl from the #’s they chose cuz there are still.some blank numbers and I screwed up and wrote 13 instead of 12 cuz I’m an idiot

So here’s who I drew names to move (I literally had to draw out 1 or 2 names to see who I had to move from the numbers that had too much ppl)

I’m sorry if I picked you

If you want to stay in your spot, let me know and I’ll try and figure something out without messing up the story

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#13; @themythicalumbreon and @castielstreasure

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Confession:  It’s sounding like nothing from the trilogy is going to translate over to Andromeda. My first thought was that surely they’d have heard of Shepard. My second was of quantum entanglement communication, which is definitely a thing in Mass Effect. I cannot imagine the Andromeda Initiative launching without those for communication. That could be a complication. My only thought is that perhaps those on either end may have been destroyed before the game begins?

  • Dan: well played Arin
  • Arin: what
  • Dan: as, as that last episode ended, i was like, "oh, can i..." hehehe... "do you mind if i respond to this text message?" and Arin was like "sure go ahead." and as i;m - as i'm texting, i get a text FROM ARIN that says,.. wehehehe, it says -
  • Arin: no, i said, i said ill take the time to respond to a text of my own
  • Dan: oh yeheheh thats right! and then i get a text from arin that says, "yeah hes responding to text messages, wasting my fucking time" followed by "sorry wrong person"

“Sherlock Holmes is in love, but with who?”

We all knew it was coming, we have been watching and waiting for it for years, but to see it actually happening still somehow feels a little….overwhelming? Like, we knew it was gonna happen, but WOW IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING, what are we supposed to do with ourselves right now??? What are we supposed to do when we’re on the cusp of getting everything we’ve ever asked for?

Resident Evil 7 Collector’s Edition Unboxing

Hello all!

About a week ago, I won the collector’s edition of Resident Evil 7 by correctly answering a trivia question during one of Capcom’s twitch streams. (Aside: Definitely check out their twitch channel. I really enjoyed watching them show off the new Banned Footage modes for the game.) The collector’s edition arrived today so I thought I would thank Capcom again for such a cool prize and share some unboxing photos, as well as a short video clip of the music box. :)



First, we have the VHS tape replica, the game disc for Xbox One, and the steelbook on the side.

The tape is the Derelict House tape from June 1st - featured in both Beginning Hour and the final game as the night when the Sewer Gators first visited the Baker Estate. Opening the tape reveals…

The warning message, from how it looks after completing the tape in game. “I will dash them YOU against the stones.” It also includes the dummy finger.

Surprise! It’s also a USB flash drive. To the side we have the steelbook, which has a nice minimalist design on the outside, and the estate artwork in the inside.

Next we have a black letter with the games logo embossed. The envelope contains a lithograph of the Baker family enjoying an…interesting…dinner.

Last but not least, we have the replica of the Baker house. This thing is impressively detailed.

If you remove the chimney, you’ll find a crank that activates a particularly dark version of “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” - the same one that plays in the menu opening cut scene.

That’s all folks! Thanks again Capcom for the awesome prize, and hope you all have a wonderful day :)


10x17 “Inside Man”
Fake Drunk!Dean Playing Pool and Being a Handsome Son of a Gun While Doing So

恋人 vs 二次元 (Koibito vs Nijigen)

Milky Chain has announced a new drama CD series in the works! The theme of this series is you/your lover being fixated on two-dimensional characters, and your lover/or you trying to seduce you/them out of that fixation. ( • v • ) Basically, either you (the MC) is an otaku, or your boyfriend is one.

Synopses after the cut!

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fuck/marry/kill SJM edition!

1) Rowan, Fenrys, Gavriel

2) Rhysand, Azriel, Cassian

3) Amren, Mor, Feyre

4) Tamlin, King of Hybern, Jurian

5) Aelin, Lysandra, Elide

6) Manon, Asterin, Celaena 

7) Erawan, Maeve, Cairn

8) Feyre, Nesta, Elain

9) Lucien, Tarquin, Varian

10) Aedion, Dorian, Kale 

Go go go!!