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What is your fave hq!! Team??????? (Is it shiratorizawa?????)

Nope, it’s Nekoma!!!

Babe, where’s my razor?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None (fluff)

Word count: 979

Summary: The reader can’t stand Dean shaving all the time so she takes action!

A/N: Have you guys ever fantasized about Dean’s facial hair? If your answer is yes, this is the perfect fic for you!

It all started on a hunt a while back when you and Dean were stuck in a motel in the middle of nowhere. Dean had forgotten to pack his razor and since there was no drugstore in sight, he didn’t care which resulted in the sexy scruff that was starting to show itself on his cheeks.

Of course you didn’t mind. The opposite was the case actually. Watching him sit at the coffee table with his left elbow propped up, his heavenly scruffy face resting on his hand, was a view you thoroughly enjoyed.

Sadly, the morning after you guys returned to the bunker your new favorite thing about Dean was gone. You could have simply told him to keep it but you couldn’t stand seeing that self-satisfied smirk you were sure would play across his full lips once you admitted your weakness.

The next time you went on a hunt Dean did not forget to pack his razor, much to your disappointment.

But you came up with something that would hopefully work. Now it was your turn to smirk.

“I’m going to grab us something to eat. I’ll be back in half an hour,” your gorgeous, green-eyed boyfriend told you before he left the room.

Time to get to work.

You made your way to Dean’s duffel bag and after searching through it for a few seconds you found the evil object which kept that amazing scruff away from you.

Discarding it quickly you stood in the middle of the room but your victory was short lived. You knew Dean would go to the drugstore next to the motel to get a new one when he wouldn’t be able to find it, so you needed a backup plan.

Some may think that you were crazy for doing this but you didn’t care. You were firmly determined to go to all extents in order to accomplish your mission.

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There are characters who are trash, and deny it.

There are others, though, who are trash and they embrace it.


The Exalted Plains, Orlais 

“Dareth shiral, Tillahnnen.”

Blunt // Cole Sprouse

Can your write one like the only you just did were the reader is younger but this time she is dating Cole and it’s a secret for a while because he is older and everyone already wants him to be with Lili

Warnings: A freaking intense and scary Uno game, Dick related joke(s)?

Word Count: 1281

Characters: Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, Trevor Stines, Casey Cott, Madelaine Petsch, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Ross Butler

A/N: I have used the name ‘Kairi’ (if you can guess where this is from, I will give you so much love) as the character you’re playing. It just makes a little more sense to me instead of having to write ‘y/n’ as your character. Because you are you, and your character is Kairi. xoxo

—- —-

“Uno!” You shouted, grinning as you placed down the draw four card you had been waiting to unleash on Cole, a grin across your lips. “Come on, boy. Pick the cards up!” You laughed, looking down at the last card you had left. “Oh, and I change the colour to… blue!”

Cole picked up his four cards, but you were too busy celebrating in your head to notice the smirk on his lips. “Draw four,” Cole muttered slyly, placing down the card, looking at you with a sinister look.

Your mouth dropped open and your eyes widened. “Are you serious!?” You exclaimed, slamming down the card and huffing, crossing your arms. You were a sore loser, to say the least. “So you’re allowed to put a draw four down, but I’m not?” Cole laughed, running his hands through his hair and taking a deep breath. “I think we need a break from this game. We’ve been playing for over two hours.”

You stood up, brushing off your pants and stretched, hearing the popping sounds coming from your back. You took a deep breath and looked outside of your trailer, seeing the sun was starting to set. “We’re still doing the Jughead and Kairi scene tonight, aren’t we?” You asked the raven haired boy, grabbing your coat before you followed him outside, walking besides him.

“Yeah. We have to meet the producers at around 11pm. Just so it’s dark enough.” Cole nodded, smiling down at you before making his way to where all the others were sitting.

Truth is, you and Cole had been dating for about 5 months now, but you both kept your feelings hidden away in public and left it all for behind doors. Both of your family knew, and were a bit hesitant at first, since you were 19 (turning 20) and Cole was 24. Your families eventually got used to it, and you got on along so well with Dylan. It was everything he wanted in a relationship.

But there was a flaw. And that was Lili.

Now, she wasn’t a flaw herself. You found her absolutely breathtaking. She was gorgeous. But everyone wanted her to be with Cole, and that’s why you both decided to keep the relationship under wraps.

You shoved your hands in your pockets, smiling as you sat down next to Madelaine and Casey, smiling as she slid her plate across to you, the sweet potato fries already making you drool. “Are (Y/N) and I the only ones that have a late night scene to shoot?” Cole asked, looking around the table. He looked at you, gave you a small smile and turned his attention to Ross.

“I’m sure Lili will wait up for you, Cole.” He laughed, making Lili blush. You ran your fingers through your hair, taking a deep breath and continued to share the plate of fries with Madelaine. You looked at Cole, who was giving a fake laugh.

—- —-

“I’ll be back, guys.” You stood up, announcing that you wanted to take a walk and revise some lines by yourself before your scene. “Need some company?” Cole asked, raising an eyebrow. “We are shooting this scene together, if you need some help or anything.” You shook your head, smiling softly before grabbing your phone from the table and walking off towards the entrance of the lot.

“Need anyone to go with you, Hon?” The night shift guard asked you, but you shook your head, smiling. “I’ll be fine, thanks Linda.” You continued your walk out of the set and took a deep breath, hands in pockets once again.

Your thoughts were startled by your phone ringing. You looked at the caller I.D and saw ‘Sprouse #1’ with the many emoji’s next to his name. You answered the phone, holding it to your ear. “What’s up?” You asked, the main street lit up by the night life of the town.

“Where are you? We have three hours to be on set. You need to get ready.” Cole didn’t even bother saying hello. You took a deep breath, looking over your shoulder. The lot wasn’t even that far away. You had been out for about 15 minutes.

“I’ll be back in another 15 or 20 minutes, Cole. I’m fine. I just need some space.” You sighed, biting your lip and turning around. You walked into a corner store, still on the phone to your co-star and boyfriend. “No, you’ll be back now, please. Just so I know you’re safe.” Cole had whispered the last part, and you could almost picture him looking around, making sure no one was listening.

“I’m just getting a smoothie, Cole. Give me a few minutes.” You sighed, ordering the smoothie and paying for it. You took a seat, phone still to your ear. “Now. There is something on your mind. What’s the matter?” You questioned, biting your lip.

“I want to tell them, (Y/N). I don’t want them to keep trying to make me date Lili. I love her to bits. But I’m going to pull an Archie Andrews here and say I don’t love her like that. She’s a friend and that’s what I want it to stay as.” He sighed, and you could hear his trailer door shut behind him. “I just love you so much and I don’t see why a five age gap is a big deal. I just want to tell them.”

You took a deep breath, getting up and thanking the person at the counter as they called you over for your smoothie. You walked out of the store, taking a sip. “Well, I’m on my way back now. So if you want to meet me at the front and we can do it together, I’ll be happy to.” You complied with him, a smile on your lips. Now you can finally post about him without having to use the ‘best friend’ hashtag.

—- —-

“Fancy seeing you here.” You grinned, seeing Cole in all his beauty. He smiled, turning around to walk besides you. The both of you walked slowly, a silence overcoming the both of you. “How do we do this?” You asked, looking at him. He looked at you, a small smile on his lips. “You’ll find out.”

You had been sitting back at the table for about 25 minutes now. You were due in hair and make-up in another 10, and Cole still hadn’t said anything about the two of you.

“Hey, hey guys. What do you call a 3.14 metre snake?” KJ spoke up, making you furrow your eyebrows at the stupid sounding joke. “It’s a pithon. Get it. Pi. No? Yes?” You had bursted out laughing at the simple, but so stupid maths related joke. “See! At least someone enjoyed my joke!”

“I’m sure Lili enjoys Cole’s snake,” Trevor had spoken up, making you look at him.

“I’m dating (Y/N).” Cole had said it so bluntly that it had almost slipped past. You looked at him, eyes widened at how quickly he had said it. He looked at you, shrugging before going back to his fries. Madelaine and Camila had looked at you, jaws dropped and eyes wide.

“What can I say, I’m into blunt guys.” You shrugged, a laugh coming from your lips as you stood up, leaving to get ready for your next scene.

Cole had gotten up, following you and wrapped his arms around your shoulders, making the rest of the cast chatter about the both of you.

“That was very blunt,” you commented, looking up at the brunette.

“I honestly had not planned that.” Cole opened the trailer door for you, a smile on his lips.

“I could tell.”


honestly I think the jungle biome has been my favorite since it was added

  • me whenever my life is falling apart: hey... i should probably catch up on video games. its been too long. maybe play them for 10 to 70 hours straight? yeah

the best part about this entire thing is that it took me seeing this and only this and it inspired 6k+ worth of smut, fluff, and drunk!harry being cute. so it’s really cute, then filthy, and then cute again, and then filthy one last time so it has BALANCE. also based on this blurb i posted yesterday! enjoy <3

“Think it’ll be the best night f’my life f’you go an’ catch that bouquet,” he says in answer to your earlier question, and your eyes go wide and you shake your head almost instantly. “Absolutely not – have you ever been part of a bouquet toss? Those women will claw me t’the death tryin’ t’get it,” you reason, and he pouts.

“Please, baby – promise I’ll kiss it better,” he says, and you almost give in because he’s properly pouting like a child right now, but you look over to where all the bachelorettes have gathered, and you scrunch your nose. “Y’can buy me a bouquet f’roses and throw ‘em at me, ‘f that’s really what you want t’see happenin’,” you offer, and Harry literally whines. “Baby–” he starts, and you cut him off, “No.”





It goes on like that until the final call for the girls to gather and Harry shrugs. “Fine then. I guess I’ll go,” he says, and you give him a look of confusion, your eyebrows knitted together, until you realize he means he’s joining the bouquet toss.


Harry and Y/N go to a wedding in Hawaii and he joins in on the bouquet toss when you refuse

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So I really like Persona 5 and I especially like the girls on the team.

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Why did your trainer chose to include you on the team? Love ya boof!

Honestly it’s more like Boof chose them

Randomly sitting on their lap - Seventeen (Hip Hop unit)


You just came back from the bathroom for a quick makeup touch up to see some girl clearly flirting with your boyfriend. She was twirling her hair and batting her eyelashes at him.

Who the hell does she think she is? You think to yourself.

Cheol looks a little uncomfortable in all honesty, his eyes were wandering the room probably for you.

When you reach the two you take a seat in his lap and one of his hands immediately wraps around your waist

“Hi I’m his girlfriend, you are?” You give the girl a sickeningly sweet smile and extend your hand.

She shakes your hand weakly and that’s when you know you’ve intimidated her enough.

She shyly walks off after saying a brief goodbye to you guys. Cheol wraps both arms around your waist and sets his chin on your shoulder.

“Jealous hmm?”

“Just letting these girls know you’re taken.” You kiss his cheek and he blushes.

“I love you Y/n, don’t worry.” He kisses your cheek back and now it’s your turn to be flustered.

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You were hanging out with the boys at their dorm for your weekly movie night. Everyone had gotten their blankets and pillows and found a place to sit. You were put on popcorn duty so when you came back into the living room to see all the spots taken you pouted.

A few of the boys noticed and tried to move over on the couch so you could comfortably sit with your boyfriend.

“No no it’s okay guys don’t worry about it.” You tell them, putting down the popcorn bowls and climbing onto Wonwoo’s lap.

“Oh uh o-okay..” Wonwoo stutters a little, clearly flustered and taken off guard.

Some of the boys exchange looks and you know that Wonwoo saw them. Your furrow your eyes at the younger boys and they immediately stop staring.

“Just relax babe.” You whisper to him and plant a kiss on his cheek.

Eventually his arms find their way around your waist and you lean back into his chest as the movies progress.

Halfway through the third movie you feel butterfly kisses on the nape of your neck and blush.

“Someone’s getting a little bold.” You whisper and he lets out a whisper of a chuckle.

“This is payback for making me blush earlier.”

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You were joining the boys for dinner at their dorm so of course you offered to cook or at least help.

As you were putting down some sides down on the table you noticed their were only seven seats at the table. Your boyfriend however was already seated and for some reason didn’t bother saving you a seat.

Once you set down the bowls you took a seat on Mingyu’s lap, not even batting an eyelash at him. You feel him shift underneath you and you start to smirk.

Mingyu however knows the game you’re playing and ups it, his hands start rubbing your sides, lifting your shirt up on the sides enough to feel your skin get goosebumps.

Just as you manage to level your breathing, you feel lips on your neck. Immediately you look around to see if any of the boys are looking and thankfully they aren’t. Your hand grabs his tightly and tries to remove them from your waist when you are ripped out from your thoughts.

“Yah!? Really? At the dinner table?” Han asks making your cheeks flush.

You try and wriggle out of Mingyu’s grasp but he isn’t letting you escape that easily.

“Just ignore them please~” He uses that sickening sweet voice that literally makes your insides melt every time.

You try to hide your blushing cheeks from the other members at the table. He notices you’re embarrassed and loosens his grip so you can escape.

“Next time babe, don’t sit on my lap without my permission. I will always win.” He sends you a wink and you stick your tongue out at him then walk back into the kitchen.

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Vernon was in the middle of a very important game of Overwatch when you finally got fed up. He’d been playing that damn game ever since you got home from work over three hours ago.

You took a seat next to him on the couch, absolutely nothing. You scooted closer, barely a glance. You finally scoff and manage to wiggle your way into his lap.

“B-babe what are you-” He doesn’t even finish his sentence before he realizes that all you want is his attention.

He sighs in defeat and puts his controller on the coffee table. His arms wrap around your torso as your head rests on his chest.

You smile a little at how much of an affect you have on him. He shakes his head at himself because he knows he’s so damn whipped for you.

“I love you~” you mumble and you can feel a light chuckle.

“I love you too Y/n.” One of his hands starts rubbing your hair softly and eventually you fall asleep still wrapped in his embrace.

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Character Analysis: Velvet Crowe

I know I shouldn’t be adding more fuel to the whole Berseria discourse that’s been happening since it’s definitely been beaten to death like a dead horse. Yes, there is misogyny and sexism prevalent in the game. Yes, I agree that it’s quite irksome at times and it gets me annoyed at certain characters as well. 

But put all that bullshit in a blender, shit on it, and pour it into the sewer and put it aside, then honestly, in my own personal opinion, Berseria has one of the strongest and memorable cast I’ve seen in a Tales game in a pretty long time. Plus, I’ve been itchin’ to do Berseria character analysis’ for awhile now.

I don’t speak for everyone or anyone other than myself for this one but I want to start off with how much I love Velvet.

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Gary dance appreciation.

This is all a game.

Okay, so besides all the homicidal maniacs, what’s Jack’s YouTube channel known for? Sure, he’s known for his loudness, his humble nature, his consistency and everything along those lines. But let’s look past that and simply view the bigger picture.

Jack is a gamer. Done. Dusted. Ta-da, mystery solved. He just plays games for a living, and people enjoy it.

Anti likes to play games too.

Anti understands that gameplay is a massive thing in Jack’s channel, obviously, and he knows we’re there to see Jack’s glorious reactions to each and every one he plays. Anti knows what we like.

So, maybe, he wants us to be the ones to play this time.

Halloween was a case of Jack vs Anti - two sides of the same coin fighting against each other for control. But things have changed. We embraced Anti and welcomed him.

And after a while, we forgot about him. His comeback at PAX was extraordinary, but he highlighted what we all needed to remember; he was pissed. He was annoyed. Because we focused on Jack, not him, and we focused on other things.

Now we’re targets too. Now we’re playing the final game.

“You could have stopped me.”
“It’s all your fault!”
“What do you think?”

He’s making us choose. He’s done with us being in the background, controlling what he does. He’s been reborn; he’s patient, knows what he’s doing. He’s returned; this time, he’s the puppet master.

His actions are based on our decisions. Chase being evil? The answer of “what do you think” was Anti throwing it back at us. What do we choose?

Because here’s the thing; if this is one big game, then we’re playing for Jack’s life. And in games like these, there are sacrifices.

Do we save Chase and risk losing Jack to a monster inside his own head? Or do we leave Chase behind and have a greater chance of saving the green bean?

We pushed at Chase Brody, making theories, even making blogs. And now he’s in danger; a fallen hero. Lucifer used to be an angel: God’s right hand man.

Then he was corrupted. And he fell into Hell where demons ruled the plain.

It’s up to us to decide whether we can get him out. It’s up to us whether Anti has been reborn, or is returning. It’s up to us to save Jack’s life at the end of whatever grand scheme this leads up to; the final level of a twisted game we’ve been playing since October.

It’s always been up to us. It’s always been our fault.

I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again. Our community needs to join together.

For as hard as it may be…we’ve got decisions to make.

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just 2 trophies from platinum! a doodle to celebrate~