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It was hot it the gymnasium, like a lobster being boiled hot, but you needed to be there to support Derek.

It was his last basketball game of the season and you had attended all games prior to this one, even if he didn’t know it. He did. You just didn’t know it. He watched you between halves and dedicated every basket to you. It was an endless cycle which your mutual friends were sick of.

“Will you quit staring at him? Its like you think he’ll disappear into a hole in the ground if you look away” Stiles loudly said to you, drawing the attention of others.

“Shut up Stiles, he might hear you!” You quickly replied

Before you and Stiles could go any further Scott piped in, “He isn’t wrong though Y/n, we’ve been here nearly an hour and you haven’t looked away from him once!”

“Well im sorry, I can’t help that this intelligent, beautiful, stunning, athletic man is running around in shorts which may I add make his butt look amaz- is it me or did it just get even hotter in here?” You explained whilst tying your hair up into a simple yet cute ponytail.

Derek just happened to glance at you at that very moment, and boy was he glad he did.

Standing there mesmerised by your movements, he didn’t realise he was holding the game up.

Whispering to you, Stiles said, “I think your god is staring at you”

“What? No he isn’t, he doesn’t even know i exist!” You exclaimed.

“Just look over there!” Scott said pointing towards a figure in the middle of the court.

At that moment Derek’s eyes connected with yours and he nervously smiled at you. You returned his smile and waved. What you and Derek didn’t know was that, that was the start of a lovely friendship which later turns into the most beautiful relationship.

Blame @reblogginhood because her stuff on Vesta on Meta Station’s latest podcast inspired me to write a little bit of a Roman Empire AU.

There were perks to being the emperor’s son.  Pike was a bit ruthless for Bellamy’s tastes, but he had been a good commander out in the forests of Gaul.  The old emperor had been a weak, corrupt man, and Bellamy had made sure his legion supported Pike when he returned to take the throne from Jaha.  

Being named his son and heir in return had been a welcome surprise, as it took a boy who had been born in the back gutters of Rome to Palatine Hill.  It also meant sitting with the emperor at the Coliseum, surrounded by slaves with fans while the gladiators battled below in the midday heat. Pike’s relentless war with Queen Nia had been a thorn in Bellamy’s side, and he had agreed to attend the games to smooth things over.  Several hours had passed and Pike seemed to have relaxed, soothed by the festivities below.

Festivities that turned Bellamy’s stomach, but he watched them with a mask of excitement nonetheless.

Pike plucked a fig from a tray and offered it to Bellamy who waved him away.  “This one is new,” Pike said, motioning to the blonde woman walking boldly out onto the sands.  “They’re calling her the Commander of Death.”

She saluted the emperor and Bellamy sat up, intrigued.  “Where is she from?” he asked.

Pike busied himself with choosing another fig.  “Just a slave,” he said, and Bellamy turned his attention back to the arena.  The gladiator’s hair was woven back into intricate braids and she drew a short, broad sword.  Her legs were all smooth muscle, and when the panther was released she danced away with an easy grace.

The match was finished quicker than Bellamy thought possible.  The gladiator circled the panther and then seemed to stumble back just as it pounced.  He thought she was gone— a disappointment— but then the panther went limp and she heaved it aside.  She’d used the beast’s weight against it, driving her sword into his belly when it tried to tear her throat out.

That was a daring play; one false move and she would have died, but she didn’t even seem to relish her victory.  Most gladiators would feed on the crowd, but the Commander of Death simply bowed and strode off her field of victory without a second glance.

“I’d like to meet her,” Bellamy said suddenly.

Pike looked up, surprised.  Bellamy didn’t usually take advantage of the perks of his station, and Pike furrowed his brow.  “I can arrange that,” he said, but his smile didn’t quite meet his eyes.

The gladiator arrived at the palace later that day, still dressed for battle but with an empty scabbard.  He was reasonably sure he could have disarmed her if she meant him harm, but his guards were probably wise not to send an armed slave into the chambers of the emperor’s son.  She stood with her shoulders straight and her chin tipped up in defiance, her blue eyes cold and hard.

Bellamy poured himself a goblet of wine and dismissed the rest of the servants.  She hadn’t spoken yet, just watched him warily as he paced around her.  “You must be wondering why I’ve summoned you,” he said, stopping just behind her left shoulder.

She didn’t look back.  “Not particularly,” she said tightly.

“It’s not for that,” he said, and her shoulders let go of some tension.  

Up close, she looked just like he remembered.  Same delicate lips, same straight nose, same blonde waves.  Her body was harder and leaner now, and he was willing to bet her hands back then hadn’t been callused from holding a sword.  He had only seen her a few times, carried past their street on a litter, but he never forgot a face.

Especially not one as beautiful as hers.

“Wine?” He held a goblet out to her and she accepted it with a suspicious look.  “It’s probably been years since you’ve had something this fine,” he continued, and she lowered the goblet from her lips without taking a sip.

“What do you mean?”

Bellamy circled around to face her and wondered if he was about to meet same fate as the panther she’d dispatched.  “I mean, it’s a long way from Palatine Hill to the arena, princess.”

Her eyes snapped to him but otherwise her face remained impassive.  “I’m not sure what you’re saying,” she replied carefully.

“Pike was a soldier; he never spent much time in Rome.  But I grew up here.  Down in the slums just past the market.”  He took a sip of wine and cocked his head to the side.  “The market that the emperor’s son’s betrothed used to frequent.  Tell me, how do you go from princess of the empire to a slave in the Coliseum?”

Clarke’s nostrils flared.  “Your betrothed dies and his father is murdered by a butcher who has no business running a province, much less an empire.  You run, and you get captured by people too stupid to realize who you really are.  So you start fighting.”

“You haven’t touched your wine,” he observed.

“I’m waiting to see what you do with me.”

Bellamy gave her a crooked smile. “I’m offering you a chance to get what you want.”

Something sparked in her eyes.  “And what’s that?”

“Justice.  Revenge.  Whatever you want to call it.”


Bellamy stopped in front of her and looked her straight in the eye.  “I want you to help me bring down the emperor.”  

Wolfstar: Qudditch
  • Remus is quiet and needs convincing to attend them at first. It’s around 5th year and the Mauraders are close friends and Remus doesn’t want to spoil the friendship with announcing that he’s in a relationship with Sirius. So he attends games with James and Peter, but keeps a low profile as he used to, but occasionally he can’t help but turn bright red when Sirius winks at him. (Which was tOTALLY suspicious to Lily Evans, but J&P were to engaged in the game to notice)
  • Remus continues to go to Sirius’ matches and by 6th year has completely lost interest in hiding their relationship (even though J&P are still quite oblivious, Lily caught on months ago) Remus screams from the stands and is decked out in Gryffindor colors. J&P are overjoyed that they FINALLY got Remus interested in Qudditch and happily go along with his enthusiasm.
  • One day, towards the end of 6th year (J&P are borderlines suspicious at this point. Since when does Remus blush so much around Sirius? Are they spending more time together than usual?) Remus is filled with excited adrenaline and Sirius dismounts from his broom after winning a match. Remus runs up to him, in the open Qudditch field with the bleachers PACKED, and kisses him. He cups his pink, sweaty face in his hands and presses their lips together while they both smile like idiots. J&P are speechless and shocked, (but happy, and finally putting the pieces together) the crowd is cheering in support, I mean they all saw it coming as well, Lily is shaking her head at the two and laughing while clapping. McGonagall speaks over the mic and is telling the two to break it up, but after a wall of boos she gives up and laughs herself. Maybe Remus could talk some sense into his boyfriend.
More Patater Family!AU

Follow-up to this post. Last thoughts on the Patater family for tonight because I realize I’m going overboard with this buT LAWD i love them so much

I imagine that even with how involved Kent and Tater tries to be in their kid’s life, there are just some moments that they will miss because of how much they have to travel. Their son understands; his parents more than make up for it when they come home and he knows they love him a whole bunch but it still sucks sometimes to only talk to them through Skype for weeks at a time. Like in third grade when he made it to the final rounds of his school’s Spelling Bee, but lost at the end, he really wished that his Pa was there to tell him he did a good job, or to see his Dad in the front row probably trying to stifle his backseat coaching because “Kenny, is spelling, you cannot coach. That is actually cheating.” Like yeah, they always do the thing with the matching suits and accessories whenever they go to Back to School Night, and Karen from the PTA basically wants to slaughter Kent for dissing her baking skills, but he’d rather have that than walking home alone from school to an emptyish house (nanny is there) for weeks at a time.

Every single time, the regular season pretty much coincides with the annual school play, and ok, their son doesn’t really care about the play. He’s playing a tree that says about five lines total, but looking in the dark at the parents and not seeing his blows a lot more than he’d expected. When the play is over and they all stand in a line to bow, the lights turn on and suddenly, amidst the clapping and cheering, he hears a familiar accent yelling, “That’s my son!! You see! The third tree!” And their son notices the two figures in the very back, still in hockey jerseys and looking pretty frazzled, are Kent and Tater, who’d immediately jumped in the car post-game interview (tbh Tater only said “I have to go to my son’s play I am sorry maybe next time!!! Ask Zimmboni questions he was very good!!!” and Kent just straight up walked out). Kent and Tater are the first parents to rush forward to collect their kid and are extremely alarmed when their son barrels towards the two of them, crying because he missed them. Tater raves about how convincing he was as a talking tree and Kent wipes the tears away and gives a bunch of gross cheek kisses like he did when he was in first grade. (Headcanon that Kent calls their son Tater Tot and does kid-friendly chirps while giving said kisses.)

BONUS: All the parents in the auditorium are turning their heads and you hear the crowd whispering excitedly as they recognize Kent and Tater in their jerseys. Except for Karen, who glares at Kent for a full minute while Kent narrows his eyes and look highly unimpressed.   

I Don’t Play Nice

Auston Matthews x Reader

Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Warnings: Cheesy, Mentions of Matthews v Laine rivalry

POV: Second Person

Summary: Auston gets a bit fiery when he sees his girlfriend with Patrik Laine

Originally posted by austonmatthews-34

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You stood looking around, slightly feeling anxious as you didn’t quite know where you were. 

It was only the first away game you were attending for Auston, and you were already freaking out because you couldn’t find your way around the place. 

You didn’t notice the person trying to get your attention until you felt them place their hand on your shoulder. 

You almost screamed as they stopped you from frantically spinning around.

It was Patrik Laine. 

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Colors of Jily

Purple: the bags under Lily’s eyes the night she stays up worrying after James broke his leg in quidditch. the bruises on James’s knuckles after the Slytherins called Lily a mudblood and made her cry. Lily’s favorite jumper. the one James bought her. 

Blue: James’s wool socks that Lily always borrows. the Ravenclaw boy, that hit on Lily, that James hated all of 5th year. the sky that frames James during the few Quidditch games that Lily attends. the earrings that James bought Lily for Christmas. the earrings she never stops wearing. 

Green: Lily’s eyes. the eyes that James will always love. the Slytherins that mock Lily because she isn’t “pure”. the Slytherins that James locked in the cupboard on the 7th floor. the grass just outside the school where James and Lily spend most of their fall evenings. 

Yellow: the flowers that James brought Lily during summer break. the lumpy hat that James’s mother made for Lily. the faded bruises and bumps on James’s arms after a hard game of Quidditch. the gold on Lily’s engagement ring. the sun setting on James and Lily as they sit on the roof of Lily’s house during the summer. the ice tea they drink while enjoying the views. Lily likes the sunset. James likes her.  

Orange: the orange ice lollies that Lily got James addicted to over the summer. the kitten that James bought Lily as a graduation present. the orange slices that James sticks in his mouth to make an orange smile. the pumpkin juice stains on Lily’s shirt after an important Quidditch game. half of them from when she cheers too hard and the other half caused by Jame’s snogging her senseless. 

Red: the cuts on James’s back and chest after a full moon. Lily’s hair. hair that James will always love. James’s lips. lips that Lily will always want to kiss. the quidditch jersey that Lily wears to matches. the one with the last name Potter on it. the hearts the both draw on each other’s skin with their finger tips.