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Dadrien HCs

-He’s a frequent guest to all of Emma’s tea parties, and he commends her brewing skills while sipping from the empty, plastic cup.

-He goes to every school event for the kids. From holiday talent shows to soccer games to art club exhibits.

-He is the king of tickle fights, his skills sharpened after years of teasing Marinette. Hugo and Louis try to beat him every time, but they have not managed to beat him yet.

-He read a lot of parenting books when Mari was pregnant because he wanted to make sure that he was better than Gabriel had been to him.

-He falls asleep often when reading them goodnight stories, and Mari frequently leaves her workshop to find her husband fast asleep in the rocking chair beside Louis and Hugo’s bunk bed. (He won’t admit it, but he drools in his sleep.)

-He always helps with homework, and if he doesn’t understand what they are learning, then he looks it up himself so he can explain it.

-He is very protective of his kids, and when Emma, his ‘Little Lady’, gets her first crush, he freaks out.

-He always takes calls from the kids even when he’s working, and everyone knows that they have priority.

-He gets very protective whenever Mari is pregnant, and he doesn’t let her fight crime when she has someone else to protect.

-He baby talks to her tummy, to the point where she jokes about getting cavities from his sweetness.

-He almost bought an amusement park because the kids asked him if they could live there. Mari stopped him, and told him to stick with the annual passes.

  • we’ve heard that the luminary relations celebs are getting ready to work for luminarys winter carnival ! ”  

a winter wonderland carnival !

our vancouver office celebs have helped plan a winter carnival where our celebs will be volunteering their time to work at the carnival stands while raising money for a special cause. 100% of proceeds from every single booth at the carnival will go to the north vancouver animal welfare centre and the money will be used to house homeless, abused, or abandoned animals during the terribly cold winter months. the carnival will take place in beautiful stanley park in vancouver, on november 18 and 19.

make sure you bring your winter coats and mittens, because it’s estimated to be a snowy weekend on canadas west coast. the carnival will have horse carriage rides, games, entertainment, an art exhibit, a local handmade goods market, an indoor expo centre, street performances, and food ( including some canadian favourites such as poutine and everything you could imagine made with maple ).

our celebs’ stay in vancouver will be payed for by the company, they’ll be arriving on the 17th and staying until the 20th, we suggest checking out granville street or english bay during your stay and taking advantage of your time in the beautiful rainy city.

this event is mandatory for everyone. if you’re on tour while the event is taking place, you’ll be taking a few days off to attend the event.

please take a look at this list to find where you’ll be working and donating your time during the carnival:

  • cotton candy stand: cathy kelley, john o.callaghan
  • hot chocolate stand: bebe rexha, maddox seidel
  • toffee and candy apple stand: forest lovelis
  • kettle corn stand: dave escamilla, ryan ross
  • funnel cake stand: dani vitale, tom holland
  • lemonade stand: dylan ragland, ryan ashley
  • water gun game: demi lovato, lido
  • balloon pop game: awsten knight, pamela martinez
  • loonie gambling game: halsey, harry styles
  • beer tent bartenders: esmeray könig, wolfgang könig
  • beer tent security: colby lopez, tom pestock
  • afternoon talent show judges: niykee heaton, xavier rexha
  • street performance announcers/entertainment hosts: g-eazy, kj apa
  • face painting: bruno nakai, josh dun
  • indoor petting zoo attendees: machine gun kelly, yasmine yousaf
  • indoor (childrens) bouncing castle: harry styles, tyler joseph
  • indoor butterfly tent: parker jennings, tyler carter
  • art show: madelaine petsch, dua lipa 
  • horse drawn carriage rides: fergal devitt, candice lerae