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Dangal : In Indian society, especially in backward areas, most families want a son to carry forward their legacy and if they end up with daughters, very few give them equal opportunities. But Phogat encouraged all his four daughters to become wrestlers. Out of his four daughters, two – Geeta and Babita – won gold and silver at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, respectively. The film will also focus on how he coached them personally against all odds ignoring people who made fun of him for preparing his daughters to become wrestlers. What is most astonishing is that he never gave up and proved that if given equal opportunity, daughters are no less than sons.

The first major section of play in Bioshock 2, after completing a brief tutorial, is a tour through Andrew Ryan’s Amusements, an intelligently crafted presentation of the core beliefs and downfall that led to the events of the previous work. By presenting this so early, not only does the game reintroduce the primary elements of Objectivism to the player, it also paints a much less charismatic portrait of Ryan, making the movement in Rapture towards a form of Leninist Communism that much more understandable.

Because of the very limited customization options in TF2, headwear quickly became the most easily recognizable status symbol for experienced gamers. The rarer the baubles festooning your fighter’s face, the longer a player must’ve spent performing suicidal rocket jumps across enemy lines. When they realized how crazy their community had gotten over these accessories, Valve decided to go the consumer-friendly (read: lazy) route and let the players create their own cosmetic items to display in-game.

Then, in September 2010, the company turned on their “Mann-Conomy,” allowing community-created items to be sold in their official store and the artists to start making money off their creations. If you read that sentence and thought, “How adorable, all these little tykes making a few extra bucks selling their imaginary hats,” then you don’t understand the obsessive-collective nature of the gamer. In only a couple weeks, some of these cosmetic modders had made upwards of $47,000, having to fly to Seattle to physically pick up royalty checks too big for their PayPal accounts to handle.

Making a living designing and selling gaming endowment enhancers isn’t exactly revelatory, but TF2 gamers went one step further with this new influx of cosmetic items. They set up an entire barter economy, which has been valued at over $50 million.

Valve even went as far as to hire an economist to help manage this real economy. That man was Yanis Varoufakis, who later became the Greek Minister of Finance. It’s not often you can say that moving from overseeing an in-game store to running an entire country’s finances was at best a lateral career move.

7 Video Games People Are Playing In Awesomely Creative Ways


The primary use of Yoshi as a design element in Super Mario Galaxy 2 is to provide a different layer of mechanics that in themselves are tied to a dependency- Mario riding Yoshi. So long as the player doesn’t lose Yoshi, they have a long range ability and gliding jump, in addition to the plethora of other abilities added throughout the game. In doing this, highly specific level design pieces can be presented to the player that don’t feel like forced obstacles, but rather rewards that allow the player to use Yoshi to their fullest.

10/10 big brother material.
  • (Based on my own experience as a big sister)
  • (One A.M. in the kitchen)
  • Efi: (holding blanket and stuffed animal, still in P.J.s) H-hey Lucio...
  • Lucio: hmm?
  • Efi: um.... (shivers nervously)
  • Lucio: Oh no, let me guess, you watched Hana stream of all those 'horror games' from the 2010s didn't you?
  • Efi: *nods*
  • Lucio: You're not going to sleep for the next two weeks?
  • Efi: *nods*
  • Lucio: Can't you just sleep with Orisa?
  • Efi: She's scared too...
  • Lucio: *sips coffee*
  • Lucio: Bring. It. On.
  • (Later)
  • Lucio: Okay, for the last time, there is no such thing as the T-virus or the G-virus or Umbrella corporation or Bendy or Freddy Fazbear's Pizza or Fazbear's Fright or Funtime whoever or Slender Man or head crabs or Alien. They're all made up. And, even if they were real, they'd be dead by now because they're too old. And they're only strong against those weak pop-guns they used back then, or any guns at all. We're also smarter than them.
  • Efi: if you say so....
  • Lucio: *sighs* You're not going to sleep are you?
  • Efi: No....
  • Lucio: Okay fine you both can stay in my room.
This episode

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I love JJ so obviously I hate what he went through and good Lord did I ever want to give him a hug….But the writing in this episode and the story arc for this character are absolutely fantastic.

For one, I applaud the creators for nailing down exactly what Canadians are like with sports. We are incredibly passionate about our athletes and even when they fall, when they screw up and/or lose, we still laud them as heroes, chant their names, cheer just as loudly as we would had they won. Some of the best examples of this is hockey and anytime our World Junior team falls short. They try so hard, carry the entire country on their back so I can’t even imagine the pressure they feel. I think they encapsulated the whole Canadian “in your face swagger,” as I’ve seen it put, quite well with JJ’s attitude.

Canadians are polite, but not when it comes to sports and that was something that took a lot of people aback during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games. The world wasn’t used to seeing our Canadian pride and it’s refreshing to see the meek, Canadians are just sort of there in the background kind of view of people in the country change. Canadians became a lot more openly proud in Van2010 and it’s really carried over.

I also love that it was the Canadian skater that brought realism to the Grand Prix - as a figure skating fan, there is no way that many skaters would perform without a single one falling flat on their ass, turning a triple into a single, etc. As much as I get frustrated watching Patrick Chan come up shorter than he should when he steps on the bigger stages, what JJ went through is often what happens to Chan and I thought it was beautifully executed. There’s so much pressure on these athletes - perhaps more so than any other country because as Canadians we are proud of our country, but also feel like we need to prove ourselves to the world to remain relevant.

Perhaps my most favourite thing about this - and cause for frustration with those who outright hate JJ (You can dislike him all you want, but at least respect he’s important and not 100 per cent jack ass) - is that what happened in this past episode is EXACTLY where the show started off with Yuuri.

We started off the show with Yuuri down on himself, crying in a bathroom after coming in sixth. He’s embarrassed, he’s disappointed in himself, and altogether lacking confidence. He lacks determination, and he’s nearly ready to give up things altogether until Victor shows up, and he’s aware there’s young skaters coming up behind him that could make him largely irrelevant as they push the boundaries of what’s possible in figure skating.

Anything’s possible in the FP, of course, but even if JJ had the performance of his life, I don’t think he’ll make up too much ground this season on his competitors unless each and every one of them gives into pressure themselves in the FP. So we’ll likely see JJ sitting in that 5-6 position, out of medal contention and thus, the story has come full circle.

While JJ certainly doesn’t lack self confidence like Yuuri, he cracked under the enormous pressure from his country, the enormous pressure and expectations he had for himself, his parents, etc., and ended in that last place spot. Unlike Yuuri, he has the determination however to fight, to claw his way back because like all good Canadian boys, he’s not going to just give up, even through, he, too, knows there’s a number of talented skaters hot on his heels.

I think the two characters foil each other quite nicely, and I kind of wish Yuuri would talk with JJ because he’s BEEN there, but Yuuri, I don’t think, has dealt with all his demons yet, and JJ will have to take his own journey to get back to the top in the future. There’s so many contrasts between the two characters - from their number of friends in the figure skating world, to their relationships, to my headcanon of JJ being a cat person as opposed to a dog person like Yuuri, the position their families are in as far as status and wealth go.

There’s also many similarities despite their differences. They both have music that was written FOR THEM and I think both pieces represent a different journey to get each to where they are now. It also makes me super happy, too, because Patrick Chan skated his FP this year to an original piece (‘A Journey’) written by fellow skater Eric Radford.

tl;dr: This episode had absolutely brilliant and beautiful writing and JJ is the best and important and I love him and he needs a hug.

Sidney Crosby and The All Stars Games

it’s that time of the year again, and i’ve seen some Sid vs ASG posts floating around, so i thought i’ll post one of my own. mine is about Sid’s lack of attendance and the reason for it.

2005 : NHL lockout, no ASG

2006 : Olympic year, no ASG

2007 : Sid attended and played in this one

2008 : high ankle sprain (he missed up to 8 weeks on the regular season too)

2009 : knee bruise. he attended but didn’t play in the games.

2010 : Olympic year, no ASG

2011 : Concussion (these were the dark years)

2012 : Concussion (these were the dark years)

2013 ; NHL lockout, no ASG

2014 : Olympic year, no ASG

2015 : lower body injury (honestly, this one was a bit of a shifty excuse)

2016 : didn’t get enough fan vote (but guess who did?)

2017 : voted Captain of Metropolitan Division (but let’s see if he can make it)

the undertone i’m getting from posts on tumblr and twitter is that Sid didn’t want to go ASG. but i looked at the list above and i have to say, circumstances made him couldn’t. 

maybe i’m biased, maybe i’m clueless, but i’m just stating the facts here. let me know if i made any mistake.

The player must constantly be modulating the amount of paint and paint thinner they possess in Epic Mickey, in order to best maximize how easily they can solve puzzles and get around the levels. While this does mean that experimentation isn’t as encouraged, it does make the paintbrush item that Mickey uses feel that much more powerful, to be used when most needed rather than endlessly.