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the ‘no longer human’ (2010) that you probably haven’t seen (and nakahara chuuya’s significant role in dazai osamu’s life)

You read that right. ‘Ningen shikkaku’, or as we know it, ‘No Longer Human’ had a movie that came out on 2010, directed by Genjiro Arato and starring Toma Ikuta as Oba Yozo (and to a lesser extent, Dazai Osamu). 

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One way that Red Dead Redemption tries to ground itself, while also maintaining its Old West genre aesthetic, is by making characters fly back when they’re killed with certain shots. This reinforces that there is an actual force behind each blast, and makes their deaths more theatrical, keeping with the theme.

The ability to switch between different weapons in the middle of battles was added in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle to provide an additional layer to a satisfying, but ultimately limited, combat system. By allowing the player to collect and use different weapons with different properties, the variety and difficulty of enemies could be more easily presented with the understanding that the player could, either through skill or the right tool, persevere. 


Dangal : In Indian society, especially in backward areas, most families want a son to carry forward their legacy and if they end up with daughters, very few give them equal opportunities. But Phogat encouraged all his four daughters to become wrestlers. Out of his four daughters, two – Geeta and Babita – won gold and silver at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, respectively. The film will also focus on how he coached them personally against all odds ignoring people who made fun of him for preparing his daughters to become wrestlers. What is most astonishing is that he never gave up and proved that if given equal opportunity, daughters are no less than sons.