Unsolicited is another excellent take on bureaucracy from Lucas Pope, developer of Papers, Please, but this time you’re working for a far more nefarious organisation - unsolicited junk mail publishers.

In Unsolicited it’s your job to send out junk mail and other unwanted letters to families.  These letters include Timeshare offers, credit offers, debt collection, charity donation requests, insurance offers and dubious sweepstakes wins.

You simply have to fill in the correct information in the templates, then sign, seal and deliver them.  Much like Papers, Please, Unsolicited is a clever exercise in monotony and bureaucracy.  It can be a mind numbingly dull job, but you have to pay attention to the details, making sure not to make any mistakes in the letters or you’ll fail (or get fired).

It’s a thankless and rather depressing job sending out unwanted mail, but it’s worth sticking with as there are some interesting twists later on.  In-fact you gain a little redemption when you start doing something meaningful and sending out the most unwanted mail of all.  Another masterwork of monotony from Lucas Pope.

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Schweinballons, a charming, challenging, retro game made for the GBJam 4, has you throwing and kicking your floating pig-balloon son to aid you on your quest to find your lost sons.

Your sons have been kidnapped by evil wild boars. One fell out and was able to escape during the commotion, but the rest have been scattered around the land. It is up to you, and your only left son, to find the rest and bring them back home.

The one pig son you have left is quite useful. He follows you around and appears where you are, so no need to worry about keeping him in screen. This piglet is used to fight the wild boars or break bricks, by throwing or kicking him into them. He also can give you a boost up if you jump on top of his head. Catching and throwing your pig son is quite challenging, though after a while, you can master the controls. Will you be able to save all of your sons?

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A Look Back at Video Games In Education

Interactive educational games have come a long way since the 1971 release of The Oregon Trail.  

With new approaches to these types of video games, we can expect to learn more than how not to get dysentery. Games like Codespells and FoldIt are designed by scientists to teach people of all ages about subjects like programming and protein folding.

But to see where it all began, here’s a snapshot of some games that have been used in the classroom. Let us know which ones you loved, which ones you hated and if you ever got a snake bite out on the Oregon Trail.

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The Gross Smoothie Game Show with miketrapp

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