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Gold Everywhere!

While working on a huge list of other stuff (including polishing the Lich boss and adding sounds), I finally added gold as an actual item in game. I can’t decide on a look for it though. I tried using outlines, different colors and different styles yet nothing feels perfect. I decided to stick with this simple look for now, hoping it will grow on me. What do you guys think?


Chris L. “Strongfat” Walker 

Is the secondary antagonist of Outlast and a minor antagonist in Outlast: Whistleblower. He is a recurring and very large Variant that pursues Miles Upshur relentlessly, and who is considerably larger and stronger than any other inmate.


A document states that Walker’s “predominant fixation… is a manic exaggeration of military security protocol”. He claims the flesh ripped from his forehead allows for a truer vision, much like tuatara and their third eye. The removal of his nose and lips was a result of self-mutilation due to extreme anxiety.

He is responsible for the deaths of various people inside the asylum, security guards and patients alike, possibly in an attempt to contain The Walrider, which Father Martin is trying to set loose upon the world. A note reveals that before being admitted into Mount Massive Asylum, Walker was ex-military police, as well as having toured Afghanistan several times.

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Wrapping up Jaehee’s bad ends with Jaehee Bad End 3! This one is better than her other ones imo because she’s…..happy and healthy. Well, maybe not TOTALLY happy because of your choice, but….

My Mystic Messenger Bad End Masterlist