-Spawned in the game for my very first time
-Cried a bit since the game runs pretty bad (Though I know it will get better, but it is still playable)
-Started learning controls and running around
-Saw a big rock and thought “Nice, maybe I can use this as a weapon!”
-Upon closer inspection, it was Dinosaur Poop
-Thought I could maybe throw poop at other people or Dinosaurs
-Couldn’t figure out how to equip poop
-Clicked on poop in inventory, clicked “Use Item”
-By clicking on “Use Item”, I thought it would allow me to put it in my hand, to wield the poop
-Apparently that made me eat the poop
-Died from poop

8 Hours on ARK: Survival Evolved


Project Genom is a great new massively multiplayer third person shooter/RPG in which you explore, fight and survive on beautiful, but dangerous alien worlds.

It features a satisfying skill based dynamic non-targeting combat system, and tons of loot to customize your character with all manner of cool suit parts and weaponry.  You can even pilot vehicles and huge combat mechs or summon various creatures to help smash your foe.  If that’s a bit to hands off for you, then you can specialize in close quarters melee combat, using manipulators to enhance your physical strength and deal devastating damage.

As you explore the huge planets and as search for knowledge that could save or destroy humanity, Project Genom’s storyline will be fully affected by the decisions you make, with even minor decisions having far reaching consequences.  You’ll even be able to collect resources and build a spaceship - allowing you to discover new planets and new technologies.

It’s a great looking and ambitious game, that looks set to offer a lot of the features Destiny failed to deliver.  Skill based combat in a real massively multiplayer environment, with plenty of customization and a rich universe where decisions have real consequences.  

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Trauma is like a picture without a caption, a mystery that cannot be solved. A detective without a crime. You are a detective, obsessed with a case you cannot quite recall. Search the streets, decode the secret messages in the songs of birds, track strangers through a silent city in your dreams. Scores of paths await you, and each day you start anew.

-A twine about detectives, trauma and healing.

-The game may seem short but is designed to be played multiple times, sometimes picking the same path after looping will open up new events.

-TW: Blood, violence, drug paraphernalia, alcohol mention, Trauma, Body horror.


No Way Out is an impressive new team-based top down arena shooter that pits 5 teams of 3 players against each other as they fight their way off an island before it’s nuked.

Set in a desolate future, where the Earth’s resources are nearly all spent, soldiers fight for CEO’s of huge mega-corporations in exchange for cash.  Matches last around 15 minutes, and only one of he five teams will be able to escape the island before the nuke hits.

There are four different character types at present, from a nano-augmented sniper to a monstrous mech, each with their own weaponry, special attacks and passive abilities.  It’s a good looking game, with fast paced combat and the five teams fighting against each other makes for a novel take on multiplayer arena combat.

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Hello Guard. You don’t know me, but I know you. I want to play a game. Here’s what happens if you lose. The device you are wearing is hooked into your upper and lower jaw. When the timer in the back goes off, your mouth will be permanently ripped open. Think of it like a reverse bear trap. Here, I’ll show you. There is only one key to open the device. It’s in the stomach of your dead cellmate. Look around Guard. Know that I’m not lying. Better hurry up. Live or die, make your choice.