Life is Strange : Estimated Heights

Max Caulfield: 5"5 | 165cm 

Chloe Price: 5"9 | 175cm 

Rachel Amber: 5"6 | 167.6cm 

Victoria Chase: 5"8 | 172.2cm 

Kate Marsh: 5"3.5 | 161.2cm 

Warren Graham: 5"6.8 | 169.6cm 

Dana Ward: 5"6.9 | 170cm 

Juliet Watson: 5"7.3cm | 170.9cm 

Request a character and I’ll estimate their height for you~~


PolyRace is a beautiful low-poly arcade racing game with procedural track generation that’ll give you a new track to play on every day with a variety of different hovercrafts to choose from with their own play-style.

In PolyRace a new single track will be automatically generated for you to race on every day.  You’ll need to learn the track and avoid the obstacles to stand a chance of making it to the finish line - then you can watch your replay, see where you went wrong and focus on improving your time in the next run, and upgrading your ship.

It’s a fun and simple skill focused game that’s easy on the eyes and smooth to play. There’s a sandbox mode where you just race around a track/level and train, and you have another mode where you race against a ghost racer, aiming for that elusive fastest lap time.  Low poly hight octane fun.

Play the PolyRace Alpha, Free (Win, Mac & Linux)