Name: B

Gamertag and system: Steam ID: btacgnol

Bio: Hi. I’m B. You may have seen me at one point. I have an unhealthy obsession with 90s movies, Doctor Who, and Edgar Wright. I go to film school and anger my classmates with my correct opinions. My favourite Star Wars character is IG-88. I have a Jedi tattoo and a Scott Pilgrim tattoo. I’m lactose intolerant and have a severe case of angophilism. When I grow up I want to be Max Landis.

Favorite Gaming Snack food: Otter pops, chinese food, and sugar-free redbull.

Favorite Games: TF2, L4D2, SWTOR, Portal 1 and 2, Okami, Legend of Zelda (specifically MM, OOT, and TP), Bastion, Super Mario World, Jak and Daxter, Rogue Squadron 64, Pokemon, Undead Nightmare, RE4

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Motto: “I’ve got some fucking jaffa cakes in my coat pocket.”

Name: Alanah, or Charalanahzard!

Gamertag and system: Charalanahzard - I play Xbox 360 mostly, but also occasionally PC. I even go back to my 64 every now and then.

Bio: I’m an 18 year old IT consultant. I love games, cars, comics and I’m a proud collector of figurines and game merchandise. I live in Australia and spend most of my spare time working around cars. I also recently started making YouTube videos.

Favourite gaming snack food: I usually pair a V with some doritos and sour cream. Dip the doritos in the sour cream, sip of V. Rince & repeat.

Favourite games: Fable: The Lost Chapters, Portal 2, Darksiders, Prototype, Assassins Creed (franchise), GoW (franchise), Red Dead Redemption, SWTOR, Fallout 3, Perfect Dark (64), Ocarina of Time, Arkham City, and many others… But mostly Fable TLC, Darksiders and Arkham City take the cake!

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Motto: I bounty hunt for Jabba Hutt to finance my Honda.

Name: Ellie-Noire

Gamertag and system: amikux - Steam. ami_xo - PS3

Bio: Hiya, I’m an 18 year old girl studying Game Design at University. I also work at GAME.
I love my PS3 and Zelda and Tekken and L.A Noire. I love to have my friends around me all the time and I love making new ones! ^_~ 

Favorite Gaming Snack food: At the moment, it’s Mango ice tea, Green tea and lemon ice tea, cookies, pot noodles and pizza. Can’t ever go wrong with those!  

Favorite Games: Because I’m super critical when it comes to games, I only have a few favourites, and they areeee L.A Noire, LOZ:TP&OOT, LOZ: SS. Not that many. (I should learn to not be so critical and I may enjoy more games. But I’m always up for trying new ones out!)

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Motto: Not a motto in the slightest but I find myself singing ‘The Bill’ theme tune while I’m gaming or doing things around the house with my friends..

Name : Cybèle “Kailynn

Gamertag and system : -I PLAY PC ONLY- Steam : Kailynn_Mary Battletag (EU) : kailynn#2272

Bio : Hello everyone, I’m a french streamer and League of Legends semi-pro player. I am 19, and also hardly play World of Warcraft and Counter Strike :) I also like drawing and making crap on Photoshop :p

Favorite Gaming Snack food : Crips, pop corn (salted ofc)

Favorite Games : League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy

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Motto : “We elves are not easy prey” - Sylvanas Windrunner

Name: Marisa

Gamertag and system: Marshmallowiie- Steam

Bio: I’m Marisa, i’m 18 and I go to college. I’ve been into video games my entire life pretty much, it began with me playing the crap out of Ocarina of time and Mario Kart. When not in class, I spend most of my time gaming and being extremely awkward :)

Favorite Gaming Snack food: I don’t like to eat while gaming, but if I do it’s usually some sort of candy.

Favorite Games: LoZ: Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess, Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect, Oblivion, Persona, Final Fantasy, and many more.

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Motto: dfjsjfjf :3

Name: Natalie

Gamertag and system: Boffington6 - Ps3 & Pc 


I’m a 22 year old Australian studying digital media and marketing in Melbourne. I’m hands down a major RPG girl as I grew up playing the Final Fantasy series and have a major crush on dragon age however every now and than I do enjoy a good old button bashing game such as GOW. I spend most of my spare time watching copious amounts of tv series, sleeping, eating, working or being social able at fancy dress parties. So far this year I have spent majority of my summer sitting next to a fan playing SW:TOR trying to escape the heat.

Favorite Gaming Snack food: Red Rock Deli potato chips and Zooper Doopers.

Favorite Games: Assassin’s Creed series, God of war series, Final Fantasy series , Mass effect 2, Dragon Age 1& 2, Little Big planet, GOW, Skyrim, SW:TOR, WoW, GTA, Dante’s inferno, the sims, red dead redemption, Abe’s oddysee, Spyro, Mario Kart, Tekken, Breath of fire, mortal kombat etc…

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Motto: Don’t you dare give up

Name: Aidan

Gamertag and System: Gamertag for steam: greenmissile. I play PC a lot, but my main console of choice is Nintendo, I own the whole range from NES all the way to the current Nintendo Wii. 

Bio: I am an 18 year old university student studying Graphic Design, art has been a passion of mine through out my child hood. I live in Australia, I am an avid gamer and I grew up mainly on Nintendo and it’s what I’ve stuck with for as long as I can remember. I love a really in-depth story in a game more than I do the game play itself. 

Favourite Gaming Snack Food: Anything and everything really, but I usually grab my self nachos and a ginger beer when I’m pc gaming. 

Favourite Games: Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie (N64) Paper Mario (N64) LOZ: Ocarina Of Time (N64) LOZ: Skyward Sword (Wii) LOZ: Twilight Princess (Wii) Super Mario 64 (N64) Luigi’s Mansion (GC) Sonic The Hedgehog (Sega Genesis) The Sims 1-3 (PC)Cave Story (PC) Portal 1 + 2 (PC) Alan Wake (360) 

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Motto:  We don’t get to choose how we start in this life, “real greatness”, it’s what you do with the hand your dealt. 

Name: Katrina

Gamertag and system: KattAngelet [PSN & XBL]

Bio: 20 years young. English/Art major. I like love video games.

Favorite Gaming Snack food: Anything. Seriously, anything. You don’t understand how much of a fat-ass I am.

Favorite Games: God of War series, Uncharted series, Heavy Rain, Infamous, Call of Duty franchise, Little Big Planet, Portal, Braid, Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, and a ton more. 

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Motto: “I do what I want.”

Name: Bekki

Gamertag and system: Xboxlive: x Bekichu   Battletag (WoW): Chubearius#2500  Steam: sharkehh12

Bio: 18years old from  eastern England. Currently studying games art + design at university. I rarely sleep and probably need a better social life

Favorite Gaming Snack food: Black coffee and frazzles

Favorite Games: Dragon Age, Assassins Creed, Mass Effect, Tomb Raider, WoW, Fallout,  Diablo, Dead Island, Bioshock, Elder Scrolls..

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Motto: ‘I am beat but far from bleeding’

Name: Alex 

Gamertag and system: Kanrilla for eeeverything (xbox, steam, WoW, LoL…. and to be honest anything else rlly :P)

Bio: I’m an 18 year old student from London and my life revolves pretty much totally around games when it can. I play a lot of minecraft… yes i know everyone plays it… but i co-own a successful server which i work on pretty much day and night at the moment O_o, i also used to play competitive starcraft for a while until i couldn’t put the time in any more. Now i’m working on my LoL skills Xd

Favorite Gaming Snack food: Jaffa cakes and mango juice :3

Favorite Games: There is a lot so ill just name a few; Starcraft II, League of Legends, Minecraft, The elder scrolls games (and pretty much anything by Bethesda), Mario series, Zelda series, TF2, Portal… i could write a book on what games i like so i wont bore you.

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Motto: “Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.”

Name: Alexx

Gamertag and system: AllyPopps - XBOX 360, BruisesRBackInStyle - Steam (PC).

Bio: My name is Alexx. I’m a girl. I have an amazingly perfect boyfriend in every single way, Scott. <3! :3! I’m seventeen, and that’s about it. Laterzzzzzzz bitchezzz! “How does it feel to stand on the very stone that ran with your parents’ blood? Do you feel sad? Full of rage? Or does that outfit help bury your feelings? Hiding your true self. You’re truly an extraordinary specimen… I look forward to breaking you.” - Hugo Strange.

Favorite Gaming Snack food: Crisps (chips for you Americans!), Mars ice-creams & sammiches!

Favorite Games: Batman franchise, Final Fantasy franchise, Metal Gear franchise, Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, Fatal Frame (Project Zero) & Haunting Ground.

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Motto: “A fire will rise.”

Name: Dominique. Call me Dom ^3^

Gamertag and system: PSN - ami_xo 
Steam - amikux

Bio: I’m an 18 year old college student, living in Cornwall, UK. I’m studying Game animation and design and I’m in my second year. I plan on following this on through to University. I’m always happy and hyper, and I find myself making strange noises most of the time. I have an unhealthy obsession with mountain dew and find it hard to cope if I don’t have a bottle a day at the minimum.

Favorite Gaming Snack food: Mountain dew, Noodles and chicken nuggets, cous cous and soy sauce, skittles. 

Favorite Games: LoZ TP, LoZ OOT, L.A Noire, No More Heroes, Mario Kart, Portal 2,  I’m in the middle of playing Uncharted from the beginning, and I’m really enjoying it so far! :) 

Blog Url:

Motto: I don’t have one really, I just make weird noises a lot.. 

Name: Holly!

Gamertag and system:

Xbox360: Loxhyl

PS3: Loxhyl  ;p

Bio: I’m a gamer from Adelaide, Australia. I’m a manager of a video game store and my life pretty much revolves around work, gaming, comics, Ice Hockey and collecting super amounts of super nerdy things. I’ve been gaming since I can remember and I pretty much play anything and everything. I have a tattoo of a Big Daddy and Little sister from bioshock on my back and am getting many more gaming tattoos to accompany them!

Favorite Gaming Snack food: CC’s and lollypops.

Favorite Games: Bioshock, Kingdom Hearts, Dead Spacez, Rock Band, Street Fighter, In the Groove, Uncharted series, Kula World and SOOOOO many more.

Blog Url: 

Motto: Geeky and proud :)

(just got my mass effect hoodie in the mail! 8D)

Name: Beryl
Gamertag and system: xbox - m1ss beryl, psn - m1ssberyl
Bio: xbox’s website isn’t loading for me, i was gonna copy my xbl bio haha i’m 19, soon to be 20, work at gamestop and spend all my time playing video games, drawing, or watching various tv shows (doctor who is my current obsession) 
Favorite Gaming Snack food: Dr. Pepper and salt and vinegar kettle chips!
Favorite Games: Mass Effect series, Assassin’s Creed series, GOW, Dragon Age series, Star Ocean series, etc (mostly Bioware, JRPGs, and the occasional FPS!)
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Motto: (xbl motto) 5m0k3 w33d 3rryd4y!!

Name: Shawn Michael

Gamertag and system: Breed Evil - Xbox 360 / TheFear23 - PS3

Bio: I’m a gamer from Ohio who used to be in video game retail. I play and love video games, mostly shooters, rpgs, and action games. Some of my favorites include Call of Duty Black Ops, MW3, Halo, Gears of War, Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, Ect. My current gamerscore is 92,019

Favorite Gaming Snack food: I pretty much eat anything mainly chips/pretzels/candy

Favorite Games: Black Ops, MW3, Halo, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, Uncharted, inFAMOUS, God of War, Ect.

Blog Url:

Motto: Stay Nerdy

Name: Dominique

Gamertag and system: amikux - PS3 

Bio: I’m 17, I’m studying an ND in Game Design and Animation. I live in Cornwall, England. I spend my time sleeping, eating, gaming and watching Adventure Time. I make weird noises at inappropriate times and I love Panda’s. 

Favorite Gaming Snack food: Ham and Cheese toasties or broken biscuits. OR! Chicken. Lots of chicken. Sausage rolls too. With a bit of mountain dew on the side.. maybe. 

Favorite Games: L.A Noire, LoZ: Twilight Princess, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. No more heroes 1&2, Alice: Madness Returns.& I’m in the middle of finishing LoZ: Skyward Sword, and also I’m trying to finish Resi: Darkside Chronicles and Resi 4 too.Oh and I’m trying to finish both Portal 1&2.  

Blog Url:

Motto: I’ve found myself calling people a bullshit merchant lately.. that’s not a motto, but it’s the closest thing I can think of! :D

Name: Maximillian

Gamertag: Max (steam) [Both my PS3 and 360 are inopperable at the moment ;_; so all i do is play on my PC]

Bio: 16 year old long haired native american boy. I don’t look 16, i always get older. I’ve been gaming ever since I first started playing Pokemon Blue with my sister. I enjoy my days PC gaming, playing xbox with friends and being mad swag. Also going to concerts and other social things.

Favourite Gaming Snack: Pre-game Garbage Plate FTW

Favourite Games: Skyrim, SWTOR, Pokemon, Killing Floor, Global Agenda, Rock Band, Skate 3, Saints Row 3, Psychonauts, Kingdom Hearts, Super Smash Bros, Killzone and Fallout 3.

Blog URL:

Motto: “Daaaamn Squirrel!”