Gaming as a Girl

So, I’m just going to rant a little bit here about something that’s really bothering me as an avid female gamer.

This morning I was on Xbox Live playing ESO and chatting with some people in a party I’ve gotten to know through playing ESO. Most of the people in the party were indeed male gamers, most of them my friends online, but there was one who I didn’t know very well. I, all of a sudden, speak up about something, and he goes, “There’s a girl in the party? I don’t like it when girls are in the party.” To this I reply, “And why is that?” He answers, “I just don’t like playing with girls online because they’re not good at video games. Every girl I’ve played with online has been horrible.” Astounded at his remark I reply, “Woah, that’s so stereotypical. I for one am not the best at games like Call of Duty or Destiny, but you shouldn’t just generalize a specific trait with a gender.” He goes on to say how it’s all science because guys have faster reflex times etc., blah, blah, blah, and while that may be true, he shouldn’t be so sexist and dog a girl for doing something she enjoys just as much as some guys do. I have been discriminated against by many male gamers just because I am a female playing online. It sucks. I’ve been told that I’m probably fat and ugly and that’s why I’m a female playing video games, I’ve been accused of being a guy using a voice changer to sound like a female because there’s no way a female would be playing GTA V Online, I’ve been called just “the girl in the party” and not by my actual gamertag like most people go by, and I’ve been told what to do, how to do it, and the best way to do it because there’s obviously no way I would know how to play a game, right? I have loved video games ever since I was a little girl, and was probably the only one in my group of friends growing up who avidly played games, so yeah, at times I felt embarrassed when I would be asked about my hobbies and one of my top ones would be “playing video games.” Socially, it just didn’t seem normal for a girl, so yeah, even as today more and more people are accepting of it, there are still those assholes out there that think girls can’t and shouldn’t play video games. Well, I’d just like to say to them, kindly screw off…and to anyone out there who has ever felt that they’ve been discriminated against for playing any video games, to you I say, game on! :)


~this is what my night will be looking like thanks to work tomorrow. Gonna play a few different games plus probably some COD. Add my friend code so I’m not too bored: 3669-0557-0157 or you can add my gamer tag: Zeldeezy~

So, when I first started my job almost two years ago I overheard my manager  bragging about his Halo scores to my other coworker. I perked up and said that I loved playing Halo. This made my coworkers laugh because I was a 17 year old girl. They ignored me and kept talking and I got really irritated so I kept butting into the conversation until finally my manager looked up his Halo scores and then he asked me if I’d like to compare (thinking he could prove I was bad and shut me up) so I typed in my gamertag and my scores popped up next to his. Not only was I a higher rank than him but I scored better in almost every single category and on almost every single weapon as well. After that he left me alone and he’s not been too fond of me ever since then.

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Hey. My gamertag is Deistrich(pronounced die-strick) and I’m 19 years old. I’m going to be 20 in December. I live in Canada and I’m in eastern time. I go to college and spend way too much time on the internet. I play only on xbox one, but I do own an xbox 360. Here are the games that I own and play are..
- Sunset Overdrive
- The Halo Collection
- The Evil Wthin
- COD: Advanced Warfare
- and Destiny
I will be getting AC: Unity next month so more options to choose from. I’m just looking for more people to play with. I’m pretty quiet at first but I get passed that. Lol. I would prefer no one under the age 17 please. Reasons are obviously. Anyways, if you wanna play, just send me a message or add me. :B