GT: hoodr4tt

Hello, I’m Shaydon from Texas.
I play xbox 360. 
Games: Destiny, minecraft, Call of duty (mostly all of them), Gears of war, Diablo ROS, Borderlands2, GTA5, Battlefield 3&4, Rockband, Guitar hero, and a lot others just ask <3  
I’m on all the time! 18+ please. I don’t really do well with children.

Hello fellow nerds, I'm Hayley.

Arkansas Native - central standard time.

xbox - haylestormz

ps4 - reallyfatmermaid

For 360, I play mostly RPGs: Skyrim, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Witcher 2, Fallout, Bioshock, Assassin’s Creed, Dragon’s Dogma, Dark Souls, etc. However I recently got a PS4 so I am currently on Destiny. Need people for fireteams so feel free to shoot me a friend request. 

Upcoming games I’ll be buying: Dragon Age Inquisiton, The Division, Far Cry 4, & The Witcher 3. 

20+ please, I’m 25.

Psn/xbl gamertag : Kenshinbatousai I love my gamertag :3 , it represents alot and the anime means alot to me . It’s from Rurouni Kenshin (age 37) and Samurai X (Age 18). Besides the blood slaying lol I can connect with his sadness pain and happiness and the moral aspects he has in life . I can say this , bleach , Sao and gundam are my favorite anime of all

Hey! So my name is Allison and my GT is: OVO Goddess.

I play the Xbox One and the 360 - but since I bought the One i’ve been just playing that. I own AC Unity, AW, and Destiny for the One. I play mostly BO2, GOW, or Forza 4 on the 360.

I’m looking for friends to play with, girl or guy doesn’t matter.

And don’t be mad if I don’t really play with you - a lot of the time I like to just play by myself. :)


I definitely need more girl gamers on my friends list on Xbox One :)

I mostly play GTA V, Destiny, DBX, and COD AW. I have couple other games I also play. Possibly getting battlefield hardline and mortal Kombat x. So yea…feel free to hit me up ! :)

Gamertag: Charityakacece