Hey :]

My name is Chelsea! I’m 22 and currently reside on the east coast. I’m looking for more friends to play with on the Xbox One. Right now the games I own on there are Advanced Warfare, Halo, Destiny, and Minecraft. Every so often you’ll see that I hooked up the 360 to play some black ops zombies, which was my absolute favorite. I’m a lot of fun once I open up to you :)

Please be 18+ and send me a message so I know who you are! :]

Gt: xHell On Heels

I definitely need more girl gamers on my friends list on Xbox One :)

I mostly play GTA V, Destiny, DBX, and COD AW. I have couple other games I also play. Possibly getting battlefield hardline and mortal Kombat x. So yea…feel free to hit me up ! :)

Gamertag: Charityakacece

Hey! So my name is Allison and my GT is: OVO Goddess.

I play the Xbox One and the 360 - but since I bought the One i’ve been just playing that. I own AC Unity, AW, and Destiny for the One. I play mostly BO2, GOW, or Forza 4 on the 360.

I’m looking for friends to play with, girl or guy doesn’t matter.

And don’t be mad if I don’t really play with you - a lot of the time I like to just play by myself. :)


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Hey. My gamertag is Deistrich(pronounced die-strick) and I’m 19 years old. I’m going to be 20 in December. I live in Canada and I’m in eastern time. I go to college and spend way too much time on the internet. I play only on xbox one, but I do own an xbox 360. Here are the games that I own and play are..
- Sunset Overdrive
- The Halo Collection
- The Evil Wthin
- COD: Advanced Warfare
- and Destiny
I will be getting AC: Unity next month so more options to choose from. I’m just looking for more people to play with. I’m pretty quiet at first but I get passed that. Lol. I would prefer no one under the age 17 please. Reasons are obviously. Anyways, if you wanna play, just send me a message or add me. :B