gamers in general

i gotta hand it to all the anti-sjw’s and alt-righters and just gamers in general out there

thankyou for making it just so fucking easy to make fun of you

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Reminds me of how Bethesda can make a game but hey let's promote lore-breaking power armor and make shitty romances for characters with a lot of wasted potential

yeah but thats a whole other issue on its own. ive talked to a lot of people who are interested in working in the gaming industry and it honestly reminds me of the animation industry. a lot of people would rather work on indie stuff because they want to work more personally with the narrative and media, vs having a AAA company overlook it. like obsidian, they do kickstarters for their games because they didnt want to sell their company (or so i think??). so they can pretty much work on whatever games they want as long as they can get the money.

like modders… or at least the modding community is pretty shitty bc its just a bunch of… well… THOSE type of dudebro gamers. its more of a general problem of the “nerd” culture. this overlaps with the above problem though, so it just gets worse.

bethesda is greedy, modders are just…like…dudebros

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Sonic isn't the only game/game series Game Grumps (well, more like just Arin) shits on. Arin says Ocarina of Time is "difficult" to understand and that the game is garbage for that, he's a Genwunner, and 6 year olds can play Super Mario 64 a thousand times better than whatever his playthrough was. Hell, one can argue that he and Dan enjoy playing Sonic than they do Mario, and not just for pissing of Sonic fans.

He’s a pretty crappy gamer in general though ain’t he?

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Do you have and books movies or games that really influenced who you are as a person?

It took so long for me to answer because it’s a really hard question I have to think a lot about.

First of all, I’d like to mention Super Mario Brothers and Tetris [Game Boy]. They influenced me to become a hardcore gamer in general. They were the first games I ever played, way back in 1992 when I was 4 years old.

Live-a-Live and 999 showed me how powerful a good story can be.

Guitar Hero and Rock Band made me more interested in music, and helped me to understand how it worked, a little bit.

Finally, and most importantly, Sailor Moon. Not only was it my introduction into anime, and an introduction to awesome girls who kick ass, but it influenced me into becoming more appreciative of love and friendship, and the value of redemption instead of destruction. I’m human, so I don’t consider myself a paragon of virtue, and I can’t resist my snarky asshole side sometimes, but I want to be the most positive person I can be.

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Thanks, Bethesda...

So… Fallout 4.  The game we all anticipated.  Especially after years of loving your previous games, and being really big gamers in general.  Especially for games like the Elder Scrolls series, ever since Morrowind, and of course, through to Skyrim.  And some of us being huge Fallout fans.  Anyway, it was so nice to see bot KL-E-O in Goodneighbor.  And to basically find out that it was just a setup for a really really really great joke.  To have a very manly voice be sultry and proclaim it’s a woman, and then to have your character be able to be all like ‘yeaaaaahhhhhhhhh…. okaaaay’, that was great.  No really, we appreciate that someone took the time to put that in there.  It must have taken so much effort and research to get that right.  You could have easily just left it out completely.  So, applause are in order for taking the time to put one bot in a small town in Nowhereville that could be ‘funny’ to talk to because it proclaims womanhood.  Yeah, so great.  We know it’s a post-apoc future and all, but we truly appreciate that you took the time to add something like that in.  Really, good job.  You must be proud.

What’s next? A good joke involving a well spoken gentleman eating a sausage and smiling seductively at the main character? Cause that would be great.

We hope you keep up the good work in the future.
-Transition Transmission

PS It’s a shame that games coming from that other RPG company, Bioware, are creating genuinely well done transgender characters that have heavy links to other main characters, and have a backstory, and dialogue, and all sorts of shit.  What are they thinking, huh?

Gamer girls are annoying. You know who else is annoying? Gamer boys. In fact, let’s just be upfront, gamer people in general, male, female, whatever.

Anyone who adds the word ‘gamer’ as a prefix onto their identity, is annoying.

No one is super duper special or unique for liking games. We all play games, some of us casual, some of us maybe a little more competitively. It does not add to, or decrease our worth. It is the same as any other hobby, just one some people like to tak solice in.

So yes, girls posing half naked with a controller saying “lol nerdum so randum” is pathetic, but what’s also pathetic is arrogant guys doing their equivalent, ranting about how they have more authority on a subject because they’re a 'true gamer’ and others aren’t because they have more long plays or know more secrets.

Both of you types, shut the fuck up. You’re boring. Being a gamer isn’t special, we all do it.


Anita Sarkeesian Called me out on Twitter along with several other Youtubers for criticizing her and the many allegations she’s made against gamers and gaming in general.
I naturally have a response as should many gamers out there as well as many female gamers

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Anita Sarkessian and ABC News both in yet another smear campaign against gaming and gamers in general are at it again. Quite sick of hearing this shit and have some choice words for them both as should all of you