These are .pngs, so not really preview-friendly.

Mass Effect Multiplayer character templates. The options you get for coloration/details are kinda meh in game, and I’ve actually become quite attached to some of my MP characters. Play, promote, recreate, rinse, repeat.

At least for me, it’s hard not to come up with a personality, history, etc when playing around. Even if it’s something like “Damn, she’s ripping Cerberus apart. She really hates ‘em.” or “Ohshi. Yup, Banshees have scarred him for life.”

So for anybody else that wants to customize their characters a bit more, I made these. Feel free to use and abuse them, think of them as coloring book pages. That’s what they’re there for :) I don’t have drell, geth or batarian unlocked on my game yet, so I just used references for them. Close enough, I hope.

All I could think of while doing the Geth was that they are no longer a collective consciousness, but their own individuals. I’m sure their personalities, even as fully realized AI, are similar to how EDI is throughout the game, so I imagine they’re still a bit stiff.


“Number Five… is ALIVE.”

Cookie if you get the reference.


Next uuuuuuup. Turian. Sensing a color theme yet? My team sticks to blue/blueish armor. Dunno, but I’m not the only one that dresses all their people alike. Templates.

“The only thing on this planet that isn’t silver are the turians. It’s all too clear they’re made of steel.” - Jon Grissom on Palaven