Sometimes I have no faith to the niche fandom.

Okay. Let’s talk about Trickster Online as a half-population of the “fandom”.  I will try to leave the names out, but the actions is far by hard to erase from existence, even by typed words.

On a Trickster group (and might be the most popular ones, ran by a certain Fantasia celebrity), the member mentions about Gamerage loosing it’s publishing rights to Project Blackout and it was most likely to be transferred to a new publisher (lucky them, why can Trickster be the same?). Ton of replies are mixed, from satire to jokes to Gamerage-bashing. Not to surprised. But WHY do you have to bring the game titles over to the conversation?

In context of my writing, the people claim that Grand Chase, Project Blackout, and PangYa are all “suck”. Yea. Joking or not, they should realize that they don’t even give three days a chance.
The only “valid reason” you can dislike the game is because it’s not your preferred game style. Good call. I’m fine with that. Enjoy the 2D click-and-play MMORPG we all like, which will never happen for any American game publisher to pick up. (As it was hard to not feel guilty over playing a PRIVATE SERVER, an illegal game server and client that had no permissions from Ntreev Soft itself…)

Now WHY would I bring this up?


Bad grammar or plain INTERNET TROLLING… Bashing the games, especially PangYa just because it’s a “golf game”.

Now why you ask?

I need to take a defense because I love that game. Though second place to PangYa, it’s story is pretty similar to Trickster, which the two projects were also done by Ntreev Soft! These guys are the ones that bought your favorite MMORPG and MMO Golf Simulation over!

For the connection of both stories: A group of kids and adults had signed up for this “big game” that hosts at a island filled with “mystery and wonder”. Some may claim a price, the others are here for something else. In order to participate, they must follow the rules and play their games. Trickster is a fantasy sword-bashing and magic-casting adventure to unlock the mysteries. PangYa involves using their skills AND MAGIC to advance the holes and hopefully find what they are looking for in these lava-deep holes. The only feature I can argue on PangY is that there’s no RPG aspect, or owning any cut scenes when achieving certain goals. (And unlocking bonuses and what-nat.) But that was reserved for the PSP and Wii(?) games under another publisher.

So why there is hate on PangYa, Tricksters? You may not be able to kill Torobies, but you can enjoy a show and open up Longues to lure your friends for a chat or show-off your outfit. It’s a bit of few-seconds work, but social medium is there. It’s still not like Trickster…

I think another problem is that we “worship” Trickster so much that I just want to go “Urgh”. I was like this back then. But after achieving my goals and I grew up physically… I just don’t think it’s a perfect game anymore, OR a perfect get-away. Think like a star… As it grows older, it will disappear eventually, but you have these new stars taking it’s place. There are new RPGs in the making (especially the “Anime styled” ones) and some are working to “be better” than the other. Aeria Games compared Eden Eternal to Trickster Online one time in an ad for their game at Facebook. (They saw it coming from us.) That’s one of the stars I can point out. Then there are the older yet successful MMORPGs (especially with 2D sprite layout and artwork) and I do not want to bring them up… More so I can think of a conclusion is the publisher it has at the moment. It kept it up because they knew that one game would continue to be popular of all anime-MMORPGs.

In TL;DR: Stop hating or insulting other games (especially ones published by Gamerage) and Trickster is nowhere near the most perfect game in the entire world.

I seriously do not want to bring that up again. But when something like a post I see appears from a Trickster group, I have to bring it up.